How to Change Your Xbox Series X|S Background

Want to personalise your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? Here’s how to change the background on the new consoles.

One of the first things that many new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners do is customise their console. Later, as you get more games and find new obsessions, you’ll probably want to change your XS gaming image.

For the Xbox Series X and S, there are several ways to pick the background that you want to use, with achievement art, screenshots, and custom images all having the potential to be your console background.

Here’s how to change your background on the Xbox Series X|S:

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller, move to ‘Profile & system’ and select ‘Settings;’
  2. In the ‘Settings’ menu, go to ‘General’ and then select ‘Personalisation;’
  3. Scroll down and press A on ‘My colour & background;’
  4. Select the ‘My background’ option that you want to explore. The options include:
    • ‘Solid colour and game art’
    • ‘Achievement art’
    • ‘Custom image’
    • ‘Screenshot’
    • ‘Dynamic background’
  5. Select an option to change your background, pick one of the images, themes, or colours shown, and then confirm it as your Xbox Series X|S background.

How to set your custom XS gaming image

To create a custom background for your Xbox Series X|S console, follow these simple steps:

  1. On a computer, find the image that you’d like to change your Xbox Series X or S background to, and then save it to a storage device that is compatible with the console’s USB port;
    • Custom background images need to be smaller than 3 MB, with the optimum size being 1920px wide and 1080px high.
  2. Insert the device into the USB port (found on the front of the console);
  3. Press the Xbox button on your controller, go to ‘Profile & system’ and press A on ‘Settings;’
  4. Next, go to ‘General’ and then click on ‘Personalisation;’
  5. Scroll down and select ‘My colour & background,’ and then pick ‘Custom image;’
  6. A file navigation window will appear. Scroll down the left side to your USB-connected device;
  7. Browse the files to find the custom background and then press A to change your Xbox Series X|S background.

After pressing A on the image that you want to change your background to, you’ll be taken back to the ‘Personalisation’ screen. To see your custom Xbox background, press the Xbox button on your controller and select ‘Home.’ Behind all of the app tiles, you’ll see your new custom background.

Whether you want to post one of your screenshots or a custom image as your Xbox Series X|S background, in order to set your favorite XS gaming image, all that you need to do is follow the simple steps shown above.