How to Find the Grenhellir Shelter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Find out exactly how to locate the Grenhellir Shelter in Gullnámar right here.

The Dwarves have been forced into hiding throughout Svartalfheim and, in order to save Baldr, you need to find them all. There are two shelters in the region of Gullnámar: the Jordber Shelter which you complete as part of the initial introduction to the game, and the Grenhellir Shelter.

These shelters are home to different services usually found through the main game, such as trading posts, tattoo shops, stables, and Reda’s shop. You’ll also find a blacksmith in each, so you can upgrade your gears, weapons, and Hugr-Rip with ease. 

The Grenhellir Shelter has the Gemstone Collector, who will trade your Uncut Gemstones for Cosmetic Schemes featuring master Dwarven craftsmanship.

How to find Dwarven Shelters

If you didn’t pay much attention during the introduction to the Dawn of Ragnarök, you may have missed exactly how to recognise the signs that a Dwarven Shelter is nearby. 

There are a couple of indicators that will let you know a shelter is near. The first is large flocks of birds around the area, and the second is golden painted markings on the surrounding landscape, such as broken carts and barrels directing you toward the next clue and eventually to the shelter.

How to find the Grenhellir Shelter

The Grenhellir Shelter is located to the south of the central Gullnámar viewpoint, which is on top of one of the four giant Dwarven statues. You can find the first gold marker by travelling to the location in the image above.

There are multiple starting clues along the roadside that will lead you toward the shelter, but we’re focusing on the first marker you come across when travelling southbound. 

You’ll be looking for five wooden barrels tied together with cloth sacks stacked behind them. There is a note pinned to the left-hand barrel and the golden marker on the top right-hand barrel, as seen in the image above.

From here, travel in the direction the marker indicates. Straight ahead up the hill is a giant barrel on top of a cart with another marker painted on the side which you can see from the first marker, as shown in the image.

Continue straight up the hill again to reach the next golden marker, this time painted on the bottom of an upturned cart. The marker tells you to head further up the hill veering to the left as you do. The image above shows the third marker from the second clue you find.

Following the direction from the third clue, head up to the slight ridge in the mountain, as pictured, and dead ahead of you should be the fourth golden marker drawn onto the bed of another upturned cart pointing up to your left. 

Not too much further up the hill is the next clue. The golden marker is painted on another giant barrel resting on a cart, directing you further up the mountain, again veering left. The image above shows the fifth marker in the distance from the location of the fourth golden marker.

As seen in the image above, the next clue is sitting under a tree slightly further up the hill. This time it’s painted on a small wooden box next to a rock with golden ornaments around it. From here go exactly in the direction it tells you, and a bit further up the hill, surrounded by trees and bushes is a huge hole in the ground.

If you’ve veered to the left slightly you can still find the entrance to the shelter. The image above shows a giant barrel on a cart directly to the left of the shelter’s entrance.

You can dive straight into the hole in the ground and make your way into the shelter. Despite the complex design, the path is a single route straight to the main hall of the shelter. You can find the quest Finding Fritjof in this shelter which will take you to the city of Uldar.

Now that you’ve found the other shelter in Gullnámar, continue to explore the regions and keep an eye out for more Dwarven safehouses.





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