UFC 4: Complete Striking Guide, Tips and Tricks for Advanced Stand-up Fighting

Fancy yourself a striker? Here’s everything that you need to know about striking in UFC 4.

UFC 4: Complete Striking Guide, Tips and Tricks for Advanced Stand-up Fighting

With EA’s newest instalment of the UFC franchise available now, we have compiled UFC 4’s best strikers along with various tips and tricks that’ll give you that extra boost needed to be successful when striking.  

What is striking in UFC 4?

Striking is the art of stand-up fighting – generally speaking, striking is anything that’s not grappling. Almost all professional MMA bouts display some form of striking.

Some athletes in the sport excel while on their feet, with one of those being the UFC 4 cover star Israel Adesanya. The New Zealand-Nigerian has made a name for himself through vicious knockouts of top contender Derek Brunson and former champion Robert Whittaker.

Striking remains the favored style by a large proportion of fans, hence why flashy fighters like Edson Barboza have become must-watch television for many UFC fans.

Why strike in UFC 4?

In each and every mixed martial arts fight, the bout starts on the feet, where each participant exhibits their different set of skills in the striking department. The same is demonstrated in UFC 4.

The majority of the time spent in previous UFC games was on the feet, meaning that you can expect to find yourself regularly striking in this game, too. For this very reason, learning how to strike on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is essential.

Not a single player would turn down the opportunity to score a knockout, and the very best take place while standing. In order to score these awesome, highlight-reel KOs, you need to use the UFC 4 striking controls.

Full UFC 4 striking controls on PS4 and Xbox One

Below, you can find the full list of striking controls in UFC 4, including the stand-up fighting controls and how to defend while on your feet.

You can also find all of the complex advanced striking controls, such as the superman punch and flying knee!

In the UFC 4 controls below, L and R represent the left and right analogue sticks on either console controller. The controls of L3 and R3 are triggered by pressing the left or right analogue.

Stand-up MovementPS4Xbox One
Fighter MovementLL
Head MovementRR
Switch StanceR3R3
Striking AttackPS4Xbox One
Left HookL1 + SquareLB + X
Right HookL1 + TriangleLB + Y
Left UppercutSquare + XX + A
Right UppercutTriangle + CircleY + B
Left Leg KickXA
Right Leg KickCircleB
Body ModifierL2LT
OverhandsR1 + Square/TriangleRB + X/Y
Head KicksL1 + X/CircleLB + A/B
Defend Against StrikingPS4Xbox One
High Block/Feint StrikeR2RT
Low Block/(timed) Leg CatchL2 + R2LT + RT
Minor LungeL (flick)L (flick)
Major LungeL1 + LLT + L
Pivot LungeL1 + RLT + R
Signature EvadeL1 + L (flick)LT + L (flick)
Advanced StrikingPS4Xbox One
Lead Question Mark KickL1 + X (hold)LB + A (hold)
Back Question Mark KickL1 + O (hold)LB + B (hold)
Lead Body Front KickL2 + R1 + X (tap)LT + RB + A (tap)
Back Body Front KickL2 + R1 + O (tap)LT + RB + B (tap)
Lead Spinning Heel KickL1 + R1 + Square (hold)LB + RB + X (hold)
Back Spinning Heel KickL1 + R1 + Triangle (hold)LB + RB + Y (hold)
Back Body Jump Spin KickL2 + X (hold)LT + Square (hold)
Lead Body Switch KickL2 + O (hold)LT + B (hold)
Lead Front KickR1 + X (tap)RB + A (tap)
Back Front KickR1 + O (tap)RB + B (tap)
Lead Leg Side KickL2 + R1 + Square (tap)LT + RB + X (tap)
Back Leg Oblique KickL2 + R1 + Triangle (tap)LT + RB + Y (tap)
Lead Body Spin Side KickL2 + L1 + X (hold)LT + LB + A (hold)
Back Body Spin Side KickL2 + L1 + O (hold)LT + LB + B (hold)
Lead Body Side KickL2 + L1 + X (tap)LT + LB + A (tap)
Back Body Side KickL2 + L1 + O (tap)LT + LB + B (tap)
Lead Head Side KickR1 + Square + X (tap)RB + X + A (tap)
Back Head Side KickR1 + Triangle + O (tap)RB + Y + B (tap)
Two-Touch Spinning Side KickL2 + R1 + Square (hold)LT + RB + X (hold)
Lead Jumping Switch KickR1 + O (hold)RB + B (hold)
Back Jumping Switch KickR1 + X (hold)RB + A (hold)
Back Head Spin Side KickL1 + R1 + X (hold)LB + RB + A (hold)
Lead Head Spin Side KickL1 + R1 + O (hold)LB + RB + B (hold)
Lead Crane KickR1 + O (hold)RB + B (hold)
Back Crane KickR1 + X (hold)RB + A (hold)
Lead Body Crane KickL2 + R1 + X (hold)LT + RB + A (hold)
Back Body Crane KickL2 + R1 + O (hold)LT + RB + B (hold)
Lead HookL1 + R1 + X (tap) LB + RB + A (tap)
Back HookL1 + R1 + O (tap)LB + RB + B (tap)
Lead ElbowR2 + Square (tap)RT + X (tap)
Back ElbowR2 + Triangle (tap)RT + Y (tap)
Lead Spinning ElbowR2 + Square (hold)RT + X (hold)
Back Spinning ElbowR2 + Triangle (hold)RT + Y (hold)
Lead Superman JabL1 + Square + X (tap)LB + X + A (tap)
Back Superman PunchL1 + Triangle + O (tap)LB + Y + B (tap)
Lead Tornado KickR1 + Square + X (hold)RB + X + A (hold)
Back Cartwheel KickR1 + Triangle + O (hold)RB + Y + B (hold)
Lead Axe KickL1 + R1 + X (tap) LB + RB + A (tap)
Back Axe KickL1 + R1 + O (tap)LB + RB + B (tap)
Lead Spinning BackfistL1 + R1 + Square (tap)LB + RB + X (tap)
Back Spinning BackfistL1 + R1 + Triangle (tap)LB + RB + Y (tap)
Ducking RoundhouseR1 + Triangle + O (tap)RB + Y + B (tap)
Lead Jumping RoundhouseL1 + Square + X (hold)LB + X + A (hold)
Back Jumping RoundhouseL1 + Triangle + O (hold)LB + Y + B (hold)
Body Handplant RoundhouseL2 + R1 + Triangle (hold) LT + RB + Y (hold)
Lead KneeR2 + X (tap)RT + A (tap)
Back KneeR2 + O (tap)RT + B (tap)
Lead Flying Switch KneeR2 + X (hold)RT + A (hold)
Lead Flying KneeR2 + O (hold)RT + B (hold)

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How to uppercut in UFC 4

To perform a right uppercut, press Square + X on PlayStation and X + A on Xbox. For a left uppercut, press Triangle + Circle on PlayStation and Y + B on Xbox.

How to do a spinning backfist in UFC 4

You can perform a spinning backfist in the following ways:

  • Lead Spinning Backfist: L1 + R1 + Square (tap) / LB + RB + X (tap)
  • Back Spinning Backfist: L1 + R1 + Triangle (tap) / LB + RB + Y (tap)

How to elbow in UFC 4

You can elbow your opponent in the following ways:

  • Lead Elbow: R2 + Square (tap) / RT + X (tap)
  • Back Elbow: R2 + Triangle (tap) / RT + Y (tap)
  • Lead Spinning Elbow: R2 + Square (hold) / RT + X (hold)
  • Back Spinning Elbow: R2 + Triangle (hold) / RT + Y (hold)
  • Elbows in Clinch: L1 + Square + X L1 + Triangle + Circle / LB + X + A LB + Y + B

UFC 4 striking tips and tricks

In UFC 4, learning the timings of strikes is essential, but when it comes to an exchange between strike-savvy fighters, blocking is just as important as attacking.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate striking in UFC 4.

Shot selection

In comparison to previous editions of the game, the striking in EA Sports UFC 4 is slow and requires the player to select their shots wisely. Fighters take a little while longer to reset finishing an exchange.

However, this change presents a more realistic experience in the game, which is a positive thing. Users can’t rely on spamming to win the contest, albeit power punchers remain tricky to deal with in certain scenarios.

As a result of this, you will have to think wisely before entering the pocket against the likes of Francis Ngannou and Justin Gaethje, as their heavy hands won’t hesitate to leave a mark on your fighter’s chin.

Head movement

On top of adopting a more methodical approach, players of UFC 4 will benefit from the use of head movement (R analogue on the PS4 and Xbox One) and major lunging (L1 + L for PS4, LT + L for Xbox One).

These two defensive maneuvers, if performed correctly, can allow your fighter to exit an exchange relatively unscathed. When matched alongside fierce strikers such as Dustin Poirier, using lunging a fair bit can prove to be a good strategy.

Block, block, block

It may sound easy, but blocking is something many players are fairly weak at doing. Newer players will block either too late or too early, which, more often than not, results in their fighter eating punches.

Every time you see your opponent hurl a strike in your direction, whether that be an overhand right or a body kick, attempt to block. Do not rely on your chin, even if you are playing as Paul Felder.

The standard block can be performed by holding R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One). To low block, which covers the legs and body, press R1 + R2 (PS4) and LT + RT (Xbox One).

Who are the best strikers in UFC 4?

In the table below, you can find a list of the very best strikers in UFC 4 per each division, as of the game’s launch into EA Access.

UFC 4 FighterWeight Division
Weili Zhang/Joanna JedrzejczykStrawweight
Valentina ShevchenkoWomen’s Flyweight
Amanda NunesWomen’s Bantamweight
Demetrious JohnsonFlyweight
Henry CejudoBantamweight
Alexander Volkanovski/Max HollowayFeatherweight
Justin GaethjeLightweight
Jorge MasvidalWelterweight
Israel AdesanyaMiddleweight
Jon JonesLight Heavyweight
Stipe MiocicHeavyweight

When it comes to striking in UFC 4, it’s just as important to time your blocking as it is to get to grips with the new speed of striking in the game.

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