How to find all the Gullnámar Artifacts in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Find all the hidden artifacts in the Gullnámar region

If you’re looking for all of the artifacts scattered throughout the Gullnámar region in Svartalfheim, then you’ve come to the right place. 

After synchronising a Viewpoint, the map will display everything you need to know about the surrounding area, such as Wealth, Mysteries, and Artifacts. 

Artifacts are displayed as a white dot on the map until you get close enough, at which point it will display which type of artifact it is. In Gullnámar, there are four types of Artifact to find; a Jotun Blight, Cosmetic Schemes, Uncut Gemstones, and Heroic Sagas. 

All the Gullnámar Artifacts 

Below you’ll find walkthroughs of where each artifact is and how to get them.

Jotun Blight Location

You’ll encounter this artifact on your way to the central Viewpoint in Gullnámar. It’s surrounded by four giant Dwarven statues. 

As you approach the location from the north-eastern road, you’ll find that the Jotun Blight causes a blizzard effect on the area. The first cursed object is hanging from a rope above the path in front of you.

The next one you need to find is around the corner on your right, tucked away in an alcove in the wall.

In the picture below you’ll see the Jotun Blight objects create a trail. From the second object, follow the trail to the left and the third object is resting on a ledge. Shoot it and slide over the ledge.

Carry on the same path as it bends to the right and you should see the fourth object on the left of the first set of stairs.

The final cursed object is at the top of the area to which the stairs in front lead. Shooting it will complete the only Jotun Blight of Gullnámar.

Uncut Gemstones’ Location

There are four of these artifacts in Gullnámar. You can trade them to a dwarf in the Grenhellir Shelter for Cosmetic Schemes.

Uncut Gemstone 1

The first Uncut Gemstone you can find is to the west of the Jordber Shelter; it’s on the hammer of the giant Dwarven statue. 

If you follow the road down from the mountain you should encounter this one naturally. There are also a few guards here; dispatch them and climb to the top of the giant Dwarven statue’s hammerhead, where you’ll find your first Uncut Gemstone behind the hammer at the Dwarven statue’s feet.

Uncut Gemstone 2

In the north-western corner of Gullnámar there is a Viewpoint, and just a bit further north is a pond which the stream from the Viewpoint leads directly to if you follow it down the mountain.

Once you’re at the pond use Odin’s Sight to locate the Uncut Gemstone at the bottom of the pond and dive in to receive your reward. 

Uncut Gemstone 3 Uldar

On the eastern bank of the Vindkleif River, in Eastern Gullnámar, lies the city of Uldar, and it’s here where you’ll find the third Uncut Gemstone. This artifact is in the Smelting Foundry in the northern part of the city. The entrance is on the highest section of the northern city, an area which is also heavily guarded.

When you enter the Smelting Foundry head up the stairs on your right to the higher part of the room. From here, follow the path to the left over the bridges. The path will turn left again into what appears to be a dead-end but at the end of the corridor there is a crack in the righthand wall. Squeeze through it and the Uncut Gemstone is directly in front of you.

Uncut Gemstone 4

In Southern Gullnámar, on the road heading toward Hreidmar Palace, you’ll find a tree with water pouring from its trunk forming a waterfall. It’s situated south of the southernmost Viewpoint in the region.

This Uncut Gemstone can be found at the base of the tree’s waterfall, at the foot of the tree.

Cosmetic Schemes’ Location

Cosmetic Scheme 1 

You can find the first Cosmetic Scheme in the north-western part of Gullnámar. It’s in between the Fornama Dig Site and the central Viewpoint of the region, the one surrounded by four giant Dwarven statues.

The Cosmetic Scheme is by the side of the road near the rockface pictured above. The Artifact is guarded by wolves; be careful as all but one of the wolves will have a physical form at a time. Kill the real one and another will become killable, and repeat this until it’s safe to collect the Cosmetic Scheme.

Cosmetic Scheme 2 Fornama Dig Site

The next Cosmetic Scheme on our list is in the Fornama Dig Site. The dig site can be found by following the road from the second Cosmetic Scheme. It’s directly west of the Viewpoint surrounded by four giant Dwarven statues.

This artifact is behind a couple of destructible walls in the northern area of the dig site. Use Odin’s Sight to help locate it. You can see the first destructible wall in the floor from the north ridge of the dig site.

Once you’re inside, hop down from the ledge and the next destructible wall is directly in front of you. There’s an oil jar you can use to destroy it on the righthand side of the door.

The Cosmetic Scheme is on the table to the right of the hole in the wall you just made, and there is also a Platinum Ingot chest at the back of the room.

Cosmetic Scheme 3 Uldar I

In the eastern city of Uldar, there are two Cosmetic Schemes to track down. The first is in a house to the right of where you land after eagle diving from the Viewpoint. 

Use Odin’s Sight to locate the house after diving into the hay. You can gain access to the second floor on either side of the house via the windows.

This artifact is on the long table stretching across the room.

Cosmetic Scheme 4 Uldar II

The second Cosmetic Scheme in Uldar is in the southern part of the city. There is a higher area with lava flowing through it and a few guards to take care of, and the Cosmetic Scheme is through the archway on the righthand side of the lava flow.

Head into the archway and you should notice a large wooden scaffold on your left with a cart turned up against it. You’ll find the Cosmetic Scheme on top of the scaffold.

Cosmetic Scheme 5

At the river crossing to the east of the Hvergelmir Mylna, on the southern bank to the left of the crossing, as you’re heading southbound, is a shipwreck. 

On the mast sticking out of the ground is the Cosmetic Scheme you’re after.

Cosmetic Scheme 6 Onarthorp

The last Cosmetic Scheme you’ll find in Gullnámar is in the south of the region, in a village called Onarthorp. The village is south of the Skidgardr Viewpoint; you can find it along the road from the fifth Cosmetic Scheme you found.

In the southern corner of the village at the back of a house is a cloth canopy. Under the canopy is a table, and on the table is the last Cosmetic Scheme of the region. 

Heroic Sagas’ Location

Heroic Saga 1 Uldar

This Heroic Saga can be found in the Old City in Uldar. Once inside the Old City, head over the bridge to the area with a large lava pool and you should see a large stone archway on the next level, leading to a set of stairs. Climb up to the next level and head for the archway in the image below.

Keep climbing the stairs to the top; they should lead you to a bridge spanning the length of the cavern.

Cross the bridge and enter the room in front of you.The Heroic Saga is at the back of the room on a table.

Heroic Saga 2 Stífla Mylna

To the north of Uldar and south of the Jordber Shelter, on the eastern bank of the Vindkleif River, is the Stífla Mylna. The three Mylna’s in Gullnámar hold plenty of Silica, but this one also has a Heroic Saga hidden away.

Opposite the building with a Silica Deposit inside is a building with lava running through it. In the tower of this building is the Heroic Saga.

Head for the open window at the back of the tower, as pictured above, and collect the Heroic Saga from the back of the room.

Heroic Saga 3 Onarthorp

The third Heroic Saga on the list is in the southern village of Onarthorp. The village is further south from the southernmost Viewpoint in Skidgardr.

As you approach the village from the north you’ll see a large tree on the western side of the village. Go to the base of the tree and you’ll find the Heroic Saga pinned to it by a dagger.

Heroic Saga 4 Hreidmar Palace

Dominating the skyline in Southern Gullnámar is Hreidmar Palace. Situated on top of a mountain, this fortress has a small army at its summit, as well as a Heroic Saga.

On the highest level of the Palace on its south side is a series of crates with scrolls in against the outer wall opposite the doorway. The Heroic Saga is on the floor next to one of these crates.And with that, you’ve collected all of the Artifacts in Gullnámar, meaning that you’re one step closer to completing the region.

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