Unleash Your Inner Warrior: How to Customize Kratos in God of War Ragnarök

Get ready to customize Kratos in God of War Ragnarök! Our comprehensive guide covers everything from new armor sets and weapons to crafting and upgrading gear.

From armor to tattoos, our guide to customizing Kratos in God of War Ragnarök will help you create a one-of-a-kind character.

As the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarök finally arrives, players around the world are eager to customize their favorite Spartan warrior, Kratos. This time around, Santa Monica Studio brings even more customization options for Kratos’ armor, weapons, and appearance. Ready to make Kratos your own? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about customizing Kratos in God of War Ragnarök.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

  • Explore the new armor sets and weapons available for Kratos
  • Learn how to craft and upgrade gear using resources found throughout the game world
  • Understand the impact of customization on Kratos’ combat abilities
  • Discover secret insider tips for unlocking unique customization options
  • Experiment with different looks and loadouts to create your ultimate Kratos

New Armor Sets and Weapons for Kratos

God of War Ragnarök introduces a variety of new armor sets and weapons for Kratos to equip. Each armor set and weapon comes with its unique set of stats, abilities, and appearance. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and collect these powerful items. Mix and match different gear pieces to create your ideal Kratos loadout, optimizing his abilities for your preferred playstyle.

Crafting and Upgrading Gear

Customizing Kratos doesn’t stop at equipping new gear. In God of War Ragnarök, you’ll be able to craft and upgrade your equipment using resources found throughout the game world. By gathering materials such as Hacksilver, Enchantments, and Crafting Materials, you can enhance your gear and unlock new abilities. This not only improves Kratos’ overall combat prowess but also allows for further personalization of his appearance and abilities.

Customization and Combat Abilities

Customizing Kratos‘ gear is more than just an aesthetic choice. The choices you make in customization can significantly impact Kratos’ combat abilities. Each piece of armor and every weapon has a unique set of stats that can affect Kratos’ strength, defense, cooldown, and more. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance of power, defense, and utility that suits your playstyle.

Make Kratos truly your own in God of War Ragnarök with our customization guide

Insider Tips and Secrets

There are plenty of secrets and hidden customization options for Kratos in God of War Ragnarök. To unlock these unique options, you’ll need to explore every corner of the game world, complete side quests, and uncover hidden treasures. Keep an eye out for any unusual or suspicious areas as you venture through the game, as they may lead to exciting discoveries and powerful gear.

Creating Your Ultimate Kratos

With the wealth of customization options available in God of War Ragnarök, you have the power to create your ultimate Kratos. Experiment with different armor sets, weapons, and abilities to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle and preferences. And don’t forget to have fun while doing so – after all, it’s all about enjoying the journey and making Kratos your own.


How do I unlock new armor sets and weapons in God of War Ragnarök?

New armor sets and weapons can be unlocked by progressing through the game, completing quests, and finding hidden treasures throughout the game world.

What resources do I need to craft and upgrade gear in God of War Ragnarök

You’ll need resources such as Hacksilver, Enchantments, and Crafting Materials to craft and upgrade your gear in the game.

Can I change Kratos’ appearance without affecting his stats?

While many customization options are tied to stats, some purely cosmetic items and skins may be available that do not impact Kratos’ abilities.

How do I find hidden customization options in the game?

Hidden customization options can be found by exploring the game world, completing side quests, and uncovering secret areas and treasures.

Can I change my customization choices later in the game?

Yes, you can change your customization choices at any time, allowing you to experiment with different gear combinations and find the perfect loadout for your playstyle.


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