Hogwarts Legacy: Secrets of the Restricted Section Guide

Here’s how to get into the Restricted Section in the library without being spotted in Hogwarts Legacy.

Restricted Section library

Please be aware this guide contains spoilers for in-game content.

Surrounded by gates and shrouded in mystery, the infamous Restricted Section in the library has been mentioned in Hogwarts Legacy by classmate Sebastian Sallow, who landed himself in detention after being caught during his unauthorised adventure. There is always intrigue in that which is forbidden, so let’s indulge your daring side and venture where most students are scared to go.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to get to the Restricted Section
  • Sneaking past the librarian and the dwellers of the Restricted Section
  • Defeating the enemies that lie within

How to get to the Restricted Section in Hogwarts Legacy

Restricted Section Crossed Wand

An owl letter awaits you in your dorm as you wake up from the previous day’s antics. It’s from Professor Fig, who requests to see you urgently in his classroom. After a short conversation, he recommends that you learn Incendio from Professor Hecat, who has a task of her own for you before she teaches you the fiery spell. She asks that you duel and win two rounds in the Crossed Wand student duelling competition and then return.

Hogwarts spell Incendio

After completing her task and learning Incendio, you also learn your spells can be selected and switched by using the right D-pad button to slot them into your spell wheel. Return to Fig, who discusses an inscription that was on the locket you found. Upon speaking the inscription, a map appeared, and you can see magic resonating from the Restricted Section in the library. 

You are then interrupted by the Headmaster, who demands to see Fig in his office. Fig suggests they postpone their risky trip into the forbidden area. Your character, however, has different ideas, recalling the conversation with Sallow.

Hogwarts spell Disillusionment

Sallow does not take too much convincing to get on board, and he tells you to meet him outside the library at night. There are prefects monitoring the corridors, so Sallow teaches you the Disillusionment spell to avoid being seen and sneak past the fellow students into the library only to find that the librarian is still on duty.

Sneaking past the librarian and the dwellers of the Restricted Section

Sallow distracts her whilst you are charged with grabbing her key from her desk. This is easily done by using Disillusionment, waiting until she wanders down the library, and searching her desk. Then it’s a short creep to the Restricted Section to unlock the gate.

Restricted Section desk

Head into the Restricted Section and down the stairs, and you will be made aware of ghosts who help guard the prohibited area. Using L2 or LT to aim and R2 or RT to use a Basic Cast with accuracy can help distract them so you and Sallow can slip by without being detected.

Hogwarts Legacy ghosts

As you go down another level and head further into the depths of the section, you arrive at a pile of troll armour that has fallen. Peeves the poltergeist then taunts Sallow and your character and heads off to tell the librarian of your whereabouts. Your classmate agrees to cover for you as you continue head even deeper into the depths of the Restricted Section.

Hogwarts Legacy Peeves

Your character then arrives in a room with Ancient Magic, which you are encouraged to investigate. This reveals a magical door in the archway and a spiral staircase leading to a door known as the Antechamber. Head through the door and you reach a walkway, but the path ahead is missing, leading to another door. Use your Basic Cast to charge the rune over the doorway to summon a bridge.

Rune puzzle

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Defeating the enemies within

Hogwarts Ancient Magic

Upon entering the next room, you are greeted by two knights. You have a few options, most notably your Ancient Magic using R1+L1 or RB+LB to instantly destroy the combatant or battle it out using the skills you have acquired from duelling. Holding Triangle or Y to perform Protego and Stupefy is very useful to stun the enemies for a prolonged attack.

Once you have vanquished four knights, you then meet two more who have ranged attacks, throwing their weapons to chip away at your health. Quickly dispatch the two new combatants and then there is another rune puzzle. This time, half of the bridge is at the other side with the side closest missing. Again activate the rune to summon the bridge closer and when near the end, reactivate the rune to get to the other side. 

The penultimate room is filled with eight knights, some of which can leap into the air and attack you from above, so have your wits about you and your dodge at the ready. Using a mixture of the spells you have learned, gradually whittle your enemies down until none remain before going through the final door.

Restricted Section penultimate room

Here, a book floats in the centre of the room as you approach. A cutscene ensues, revealing there have been more students pass through Hogwarts with Ancient Magical power. You then return to the library to find Sallow has kept his word, and he claims he was there alone when interrogated by the stern librarian. Then it’s off to Fig to discuss your discovery.

Restricted Section book

Now you are able to slip by unsuspecting folk and venture where others dare not with ease all thanks to this handy guide. To keep up to date with all the latest Hogwarts Legacy hints and tips, check out Outsider Gaming’s other guides:

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