How to Solve the Mysteries of Gullnamar in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Learn how to solve all the mysteries of the Gullnámar region.

The Dawn of Ragnarök expansion brought a new storyline to the game and with it a brand-new world to explore, packed with all sorts of Mysteries, Wealth, and Artifacts inspired by the Norse tales of old.

The mysteries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are marked on the map by a blue icon after synchronising nearby viewpoints. As you approach the mystery, it will reveal the exact type of side quest it is. In the Gullnámar region of Svartalfheim, the types of mystery are Mythical Memory, World Event, Dwarf in Distress, and a Dwarven Tribute Altar.

In this article, we’ll walk you through finding and completing all seven mysteries from the Gullnámar region.

1. Har Smida Mythical Memory Location

Near the centre of Gullnámar, situated east of the Grenhellir shelter on the edge of the Vindkleif River, is the city of Uldar. In the city, you’ll find the only Mythical Memory in Gullnámar.

Head to the southern side of the city, on the upper level to the right as you approach the entrance to the Old City, as pictured below.

Once in this area, kill the guards and go to the entrance on the right-hand side of the lava flowing out of the rockface.

Follow the path down the steps until it branches into two. Take the right-hand path down another set of steps to reach the room with the Mythical Mystery.

Finally, interact with the anvil with golden threads strewn over to complete this mystery.

2. Hyrrokin’s Gift World Event Mystery Location

To the south of the Uldar Viewpoint, you’ll find a campsite on the hill. At the campsite, you’ll find a Dwarf called Frodri being attacked by a bear.

Help Frodri by killing the bear, then speak to him and he’ll enlist your help in disposing of a cursed ring given to him by a Jotun witch, Hyrrokin.

As you start on your quest, Frodri will eat poison mushrooms after the bear eats his bacon. You need to feed him a ration to be able to continue up the mountain.

As you climb, a snake will appear; simply defeat it to continue your ascent toward a crack in the mountain with lava flowing below. When you reach the ledge leading to the lava pool, this brilliant side quest will be complete.

3. Auga Altar Mystery Location 

By following the southern road out of Uldar, you’ll come across a pond with a Dwarven Tribute Altar standing in the middle. This Alter requires five regular Pollock to complete, rewarding you with a Skill Point.

You can find the regular Pollock you need by heading to the closest bank of the Vindkleif River.

4. Dwarf in Distress Colburn Mystery Location

Southeast of the Hvergelmir Mylna and north of the Skidgardr Viewpoint, you’ll find a Dwarf imprisoned by Muspel guards.

Kill the guards and free Colburn to complete the mystery. After setting him free, he’ll give you intel about soldiers gathering at Black Beach. He’ll also reward you if you meet him back at the Grenhellir Shelter. You can find him again next to the fire near the blacksmith in the Grenhellir Shelter; talk to him to receive 10 Titanium, 100 Leather, and a Great Shell Rune, which grants you an armour buff when equipped.

5. Carpe Diem World Event Mystery Location

In Southern Gullnámar, to the east of the Sudr Mylna and west of the Onarthorp village, there’s a house situated by the road. There’s both a Mystery and a Platinum Ingot to claim here.

At the rear of the house is a Dwarven lady called Liv, who is grieving her dead husband. You’ll need the Instant Horde upgrade for the Power of Rebirth to complete this mystery. The upgrade costs 5 Silica and 20 Living Spark at the Blacksmith.

Use the Power of Rebirth to revive the dead Dwarf, Bo, and wait for the power to run out. You’ll need to revive him three times in total to uncover the truth behind this mystery. There’s a Yggdrasil Shrine by the road on the south-east side of the house to replenish your Hugr.

Once you’ve revived Bo three times, Liv will walk away and stand near the house, talk to her to get the key to the house to complete the mystery and claim your Platinum Ingot.

6. Gullhild Altar Mystery Location

You’ll find this mystery on the western side of the region near the Vangrinn border and north of the Sudr Mylna. There’s another Dwarven Tribute Altar for you to appease here. The tribute you need to offer is five Hare Feet. Luckily, there are plenty of Hares all over the surrounding area, especially towards the forest the Altar faces.

7. Dwarf in Distress Ylva Mystery Location

Further north from the Gullhild Altar, near the borders for both Vangrinn and Svaladal, you’ll find your second Dwarf in Distress. This time a lady named Ylva needs your help fending off a pack of wolves.

Kill the wolves but be careful as one of them will be a Jotun in disguise. After saving Ylva, speak to her and she’ll reveal the location of a Suttungr Outrider nearby in Vangrinn. She’ll also reward you with 10 Titanium, 100 Iron Ore, and a Silver Ring if you find her afterwards in the Grenhellir Shelter.

That’s all seven of the mysteries in Gullnámar found and solved. You’re now one step closer to fully completing one of the new regions of Svartalfheim.

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