Horizon Forbidden West: How to Complete The Daunt’s Vista Point

Here’s how to complete the first Vista Point, The Daunt, in Horizon Forbidden West.

In Horizon Forbidden West, a few more relics of the past were added to the game to fill in some more of the lore and history, particularly about the Old Ones. One addition to Forbidden West are Vista Points, which reveal images from the past and some of their data.

The first Vista Point you’ll hit will be in The Daunt, very near the Relic Ruin. Read below on how to access and complete this Vista Point to add it to your collection.

Unlocking and placing the Vista Point

Scanning the spire revealed the silhouette of a large building…

From the Relic Ruin, head toward the two fireplaces near each other. Stop about halfway to see a large metal spire. When you near the spire, scan it with Focus (R3). This will then bring up the Vista Point image when your Focus is activated. You cannot view anything else in Focus while the Vista Point is activated, so avoid the combat across the bridge or do this after you take out the machine.

Luckily, you’re told the Vista Point is within a small radius of the spire. Note that if you exit the radius, you will have to go back and scan the spire again to bring back the image. The tricky thing is where to place the image. Aloy gives you hints that it looks like the building was against sheer cliffs and possibly across a bridge.

From the spire, coming from the Relic Ruin, head to the right (away from the bridge and fighting) and stay close to, but not on the shoreline. You should find a little ledge that looks like a bridge could have been there in the past (if you run into machines, you’ve gone too far).

From there place the scan like so against the wrecked Relic Ruin that you probably already cleared. Once you do, voila, the Vista Point is complete!

You can revisit the Vista Point and view it at any time. Go back up to the ledge and interact with what is basically a purple eye. This will then show the image once more instead of the dilapidated Relic Ruin.

While it may seem simple, Vista Points can be tricky to place. Keep an eye out for more Vista Points like this and remember to stay within a small radius and listen to Aloy’s clues!

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