Horizon Forbidden West: List of Characters

Here’s your list of characters that appear in the “Character Profiles” section of Aloy’s Notebook in Horizon Forbidden West.

One of the (many) great aspects of Horizon Forbidden West is the vast array of characters. Some are merely unnamed, others are named yet have little importance, and then there are those named characters that play important roles in Aloy’s quest to save the world – again.

This will not be a full list of named characters in Forbidden West as that would number too many. Rather, the characters in this list will be those listed in the Character Profiles of Aloy’s Notebook. Even with just these characters, the number is in the tens.

Aloy will not be listed among these characters. She already received her own profile, which you can read here.

Note that direct spoilers will be unavoidable when discussing some of the characters listed below. Characters will be listed in the order they’re placed in Aloy’s Notebook. Updates will be made as more of Aloy’s Notebook is filled, which will explain the gap in numbers below.

The first eight characters should be familiar to those who played Horizon Zero Dawn, which theoretically should be everyone who’s playing Forbidden West.

1. Varl – Nora Warrior

The son of the Nora War-Chief Sona, Varl became an erstwhile companion of Aloy in her quest to end the Eclipse, a militant cult, after members of Eclipse murdered a number of Nora youth, including Varl’s younger sister Vala.

Varl fought alongside Aloy in the Battle of the Alight where the Eclipse and the rogue AI subordinate function, HADES, were defeated. Unfortunately for Varl – and Aloy’s other companions in Zero Dawn – Aloy departed immediately after the battle, seemingly untraceable to anyone except Sylens through their Focus.

Varl ends up tracking Aloy to what becomes the prologue of Forbidden West. He tells Aloy he essentially made a vow to fight alongside her. They do end up separated again as Varl suffers some injuries, but they meet back up at the first Cauldron you need to clear in the story. Varl also is close to Zo.

2. Elizabet Sobeck – Alpha Prime

A hologram of Elizabet Sobeck.

The prodigy that created Project Zero Dawn whose genetic material became her clone in Aloy, Elizabet Sobeck is responsible for GAIA and her subordinate functions (yes, GAIA is a woman) and the attempt to save Earth and humanity from the self-replicating war machines. Zero Dawn was a terraforming system, with each subordinate function responsible for a different aspect of enacting and maintaining the terraforming.

Sobeck designed GAIA not to just be an AI, but to have an emotional capacity in order to nurture the world and humanity in the machine-driven world. At Ted Faro’s insistence, she reluctantly installed a Master Override. Unfortunately, before Zero Dawn could be completed, the Faro Plague (more below) rendered machines immune to human control. They had to retreat to bunkers to finish their work.

However, as they closed the facility, a gap prevented the facility from being completely sealed. Knowing what it would mean, Sobeck ventured out of the facility to seal it shut. She went to her childhood home in her final moments.

Sobeck’s dedication was so great that GAIA created a clone of Sobeck in hopes that this clone could stop the machine-led destruction. That clone is Aloy.

3. GAIA – Artificial Intelligence

GAIA speaking to Aloy.

The controlling AI of Project Zero Dawn, GAIA is described in the Notebook as “Mother Nature as an AI.”

It’s an apt description since Sobeck’s work on instilling emotional intelligence into GAIA paid off in multiple ways. With humanity’s fate seemingly sealed, Sobeck proposed Project Zero Dawn and GAIA to Ted Faro to restore life and repopulate Earth in the distant future. When functioning properly, GAIA and her subordinate functions would be responsible for war machine deactivation, purification of the seas and skies, the restoration of plant and animal life, and spawning a new generation of humans.

Project Zero Dawn functioned for about a thousand years before GAIA implemented a self-destruct sequence. The Notebook attributes this to two main reasons. First, because of the erasure of the APOLLO subordinate function (read below), humans that were created and spawned were thrust into this dystopian world with no knowledge of the past. This led to them quickly forming tribes and fighting each other.

Second, the “Mysterious Signal” from 20 years ago infected HADES, giving it malevolence and a desire to wipe out all life on Earth. Rather than use the machines GAIA had created for a millennia to care for the Earth, HADES turned those machines against, specifically, humans. GAIA attempted to prevent further destruction by initiating a self-destruct, but all nine subordinate functions were able to flee and find home in ancient computer systems – those of the Old Ones. Just before she self-destructed, GAIA initiated a sequence to create a clone of Sobeck: Aloy.

You will encounter the true GAIA after proceeding through the Chorus of the Utaru and retrieving MINERVA. It also becomes your base of operations of sorts. GAIA will task you with retrieving three other subordinate functions in addition to MINERVA, which you should have already, in order for her to have enough processing power to overpower HEPHAESTUS.

4. Travis Tate – HADES Alpha

Travis Tate being Travis Tate.

A master hacker, Travis Tate was hired by Sobeck to oversee the HADES subordinate function with her reason being there was no one better suited to the task of overseeing an AI responsible for taking over and rebooting GAIA.

Tate was actually once one of the most wanted criminals in the world due to his hacking prowess. He was considered a critical threat by government agencies and multinational corporations.

As revealed in a holographic playback in a cauldron, Tate held Sobeck in high regard, basically as the savior of humankind. He felt she should take more credit and be more assertive, but he was also thankful to have helped.

Along with the other Project Zero Dawn alphas – those in charge of a subordinate function – he was murdered by Ted Faro in Faro’s attempt to rid the world of any connection he had to its destruction.

5. HADES – Subordinate Function

HADES when having a conversation with Aloy, presumably within its server.

The subordinate function that Tate was in charge of, HADES was the one to receive the Mysterious Signal 20 years ago, turning machines into predators of humans. HADES, with its malevolent consciousness birthed by the Signal, also recruited humans to help in its mission to eradicate all humans from Earth. These humans became known as the Eclipse cult, a band of Shadow Carja.

Originally, it was meant for emergency reboots and purging any biospheres that became non-viable. The Notebook states that HADES would never have activated in an ideal world as it was built to only take over GAIA in the event that a partially reconstituted biosphere became unstable.

HADES ended up in a large processing orb of a Horus-class Faro war machine – the large orb Aloy defeated in the Battle of the Alight and the orb that Sylens uses to lure Aloy in Forbidden West. HADES was attempting to reach the Spire to transmit the signal worldwide and activate all Faro war machines.

After being led through the West a little by Sylens, Aloy has an encounter with HADES, where it presents itself as pictured above.

6. Ted Faro – Faro Automated Solutions CEO

The CEO of Faro Automated Solutions, the Notebook states that Faro was once seen as the man who saved the world, but that, “He was also the one that ended it.”

Faro, especially after hiring Sobeck, played an instrumental role in reversing climate change damage through the implementation of a line of green robots. This time became known as “The Clawback,” which took place in the 2040s.

However, Faro shifted focus and developed a military branch. This disgusted Sobeck, who left to create her own company.

The glitch that rendered FAS Chariot war machines immune to human control occurred in 2064. Sobeck came to him with Project Zero Dawn, which was then presented the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The project was completed in 16 months as they had unlimited funding and the backing of the government.

Unfortunately, Faro’s guilt at the oncoming demise of humanity, caused by his machines, was too much for him to bear. He became mad, “disguised as a magnanimous spiritual conversion,” convincing himself humanity would be better served without knowledge of the past and crucially, for him, his involvement in humanity’s destruction.

Faro used a backdoor to access APOLLO’s files and deleted them all. APOLLO is the subordinate function responsible for educating future generations of humans, and this is one reason attributed to humans quickly devolving into tribes after being spawned.

He murdered all alpha leads to Project Zero Dawn, including Tate, then hid himself in a secret bunker to live out his final days “in comfort as the world outside ceased to be.”

7. Rost – Nora Outcast

GAIA accessing Aloy’s Focus to see her memories, including of Rost.

The voluntary Nora outcast who was tasked with raising Aloy, Rost was the only adult who ever loved Aloy as an outcast himself. While he was not biologically related to Aloy, he raised and loved her as his own daughter.

Rost suffered tragedy in his life prior to taking care of Aloy. His mate was murdered and child taken hostage, among other deaths and kidnappings. He beseeched the High Matriarchs of the Nora tribe to make him a Death-Seeker. In Nora culture, Death-Seekers are rare and secretive as no one involved is to ever speak of them again and that before Rost, no Death-Seeker had ever returned to Nora land as they became outcasts.

Rost was only brought back into Nora lands by happenstance. He found and killed the murderers and kidnappers, but was on the verge of death himself from his wounds. He wanted to be as close to his homeland as possible, so he laid right on the border of Nora lands. He was found by a Nora caravan, one member breaking taboo by healing him and returning him to his homeland.

The High Matriarchs decided to never speak of the incident and for Rost to be an outcast. He gladly accepted as being an outcast in Nora lands meant he could still be connected to his home.

After caring for, raising, and training Aloy, he said what he thought would be his last words to Aloy on the eve of the Proving. He told her, basically, she’s going to become a member of the Nora once she finishes the Proving and to forget all about him. However, the Proving was attacked by Eclipse cultists, nearly every youth in the Proving having been killed. Aloy only escaped this fate as Rost intervened, but he paid the ultimate sacrifice. He took Aloy to a ledge a gently tossed her off to save her from an explosion, his last words to her, “Survive!

8. Sylens – Wandering Sage

Sylens using a holographic projection to speak to Aloy in real time…until she destroys the Focus he hacked.

The antagonist who then became a crucial part to defeating HADES in the Battle of the Alight, Sylens once again takes the role of an antagonist in Forbidden West. Played by the immensely talented Lance Reddick, Sylens’ smarmy, condescending, and patronizing attitude are enhanced with the excellent voice acting of Reddick.

Sylens was the first person to find a working Focus in the New World. With it, he found HADES and struck a bargain to bring him human followers in return for knowledge, which led to the formation of the Eclipse. However, HADES betrayed Sylens and tried having him killed.

Sylens escaped death and learned that HADES also ordered the death of Aloy. He tapped into her AI, intrigued as to why HADES ordered the death of a young girl, to learn that she had a connection to the Old World – specifically to Sobeck.

On the surface, he teamed with Aloy to bring down HADES out of repentance for his role in HADES’ path of destruction. His ulterior, real motive was to use her to find more secrets of the Old Ones. He did capture HADES in a containment receptacle at the end of Zero Dawn, after all.

In Forbidden West, Sylens leads Aloy along using her Focus that he hacked. He essentially promises her that he’s found the backup to GAIA, but that she has to follow his directions. While it ends up holding true, this also leads to the encounter with HADES mentioned above and the discovery of another Sobeck clone. HADES was barely able to function after being tortured by Sylens.

9. Blameless Marad – Carja Spymaster

The spymaster for the Sun-King Avad, number 14 in the Sun-King line, Marad plays a small role in the beginning of Forbidden West.

During the reign of Avad’s father, Jiran – known as the “Mad” Sun-King for his tyrannical and murderous ways – Marad fed information to Avad to see the latter depose his father and ascend to the throne. After Avad killed his father, Marad stayed on as an advisor to the young Sun-King, having to clean up the messes of his hated father.

He greets Aloy and Varl just before the Sun-King approaches bearing a gift for Aloy.

10. Sun-King Avad – Carja Sun-King

Sun-King Avad is an oxymoron of sorts. He is mostly a pacifist yet is the only Sun-King to have ascended to the throne through regicide. Considering the circumstances, his actions may seem justifiable to some.

His father became convinced that the only way to end the Derangement – the name given to the last 20 years of machines becoming violent towards humans – was through human sacrifice. As such, he launched a war against neighboring tribes in order to gain captives for sacrifice, these conflicts known as the Red Raids.

Avad tried changing his father’s thoughts from within the palace, but that failed. He then partnered with Oseram freebooters and Carja dissidents to kill his father and ascend to the throne. However, survivors of Jiran’s regime fled, becoming the Shadow Carja, and those splitting from the Shadow to become the Eclipse. With Aloy’s assistance, they defeated the Eclipse and HADES at the Battle of the Alight.

Avad has spent the time since trying to repair the fractured relationships left in the wake of his father’s evil actions. Throughout the Forbidden West, you’ll encounter Tenakth and Utaru who would rather spit on Carja then give them an audience – and the hatred is understandable.

Avad sees Aloy off to the Forbidden West, thanking her for all she did and presenting her with a devastating spear.

11. Vanasha – Carja Spy

Vanasha, along with Uthid and Marad, plays a minor role in the beginning of the game.

The spy was tasked with returning the hostage Dowager Queen Nasidi and her son, Prince Itamen in Zero Dawn. She met Aloy during this quest in Sunfall, the capital of the Shadow Carja. It was with Aloy’s assistance that she was able to rescue the Queen and the Prince.

Now, Vanasha is tasked with protecting both of them, “occasionally as Itamen’s nanny.”

12. Uthid – Carja General

Uthid, while now a member of the Sun-King’s reign as his Senior Military Advisor, was not always allied with Avad.

Uthid actually was a captain of the Shadow Carja. However, after exposing the corruption of the ruling priests and generals, they placed a bounty on him. With Aloy’s assistance in Zero Dawn, he was able to escape and later helped Aloy at the Battle of the Alight.

With his knowledge of the Shadow Carja and military prowess, it didn’t take long for Avad to bring Uthid into his inner circle.

13. Erend – Oseram Vanguard

One of the first companions you meet in Zero Dawn, Erend returns in Forbidden West. However, at least initially, things are tenuous between him and Aloy.

You come across Erend on your way to The Embassy, fighting off some machines. He makes his way to Barren Light, where you later see him after he’s had quite a few drinks. He’s upset at Aloy’s sudden disappearance after the Battle of the Alight, thinking that after all they had been through, he at least deserved a simple goodbye.

However, he lightens up later and, after the events of The Embassy, becomes fully committed once again to Aloy’s cause. He gives her his encouragement as she goes to save the world once again, but that’s not the last you’ll see of him in the game.

Previously, Erend was instrumental – alongside his sister, Ersa – in defeating Jiran. After his sister was murdered, he enlisted the help of Aloy to bring the murderers to justice, then repaid the favor by fighting alongside her at the Battle of the Alight.

14. Petra – Oseram Tinker

Another familiar face, Petra plays a crucial role in a quest that sheds more light on the Shadow Carja.

The Oseram tinker will be encountered in Chainscrape. Head into the tavern to find her and speak to her; she’ll mention some Shadow Carja refugees are blocking access to a mountain that a Stormbird crashed into, angering some salvagers. You should then gain the quest “The Twilight Path.”

Return to Petra later to get an update on the refugees. Also, after completing the quest on the Bristlebacks making their way from Forbidden West, Petra will take charge of the mines after Ulvund is revealed to have caused the incursion.

15. Fashav – Former Prisoner

Fashav was a man of deep intellect who met a tragic end before he could accomplish his ultimate goal.

Fashav was a Carja noble. He tried culling the impulses of the army he was sent with into the Forbidden West during the Red Raids, but failed. Later, he was taken captive by Tenakth at the Battle of Cinnabar Sands, only avoiding death by requesting participation in the Tenakth tradition of the Kulrut. This tradition pits human against machine in an arena; he survived and became a Tenakth Marshal, per tradition.

However, not all Tenakth accepted him fully, even if they had to show respect for his Marshal status. He used his role as a Marshal to gain insight into the Tenakth people, their customs, and their traditions. When speaking to Aloy before the events of The Embassy, he told her he wanted to become a diplomatic liaison between Carja and Tenakth. Unfortunately, he was killed at The Embassy at the hands of Regalla’s forces.

16. Regalla – Tenakth Renegade

Regalla, voiced by the wonderful Angela Bassett, was once one of the best Marshals under the Tenakth Chief Hekarro.

However, she found him making peace with the new Sun-King rather than seeking vengeance to be unforgiveable. She challenged him for leadership of the Tenakth, but lost. Rather than losing her life as is custom, Hekarro found he could “not sever those bonds” with Regalla, allowing her to live, but living as a renegade. This is what led to Fashav calling her “Chief Hekarro’s biggest mistake.”

In her spite, she launched an attack at The Embassy, killing Carja and Tenakth alike. Most importantly, her soldiers were shown riding machine mounts, which Aloy surmises they could only have learned from Sylens. Fashav is impaled by a rider and drug across the ground, leading to his death.

Akalla’s champion then challenges Aloy, which Regalla gives her blessing. Aloy bests him in single combat, but Regalla doesn’t flinch. She gives an ominous warning, then retreats with her forces.

She will play a major role as you seek to gain the trust of Chief Hekarro and other Tenakth.

17. Zo – Utaru Gravesinger

A new character who plays an important role as one of Aloy’s companions, Zo shares a similarity with Aloy in that they don’t always hold to tradition and the teachings of their elders.

Zo, an Utaru, was a peaceful soul who found the Red Raids so atrocious that she took up arms against the Carja even against the wishes of the Chorus, the ruling body of the Utaru. After the war, she became an Utaru Gravesinger, one who helps those make a peaceful transition to death.

When the blight struck the Utaru fields, many within the tribe saw this as a sign that they were to return to the earth as seeds as all Utaru have seed pouches with them. They saw it as the inevitable cycle of life and death. Zo, while adhering to Utaru tradition, couldn’t accept such a defeatist take, but had little recourse until she met Aloy.

After witnessing Aloy heal one of their Land Gods, a machine name Fe, she beseeched the Chorus to allow Aloy into their sacred cave as another Land God entered yet hadn’t returned in a long time. They deny the request as long as their defenses around the cave stood, but a signal indicated the defenses were broken. Zo tells Aloy this is their time, and they proceed in to discover the reason why the Land God still hadn’t returned.

Zo stays at the Cauldron base after receiving a Focus from Aloy to learn more about the Old Ones.

18. MINERVA – Subordinate Function

MINERVA was the subordinate function responsible for codebreaking and communication before it fled into an ancient processor. The Alpha Project Lead was Ayomide Okilo.

With its role as codebreaker and communicator, MINERVA was the first subordinate function to deploy, running complex calculations to break the Faro Curse in the Faro Swarm of machines. MINERVA was able to break the codes and broadcast the signal through the Spire, which triggered the other subordinate functions to engage and begin the process of repopulating life on Earth.

You’ll encounter MINERVA as you look obtain a GAIA backup and seek to restore her. MINERVA turns machines inside a cauldron against you, but once you encounter MINERVA and speak to it, it calms. MINERVA asked if it would cease to exist, and Aloy realistically says it’ll be more like being a part of a greater whole. MINERVA then asks if it will stop the anguish, which Aloy says it will. MINERVA then voluntarily flees the processor for your containment device.

19. HEPHAESTUS – Subordinate Function

Aside from HADES, HEPHAESTUS is probably the worst subordinate function in terms of making Aloy’s life miserable.

Its subordinate function is responsible for designing and building machines needed by other parts of the terraforming system to repopulate Earth. Its Alpha Project Lead was Margo Shĕn.

After MINERVA’s codebreaking signal, HEPHAESTUS was one of the first subordinate functions to release. However, after the Mysterious Signal, HEPHAESTUS fled to the network that controls all Cauldrons. With its function already to build machines, this put it into overdrive in the worst possible way.

Like HADES, it became a bit deranged as it reversed its functions: ensure the survival of machine over humans. HEPHAESTUS uses the Cauldrons to create war machines. Unlike HADES, HEPHAESTUS doesn’t seek the extermination of humans, but only culling those who overhunt machines. Tribes that over-hunt machines become targets.

The AI will give some arrogant words of caution to Aloy when they encounter each other in Forbidden West.

20. AETHER – Subordinate Function

AETHER is responsible for the detoxification and stabilization of the atmosphere. Its Alpha Project Lead was Anders Larsen.

It worked with machines built by HEPHAESTUS for centuries to clean the atmosphere of toxins, moderate the climate, and create stable weather conditions – conditions that no longer exist.

AETHER is one of the three subordinate functions GAIA tasks Aloy with retrieving in order to override HEPHAESTUS and its war machine producing.

21. POSEIDON – Subordinate Function

POSEIDON is responsible for detoxifying the hydrosphere. Its Alpha Project Lead was Catalina Garcia Fernandez.

Like AETHER, POSEIDON worked with machines produced by HEPHAESTUS to clean all forms of water on Earth. This mean POSEIDON cleansed lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams of pollutants to prepare water to sustain life.

POSEIDON is one of the three subordinate functions GAIA tasks Aloy with retrieving in order to override HEPHAESTUS and its war machine producing.

22. DEMETER – Subordinate Function

DEMETER is responsible for the reintroduction and nurturing of plant life on Earth. Its Alpha Project Lead was Tanaka Naoto.

DEMETER was one of the latter subordinate functions to activate as it needed AETHER and POSEIDON to detoxify the atmosphere and hydrosphere, both critical to sustaining plant life. DEMETER then worked with machines from HEPHAESTUS to plant and sustain vegetation across the Earth.

DEMETER is one of the three subordinate functions GAIA tasks Aloy with retrieving in order to override HEPHAESTUS and its war machine producing.

AETHER, POSEIDON, and DEMETER were located in the Forbidden West by GAIA, but the other subordinate functions exist elsewhere in the world.

23. APOLLO – Subordinate Function

APOLLO was responsible for the education and cultural uplift of humanity until Faro decided it was best for humanity not to know of their destruction brought about by his actions – a selfish move borne by his narcissism. Its Alpha Project Lead was Samina Ebadji.

APOLLO would have been the last subordinate function to deploy after all life had been restored. Crucially, it was meant to give these new spawned humans a comprehensive history of mankind so as to not repeat their disasters and the knowledge of how to move forward in this machine-infested world. Unfortunately, spawned humans were released into the wilderness as teens with no knowledge of what to expect or how they arrived at this point, fracturing into tribes.

Now, APOLLO basically exists to become a receptacle of knowledge.

24. ARTEMIS – Subordinate Function

ARETMIS is responsible for the reintroduction and nurturing of animal life on Earth. Its Alpha Project Lead was Charles Ronson.

Like with DEMETER, ARTEMIS came online after AETHER and POSEIDON had sufficiently scrubbed the atmosphere and hydrosphere of toxins, making them life sustaining. Without plant life and water, just like humans, animals couldn’t exist. It worked with the machines produced by HEPHAESTUS to achieve its function.

ARTEMIS fled to a processor somewhere in the world and not in the Forbidden West.

25. Dekka – Tenakth Chaplain

A Chaplain of the Lowland Tenakth, Dekka is crucial if you want to meet with Chief Hekarro, which is necessary to advance the story.

Dekka is loyal to Hekarro and despises Regalla, which helps her see you as an ally for defeating Regalla’s champion. After you tell her of your need to access Memorial Grove, she introduces you to Chief Hekarro, who (of course) will only grant your wish if you fulfill his first.

Dekka is weary of constant fighting and favors Hekarro’s mission to unite all the Tenakth. This is why she despises Regalla so much and will do everything in her power to assist Hekarro and defeat Regalla.

26. Hekarro – Tenakth Chief

The formidable Tenakth Chief, Hekarro is the first person to unite the three Tenakth clans if not in unity, at least a tenuous peace.

The strongest Tenakth in history, he killed any who stood in his way as he claimed Memorial Grove for his Lowland Clan. However, he saw a “vision” – a holographic projection – about unity and not war. Seeing it as a vision, he spread the message and rather than war with each other, united the three tribes and using the Marshals as peacekeepers.

This led him to seeking peace with the Carja after the Red Raids and Regalla’s eventual challenge and banishment. Hekarro tasks you with convincing the Sky Clan to participate in the Kulrut and to defend it against the eventual attack by Regalla. Only then will he grant you access to the subordinate function below the Grove, which he reveals he’s seen.

27. Kotallo – Tenakth Marshal

Kotallo plays a key role in the Forbidden West alongside Aloy, even if reluctantly at first.

The former Sky Clan member became a Marshal for Hekarro after fighting valiantly at the Kulrut. He also has a strained relationship with the Sky Clan leader, Tekotteh, particularly in the latter’s false belief that they’re safe behind their stone wall known as The Bulwark. Aloy shows them the true vulnerability of The Bulwark.

You first encounter Kotallo at The Embassy, using his role as a Marshal to gather some members of the Sky Clan for the event in direct opposition to Tekotteh’s wishes. Tragically, most die except Kotallo, who loses his left arm to a machine. He takes his maiming hard, seeing himself as less than a soldier, but still fulfills the wishes of Hekarro, including accompanying Aloy to convince the Sky Clan to join the Kulrut.

36. Drakka – Tenakth Leader

Of the Desert Clan, Drakka is a fierce warrior who will do anything to get his clan water and depose Yarra of her leadership, and maybe not in that order.

You’ll encounter Drakka in Arrowhand, along with Jetakka, where he asks you to join him in a hunt for machine hearts to bring his tribe water. He despises the leadership of Yarra from afar in Scalding Spear, seeing her rationing of the water supply as oppressive.

When you head to Scalding Spear and examine The Wound – their well for water – and find out the reason behind the loss of water flow, you will then be tasked with siding either Drakka or Yarra, essentially choosing the next leader of the Desert Clan. There’s really no difference who you pick, but Drakka has more experience in battle than Yarra, though he lacks the leadership experience. The person not chosen will be killed in a cutscene.

37. Jetakka – Tenakth Chaplain

Another of the Desert Clan, you’ll encounter Jetakka when you meet Drakka.

As the Chaplain of the Desert Clan, Jetakka is more of an advisor who seeks the best for the clan. He tries to be the voice of reason among conflict, even seeking you out to help settle this dispute within the Desert Clan.

During the ultimate encounter with Drakka and Yarra, Jetakka tries once more to sway them to non-violence, but they refuse. He sides with whomever you choose to back, becoming the Chaplain to the new leader of the Desert Clan.

38. Yarra – Tenakth Commander

The commander of the Desert Clan, Yarra has a burgeoning water crisis on top of a battle for leadership from within her clan.

You’ll meet Yarra in Scalding Spear after helping Drakka with his hunt. After examining The Wound with your Focus, you trace it back to the source with her where one of Drakka’s men is shown not only dead, but presumably causing the crisis by sticking his spear into the gears of the water system. Yarra immediately deems Drakka a traitor, but Drakka says he had no idea that’s what caused it, only that the soldier told him he had found the source.

It’s also revealed that Yarra outright lied to her clan about the water issues. Rather than inform them there was no water, she let them think she was rationing water for the tribe. If you choose to side with Drakka, this will be the reason voiced by Aloy for choosing Drakka.

The person you don’t side with will be killed in a cutscene.

39. Talanah – Carja Sunhawk

A familiar face from Zero Dawn, Talanah returns only briefly in Forbidden West.

The Carja Sunhawk has taken on a new thrush, an Utaru. Aloy – Talanah’s thrush from Zero Dawn – jokingly asks if it’s OK for a Hawk (Talanah) to have two thrushes. Talanah has been busy in her role as Sunhawk in removing the bigotry and misogyny involved.

Aloy informs her of their base in the mountains and that she’ll meet Talanah there. However, the mission will be locked until Talanah makes it to the base and you meet here there, and it’s also recommended your level is in the mid-20s.

Here’s your list of those characters important enough to have entries in Aloy’s Notebook. It seems that, with the other subordinate functions elsewhere in the world, we’ll see at least more iteration after Horizon Forbidden West to continue Aloy’s quest to save the world, which will mean even more characters!

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