How to Set XP Sliders on Madden 23 Franchise Mode

Here are the best XP slider adjustments to make player development in Madden 23 more realistic.

Franchise Mode in Madden 23 offers a simulated experience managing an NFL team. You have control over everything from hiring a new coach to ticket prices. You also have control over the probability of events and the rate of change. The experience you have will be the experience you create.

If you are looking to make Franchise Mode as realistic as possible, there are ways to adjust the settings for a more life-like projection of your players. Leaving the XP sliders on the default settings will result in overinflated ratings for your players as well as your opponents’. If you are looking for more arcade-style gameplay, this would be ideal. It may take a few seasons to tweak the sliders exactly to your liking, but this guide will get you off to a great start.  

How To Change XP Sliders in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

How to Change XP Sliders - Madden Franchise XP Sliders

Adjusting XP sliders in Madden 23 is very straightforward. Scroll to “options” on the Franchise Mode home screen, then select “franchise settings.” This will open a new set of options: “league settings,” XP sliders,” and “gameplay sliders.” Select “XP sliders” to adjust XP % for offense, defense and special teams players. 

What are the best settings for realistic player development in Madden 23?

Best realistic player settings - Madden Franchise XP Sliders

Offensive XP % sliders

  • Quarterbacks – 57%
  • Halfbacks – 96%
  • Tight ends – 75%
  • Wide receivers – 87%
  • Full backs – 78%
  • Tackles – 74%
  • Guards – 80%
  • Centers – 72%

Quarterbacks have the biggest percentage decrease considering there are only a handful of Hall of Fame-level quarterbacks in the league at any given time. Having three on your team is impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Most teams have at least one talented running back and wide receiver, which is reflected by only a slight decrease. The offensive line doesn’t have a dime-a-dozen talent pool, but there are usually a decent amount of solid players in the league every year. 

Defensive XP % sliders

  • Defensive ends – 90%
  • Defensive tackles – 72%
  • Middle linebackers – 91%
  • Outside linebackers – 98%
  • Cornerbacks – 95%
  • Free safeties – 93%
  • Strong safeties – 98%

The defense does not need as many adjustments as the offense. In real life, there is a heavy premium placed on pass rushing and the secondary. A majority of teams have at least one or two elite-level players at multiple positions in these areas. Defensive tackles do take a noticeable dip, but this is also representative of the league as tackles are known more as run stoppers and not pass rushers. There are some very good ones, but not every team has an elite-level player at that position. 

Special Teams XP % Sliders

  • Kickers – 115%
  • Punters – 115%

There is always a good kicker out there, and the margin of error and patience teams have for kickers is so small that you have to be one of the best to even be on a roster. A mediocre kicker is not tolerated in the NFL. 

Now you have a complete guide of XP sliders in Franchise Mode for Madden 23. Remember that the results will still vary based on the randomness of simulation, but you can use this article as an outline and tweak it as you go from season to season to create the experience you enjoy the most.





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