Master the Art of Defense: How to Parry Strikes in UFC 4

Learn how to parry strikes in UFC 4 and gain a competitive edge in the Octagon. Discover key techniques for successful parrying and counterattacking.

Master the art of striking defense in UFC 4 with these expert tips

Picture yourself in the Octagon, exchanging blows with your opponent. Suddenly, you parry a powerful strike, creating an opening for a devastating counterattack. In this article, we’ll show you how to parry strikes in UFC 4, an essential skill that can lead you to victory.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

  • Parrying strikes is a vital defensive technique in UFC 4.
  • Successful parrying can create opportunities for counterattacks.
  • Timing, fighter position, and understanding your opponent’s tendencies are crucial to parrying success.
  • Developing a balanced offense and defense strategy will make you a more formidable opponent.
  • Practice makes perfect – invest time in training to master parrying.

Timing is Everything: When to Parry

Successfully parrying strikes in UFC 4 requires precise timing. As your opponent’s strike approaches, press and hold the corresponding block button (R2 or RT) and tap the right stick towards the incoming strike. Timing is crucial – press too early or too late, and you’ll take damage.

Positioning: The Key to Parrying Success

Parrying in UFC 4 isn’t only about timing – your fighter’s position plays a significant role too. Keep your fighter at a safe distance from your opponent to create space for parrying strikes. Maintain a balanced stance to ensure you’re ready to parry when the opportunity arises.

Want to avoid taking unnecessary damage in UFC 4

Know Your Opponent: Anticipating Strikes

Understanding your opponent’s tendencies is crucial for successful parrying. Study their fighting style, paying close attention to patterns and repetitive combinations. Anticipating their strikes will make it easier to time your parries and set up counterattacks.

Striking a Balance: Offense and Defense

A well-rounded fighter is a successful fighter. While mastering parrying is essential, don’t neglect your offensive skills. Develop a balanced strategy that combines effective parrying with powerful strikes and combinations. This approach will keep your opponents guessing and make you a more formidable fighter.


Mastering the art of parrying strikes in UFC 4 is a vital skill for any aspiring champion. With proper timing, positioning, and understanding of your opponent’s tendencies, you can successfully parry strikes and set up devastating counterattacks. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon dominate the Octagon!


How do I parry strikes in UFC 4?

Press and hold the corresponding block button (R2 or RT) and tap the right stick towards the incoming strike with precise timing.

What is the importance of parrying in UFC 4?

Parrying is a crucial defensive technique that helps you avoid taking damage and create opportunities for counterattacks.

How can I improve my timing when parrying strikes in UFC 4?

Invest time in training, practice against various opponents and strike types, and focus on your fighter’s position to improve your timing.

What are some tips for anticipating my opponent’s strikes in UFC 4?

Study their fighting style, pay close attention to patterns and repetitive combinations, and adjust your strategy accordingly to anticipate their strikes.

How can I create a balanced offense and defense strategy in UFC 4?

Combine effective parrying with powerful strikes and combinations, practice in training modes, and adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s tendencies.

Do UFC 4 fighters have unique parrying animations?

Yes, different fighters may have unique parrying animations based on their fighting styles and real-life counterparts.

Can I parry all types of strikes in UFC 4?

While most strikes can be parried, certain strikes like spinning attacks or very low leg kicks might be more challenging to parry. It’s essential to learn which strikes can be parried effectively.

Can I parry submissions in UFC 4?

No, parrying is only applicable to strikes. To defend against submissions, you need to use the appropriate submission defense techniques in the game.


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