Bringing Home the Cup: How to Play the World Cup in FIFA 23

Immerse yourself in the ultimate soccer event! Our expert tutorial teaches you how to play the World Cup in FIFA 23 and lead your nation to victory.

Experience the thrill of the World Cup in FIFA 23!

Have you ever dreamed of taking your team all the way to FIFA World Cup glory? Ever wanted to feel the pressure of a penalty shootout or the exhilaration of a last-minute winner? With FIFA 23, you can. But, getting to grips with the World Cup mode can be tricky. That’s where this guide comes in.


  • The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event worldwide.
  • Lionel Messi describes playing in the World Cup as the pinnacle of football.
  • In FIFA 22, Brazil, France, and Germany were the most popular teams for online matches.
  • Our guide will help you navigate and master the World Cup mode in FIFA 23.

Starting Your Journey to Glory

To start your World Cup journey, head to the “Tournaments” section in FIFA 23. Here, you’ll find the World Cup mode. Choose your favorite team and get ready to take on the world!

Selecting Your Squad

The key to any successful World Cup campaign is a solid squad. Choose your players wisely, and remember that chemistry is just as important as individual skill.

Qualifying for the Tournament

The first step on your path to glory is qualification. Perform well in these initial matches to secure your place in the World Cup.

The Group Stage

Once you’ve qualified, you’ll enter the group stage. You’ll face three other teams, with the top two advancing to the knockout stage. Be strategic in these matches and aim for that top spot!

The Knockout Stage

Survive the group stage, and you’ll enter the thrilling knockout stage. It’s do or die here, so give it your all!

The Grand Finale

Make it through the knockout stage, and you’ll find yourself in the grand finale. Here, you have the chance to lift the World Cup and etch your name into football history.

A Global Phenomenon

As the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup carries an unmatched sense of excitement and prestige. In the words of Lionel Messi, “Playing in the World Cup is the ultimate dream for any footballer. It’s the pinnacle of the sport and the chance to represent your country on the biggest stage.” This sentiment is reflected in FIFA 23’s World Cup mode, allowing players to experience this grand spectacle from the comfort of their own homes.

The Most Popular Teams

In FIFA 22, the most popular teams chosen by players for online matches were Brazil, France, and Germany, each being selected over 10 million times. As you embark on your World Cup journey in FIFA 23, will you follow the crowd or carve your own path?

In conclusion, FIFA 23’s World Cup mode offers an immersive and thrilling football experience. With our guide, you’re now ready to embark on your journey to glory. Best of luck, and may the best team win!


1. How do I start a World Cup campaign in FIFA 23?

Go to the “Tournaments” section and select the World Cup mode to start your campaign.

2. Can I play as any team in the World Cup mode?

Yes, you can choose any national team available in FIFA 23.

3. What happens if I lose a match in the knockout stage?

If you lose a match in the knockout stage, your World Cup campaign will end.

4. Can I change my squad during the tournament?

Yes, you can make changes to your squad during the tournament.

5. What are the most popular teams in FIFA 23?

In FIFA 22, the most popular teams were Brazil, France, and Germany. FIFA 23 may see similar trends.


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