Hogwarts Legacy: Welcome to Hogsmeade Mission Guide

Need a guiding hand on your visit to Hogsmeade? We’ve got the hints and tips you need right here.

Be aware spoilers for in game content ahead.

Your first day at Hogwarts is nearly at an end. After completing a Reparo task with Professor Ronen, you are instructed by Professor Weasley to choose a student. This student is expected to escort you to Hogsmeade to collect some supplies that you lost on your journey to Hogwarts, which the school have kindly replaced for you. 

Make sure to keep using Revelio as you make your way to Hogsmeade as there are many plant and collectables on the way which could prove to be useful.

In this Hogwarts Legacy Welcome to Hogsmeade guide, you will learn about:

  • The supplies you are required to collect.
  • Tips on the Troll encounter and who to begin this quest.
  • What to do after the Troll battle

Collecting your new supplies

Professor Weasley will offer you the chance to choose a classmate that would accompany you to Hogsmeade. Your options are stuck between Sebastian Sallow and Natsai Onai. After completing a quick lesson on Reparo which will be handy later, you head off with your selected student to Hogsmeade. Along the way it is worth using Revelio to reveal hidden resources as you make you way to the magical village. The supplies you are required to collect are a Wand from Ollivanders, some Potions from J. Pippin’s Potions, Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls and Seed from The Magic Neep. Once you have collected all of the aforementioned, you should then meet either Sebastian or Natty at the Hogsmeade Square.

The Troll encounter hints and tips

Hogwarts-Legacy- Welcome-to-Hogsmeade -Ancient-Magic

When you arrive to meet your classmate at the square, there is a commotion and then a gigantic Troll with a huge club comes charging towards you in a cinematic course of event. A police officer instructs onlookers to lure the Troll away from the buildings. However, it appears the Trolls friend didn’t get that message as another Troll smashes through a building and heads in your direction swinging his mighty club. You are then encouraged to press Circle or B to Dodge the incoming attack. Using Basic Cast by Tapping R2 or RT can be used to whittle the trolls health down gradually. Still, be aware of a Red indicator around your head and hit that Dodge button quickly. 

There will also be moments where a Yellow indicator appears, allowing you to utilize Protego by pressing Triangle or Y to block and if held, can perform Stupefy to stun the Troll making him vulnerable to attack. There are also various objects that can be hurled at the troll to further damage him by pressing R1 or RB. Just before the Troll is finished, you are required to use an Ancient Magic triggered by pressing R1+L1 or RB+LB which vanquishes the Troll. In doing so, you gain the Troll with the Punches trophy.

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome to Hogsmeade Trophy

What to do after the Troll battle?

Now you have successfully beaten the Troll. The Police officer returns to congratulate you both on your impressive feat. However, the beast has left a path of destruction in his wake. Here’s where Professor Ronen’s Reparo lesson becomes very useful. There are seven areas that require repair around Hogsmeade square. All of which are easily found after doing so head into Gladrags Wizardwear where your classmate is waiting for you. Then the shop keeper rewards you with some gear for your troubles as a way of thanking you. Right now, who’s up for a pint of butter beer?

Hogwarts Legacy Troll with the punches Reparo

Congratulations, you’ve defeated the Troll and you can further use these skills in battles moving forward. To keep up to date with contents like this Hogwarts Legacy Welcome to Hogsmeade Mission Guide, stick with Outsider Gaming.

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