Horizon Forbidden West: How to Complete “The Twilight Path” Side Quest

Here's your step-by-step guide to completing the Side Quest "The Twilight Path" in Horizon Forbidden West.

In Horizon Forbidden West, the main story quests aren’t the only ones that reveal more about the lore and people in the game. “The Twilight Path” is one of these Side Quests.

Read below for your step-by-step guide on completing “The Twilight Path,” which will give a little more information on the Shadow Carja and what is now an offshoot.

How to gain “The Twilight Path” Side Quest

To gain this Side Quest, you need to speak to Petra in the tavern in Barren Light after clearing the Bristlebacks and speaking to Studios Vuadis to inform him the way is clear. Aloy will mention she can have that drink with Petra now, so go seek her out as she has a green exclamation point above her head.

Speak to her about Tolland Cleanbroker and the Shadow Carja. She’ll inform you that a Stormbird crashed into a tower. Cleanbroker wants the heart of the machine, but a group of Shadow Carja have blocked access to the mountain as their leader went to on a vision quest…but hasn’t been seen in three days.

Tolland Cleanbroker informing you of his “views” on others.

After speaking with Petra, you can proceed straight to the mountain path or speak to Cleanbroker, an optional part of the Side Quest. Do so as he tells you he’s the one who shot it out of the air, causing it to crash into the tower; he says the heart should be his. He also tells you about his negative views on basically anyone who isn’t himself.

Proceeding up the mountain to Savohar

A ladder leading up the mountain that was broken, presumably by Savohar during his ascent.

Head to the designated point on the map, where you’ll encounter a group of Shadow Carja camped out and blocking the path. Speak to Lokasha, who informs you their leader, Savohar, ascended the mountain to prepare for a vision. She also informs you that they broke off from the Shadow Carja and are now the Twilight Carja.

Lokasha says they despised the brutal tactics and Savohar, their leader, saw their suffering and led them away as their own branch. However, they’ve barely scraped by and are struggling. Even though Aloy urges Lokasha to take the followers to Chainscrape for shelter, Lokasha refuses, saying they’ll wait for Savohar. After hearing it’s been three days, Aloy says she’ll check on him, so they give her passage.

Your choice: take them out or sneak by.

Proceed up the path and the mountain. You’ll come across some machines in a valley, so use the tall grass to either kill them (recommended) or sneak by. Make sure to examine all of the little exclamation points you come across – like the ladder – to gain more insight on Savohar’s journey. For example, examining the blood on the path in the above picture led to the valley.

Performing a sprinting leap to the yellow handholds across the broken bridge.

After making it through and either defeating or sneaking past the enemies, you’ll eventually reach Savohar. He’s in bad shape, having suffered a punctured lung during his ascent. Aloy says he needs medical service, but he refuses until he receives his vision. Aloy knows the Stormbird heart is valuable to them, so she goes to retrieve the heart from the crashed machine.

Use your Focus to reveal a grapple point across the ledge. This will allow you to scale the side of the cliffside and up to the Stormbird. However, before grabbing the Stormbird heart, turn and make sure to grab the Signal Lens to the side.

Unlike the other towers, this is the one signal tower where the dish is destroyed, yet the Signal Lens still retrievable. Make sure to grab this and deliver it to Raynah in Barren Light. She’s the one from the “Signals of the Sun” Errand.

After that, go ahead and gather the Stormbird heart. With that in tow, head back to Savohar. However, as you check on him, a cutscene will play. He’s hunched over, unmoving. Aloy checks his pulse and shakes her head as Savohar succumbed to his injuries and possibly heat stroke. She promises to take care of his followers.

Aloy reacting to the death of Savohar.

Now, you can either manually proceed down the mountain or fast travel to the Campfire near the base of the mountain and the Twilight Carja camp. Do so and be ready for a cutscene as you approach. Cleanbroker’s brought some goons with him to intimidate Lokasha, but Aloy appears. You have your choice of dialogue option here, but for a humorous scene, choose to be confrontational – and remember that these options have no bearing on anything but how you present Aloy.

Speak to Lokasha to inform her of the death of Savohar. Aloy tells Lokasha she now needs to lead the Twilight Carja, which Lokasha says will be difficult, but accepts the responsibility. Aloy hands over the Stormbird heart, telling Lokasha selling it might even give them enough to buy some land. Lokasha thanks Aloy and with that, the winding Side Quest is complete!

Now you know exactly how to complete “The Twilight Path” and what to expect. Remember to grab that Signal Lens, too!

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