Horizon Forbidden West: How to Complete “Signals of the Sun” Errand

Here’s your step-by-step guide to completing the Errand “Signals of the Sun” in Horizon Forbidden West.

Throughout your travels through Horizon Forbidden West, you may have come across these signal towers and collected a Signal Lens or two. Just what are the purpose of these Signal Lenses?

Eventually, you’ll find out when you complete the “Signals of the Sun” Errand. Read below for your step-by-step guide on how to complete the Errand.

How to obtain “Signals of the Sun” Errand

This Errand will be available once you reach Chainscape, whether or not you went to find and assist Erend. Once you enter Chainscape, you’ll see a number of green exclamation points, indicating characters who can give a Side Quest or Errand or Jobs (and more). For “Signals of the Sun,” you want to head northwest to a green exclamation just outside of Chainscape. It’s near a mountain.

Maleev, being an…inconsiderate guard.

Approach the guard…who is dragging a dead body. Nothing suspicious here, right? Talk to Maleev who informs you that two people went cliff jumping, but this one ended up falling to his death. He grumbles that this just had to happen during his shift. You then realize he said two people and ask if he’s going to assist the second person. He laughs as you ask why he won’t help, then he asks why you would help (experience, loot, and Skill Points, of course!). The Errand will then officially begin.

Proceeding to Raynah

Head up the nearby cliffside and into the cave as pictured. On the other side, keep climbing up and up – you’ll be doing a lot of climbing for this one. Use your Focus to scope out supply caches and other loot. Just…keep climbing.

You’ll get to a point where you can head left or right while climbing. Head right toward the waterfall, a Burrower visible beneath you in the water. Make your way up and around until you near a broken bridge, machines on the other side, patrolling.

It’s recommended to just stick back on the bridge and snipe the machines with your bow. You may have to get close to the edge of the bridge if they retreat a bit to hit them, but they can’t reach you because of the broken bridge. Remember to aim for the components if you want them and then the eye for weak spot damage and a quick kill.

Climb up the rock to see Raynah sitting, out of reach of the machines. She’s slightly injured, then asks you about her companion. After you tell her he’s dead, she mentions they were up there to salvage the Signal Lens from the ruined watchtower. She mentions the Carja were going to scrap the entire thing anyway, so rather than consider her a thief, she considers herself more of a business opportunist.

Giving Raynah the four Signal Lens already collected before proceeding to finish her request.

Since she’s hurt, she asks if you can retrieve the Signal Lens for her. If you’ve collected any Signal Lenses already, you can give them to her for a collection of Metal Shards. When you’re done discussing with Raynah, proceed to the tower.

Retrieving the Signal Lens

The Pullcaster gets a good amount of work.

Outside the tower, use your Pullcaster on the iron beams to create a hole and make an entrance. Your Pullcaster is crucial in proceeding up the tower. Use it on the beams you come across, then keep climbing up the tower.

A tricky part where you need to hit the grapple point behind Aloy from the lower level.

Remember to use your Focus as you head up the tower for the supply caches littered around the area. Most are easily accessible, though one will require a bit of maneuvering to grab. Head around to nab it instead of trying to jump across.

Once you reach the top, get on top of the signal dish and gather the Signal Lens. This Lens is the Lens of Evening. With that in tow, you can either rappel down and then climb back down or fast travel since Raynah will now be in Barren Light – and not on the rock – in the small camp to the right as soon as you enter the settlement.

Deliver the Signal Lens to Raynah to complete the Errand. She will be located here to deliver the other five Signal Lenses. If you haven’t collected them, they’re the question marks on the map at the highest peaks. Note that one won’t be available until you begin “The Twilight Path” Side Quest.

With that, you now have a reason to make those treacherous climbs up those old, ruined towers. Climb the towers, enjoy the nice views, and deliver the remaining Signal Lenses to Raynah.

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