Harvest Moon One World: How to Get Strawberry Jam, Harvest Goddess Offering Guide

Having trouble finding some Strawberry Jam to offer to the Harvest Goddess? Here’s how to get the recipe and Strawberry Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World.

After you’ve awakened all of the Harvest Spirits, you’ll find that there’s still quite some way to go before you revive the fabled Harvest Goddess.

Down the stretch, you may find yourself road-blocked by a sudden request from Professor Kaurismaki, who says that you should get Strawberry Jam as an offering to the Harvest Goddess.

On this page, you’ll find out exactly what you need to do to get the Strawberry Jam Recipe, find Strawberry Seeds, grow Strawberries, and complete this section of the Harvest Goddess revival quest.

How to unlock the Mobile Shop in Harvest Moon: One World

Your path to getting the Strawberry Jam Recipe begins by completing a request from Ahina. At this point in the game, you may already have the request in your DocPad, but if not, you’ll need to talk to Ahina in or around Cafe Mahalo in Halo Halo.

After talking to Ahina, she’ll give you the ‘Fix the Cart’ request, which asks you to deliver four Palm Lumber. To get Palm Lumber, all that you need to do is cut down two Coconut trees, which are dotted around Halo Halo.

You only need the Common Axe to chop down a Coconut tree and get Palm Lumber, so even if you haven’t upgraded your axe with Dva’s recipe yet, you’ll be able to complete the ‘Fix the Cart’ request.

After returning to Ahina with the four Palm Lumber, you’ll gain access to Samantha’s Mobile Shop, which sells several recipes. You can find the Mobile Shop in any village of Harvest Moon: One World, but yours may not sell the Strawberry Jam Recipe just yet.

How to unlock more recipes at the Mobile Shop in Harvest Moon: One World

After talking to Samantha at her Mobile Shop, she’ll tell you that if they find any new recipes, they’ll add them to the menu. You don’t need to wait for this to occur, and can force the discovery of new recipes by doing some farming.

In this playthrough, it was found that to get new recipes from the Mobile Shop in Harvest Moon: One World, you need to grow the fruits and vegetables that comprise the secret recipes first.

In this case, if Strawberry Jam isn’t available from the Mobile Shop, you’ll need to grow some Strawberries.

Where to find Strawberry Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World

If you haven’t got some already, either in your Bag or in Storage, you’re going to need to know where to find Strawberry Seeds.

In Harvest Moon: One World, Strawberry Seeds are found in Lebkuchen, just past the Mine and dotted around the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit’s spawn location throughout the day, as shown above.

Tips for growing Strawberries in Harvest Moon: One World

As detailed in our Best Seeds Guide, Strawberry Seeds take ten days to complete their cycle, yielding three Strawberries during this time. The first fruit to harvest appears six days into the plant’s growth.

You’ll want to check your Calendar via the DocPad to safeguard against any upcoming storms – by putting down Fertiliser – as well as plan some dry days.

In non-extreme weather locations, it’s essential to leave the Strawberry Seeds without watering them for two non-consecutive days before their sixth day of growth.

The Strawberry Jam Recipe itself only requires one Strawberry to be made, so you could just plant one batch of Strawberry Seeds. To save time and perhaps aim for some mutations, though, it’s best to grow a few.

How to get the Strawberry Jam Recipe in Harvest Moon: One World

After you’ve successfully grown a Strawberry, you can go to any Mobile Shop in Harvest Moon: One World to purchase the Strawberry Jam Recipe. All that you’ll need is 3,000G to get the Strawberry Jam Recipe.

With the Strawberry Jam Recipe to hand and at least one Strawberry in your Bag, all that you need to do is go to your Kitchen and select ‘Strawberry Jam’ from the first ‘Cooking’ tab. Press the ‘Cook’ button, and you’ll have yourself a jar of Strawberry Jam.

After making the Strawberry Jam, you’ll be prompted to ‘Go Get Doc’s Invention,’ but looking at the task via your DocPad, you may learn that you still need to wait until it’s finished. If this is the case, you may only need to go to sleep to trigger a wake-up call from Doc Jr to complete this quest.

There you have it: to get Strawberry Jam in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll need to grow some Strawberries, unlock the Mobile Shop, and then buy the Strawberry Jam recipe from Samantha.

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