Madden 23 Sliders: Realistic Gameplay Settings for Injuries and All-Pro Franchise Mode

Our Madden 23 gameplay sliders will give you an authentic simulation of NFL football on Franchise Mode and more.

Madden 23 Sliders: Realistic Gameplay Settings for Injuries and All-Pro Franchise Mode

Gameplay in this year’s edition of Madden has definitely seen some improvements. However, the true-to-life nature of every down and every game is debated, with some conjecture among the title’s community.

Despite three game styles being available in the settings (arcade, competitive, sim), many believe that the latter doesn’t quite reflect the nature of a typical Sunday in the sport.

Luckily, players have several customization tools at their disposal, with the Madden 23 sliders being the best way to create that life-like NFL action.

Madden 23 sliders explained – What are gameplay sliders and how do they work?

Sliders can be defined as control elements on a scale that allow you to tune attributes or the likelihood of events in games.

In Madden 23, users can shift (usually from 1-100) aspects like quarterback passing ability or the likelihood of a fumble by a ball carrier, for example.

By default, these settings are usually all set to 50 out of 100, but Madden players have tinkered with these over the years to develop true-to-life action and game statistics, both of which are so crucial in a Franchise Mode deep dive.

In our early Madden 23 sliders, the most notable changes come through slight tweaking on offense, bringing down the accuracy of both the human and CPU quarterback slightly, while also slightly adjusting the likelihood of fumbles by the ball carrier.

Interception likelihood and tackling has also come down a fraction, with the default settings at this stage being a little too favorable to a pick-or-touchdown play.

While it is early in Madden 23’s shelf-life, the tinkering has already begun. It must be noted that these settings are likely to change subtly over the coming weeks and months, with multiple patches set to be rolled out over that time. 

How to change the sliders in Madden 23

Head to the cog icon in the main menu and select settings. Here, you will find the multiple tabs of customization that we’ll be adjusting.

For these realistic Madden 23 slider settings, we’re going to play on All-Pro.

Realistic gameplay sliders for Madden 23

To achieve a true and authentic NFL experience, you’ll want to control the fate of every possible play for your team.

Use the following gameplay sliders for the most realistic experience:

  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Play Clock: On
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds
  • QB Accuracy – Player: 40, CPU: 30
  • Pass blocking – Player: 30, CPU: 35
  • WR Catching – Player: 50, CPU: 45
  • Run Blocking – Player: 50, CPU: 60
  • Fumbles – Player: 75, CPU: 65
  • Pass Defense Reaction Time – Player: 70, CPU: 70
  • Interceptions – Player: 30, CPU: 40
  • Pass Coverage – Player: 55, CPU: 55
  • Tackling – Player: 55, CPU: 55
  • FG Power – Player: 40, CPU: 45
  • FG Accuracy – Player: 35, CPU: 35
  • Punt Power – Player: 50, CPU: 50
  • Punt Accuracy – Player: 45, CPU: 45
  • Kickoff Power – Player: 40, CPU: 40
  • Offside: 65
  • False start: 60
  • Offensive Holding: 70
  • Defensive holding: 70
  • Face mask: 40
  • Defensive pass interference: 60
  • Illegal block in the back: 60
  • Roughing the passer: 40

Keep in mind that while ten-minute quarters seem long, you can quit and come back to the action mid-game, and there are only 17 games in an NFL season.

Skill settings affect the relative ability of human and CPU-controlled players to execute desired actions in-game. The quarterback passing ability has been altered to reflect more realistic completion percentages, among other tune-ups.

The accuracy of punts and kicks for both teams have also been fine-tuned. With this setup, kicking and punting requires a bit more concentration, with the default levels leading to superhuman dead-eye play.

Penalties have also been increased to reflect real-world levels of occurrence to closer produce the same number of infringements during a typical NFL game.

Injury Sliders

Injury sliders allow you to alter the overall likelihood of injuries in a game. You can disable injuries by setting this slider to zero.

Use the following sliders for injuries:

  • Injuries: 25
  • Fatigue: 70
  • Player Speed Parity: 50

Fatigue sliders allow you to alter a players’ level of exhaustion during a game. A higher value means that players will get tired faster.

For player sliders affecting injuries, we’re going to bring the scale up to 25 to be more reflective of real-life NFL play. 

All-pro Franchise Mode sliders

With these settings relevant in offline modes, a crucial element to extracting everything good from the sliders is through Franchise Mode.

Use the following sliders for Franchise Mode:

  • Quarter Length: 10 minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Skill Level: All-Pro
  • Game Style: Simulation
  • League Type: All
  • Instant Starter: Off
  • Trade Deadline: On
  • Trade Type: Enable All
  • Coach Firing: On
  • Salary Cap: On
  • Relocation Settings: Everyone Can Relocate
  • Injury: On
  • Pre Existing Injury: Off
  • Practice Squad Stealing: On
  • Fill Roster: Off
  • Season Experience: Full Control
  • Re-Sign Players: Off
  • Progress Players: Off
  • Sign Off-Season Free Agents: Off
  • Tutorial Pop-Ups: Off

All Madden gameplay sliders explained

Below is a list of all the available Madden gameplay sliders, along with an explanation of what each setting does.

  • Game Style: There are 3 game styles available:
    1. Arcade: Over the top action filled with spectacular plays, lots of scoring and limited penalties.
    2. Simulation: Play true to player and team ratings, with authentic NFL rules and gameplay
    3. Competitive: User stick skills are king. H2H ranked and tournament defaults
  • Skill level: Allows you to alter the difficulty. There are four difficulty levels: Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, All-Madden. Rookie is an easy challenge while All-Madden makes opponents almost impossible to stop. Modifying this setting may impact settings for Assists, Ball Hawk, Coach Tips and Visual Feedback.
  • Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: CPU will flip your defensive play to best match the offensive formation.
  • Defensive Ball Hawk: User controlled defenders will auto-move into position to play a catch when executing the catch mechanic while the ball is in the air. Disabling this may cause user defenders to attack the ball in the air less aggressively.
  • Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: User controlled defenders are steered toward the ball carrier when attempting to run or dive into them.
  • Defensive Switch Assist: When a user switches players to another defender, user movement will be assisted to prevent them from taking their new player out of play.
  • Coach Mode: QB will automatically throw the ball if you do not take control after the snap.
  • Player Speed Parity Scale: Increases or decreases the minimum in-game speed. Lowering the number create a larger separation between the fastest and slowest players.
  • Offside: Modifies base chance per play for CPU defenders to go offside, including Neutral Zone Infraction and Encroachment. Normal setting is based on NFL data.
  • False Start: Modifies base chance per play for CPU players to false start. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Offensive Holding: Modifies base chance per play for offensive holding to occur. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Facemask: Modifies base chance per play for facemask penalties to occur. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Illegal Block in the Back: Modifies base chance per play for illegal block in back to occur. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Roughing the Passer: Modifies timer between the throw and QB hit when contact occurs that knocks the QB to the ground after the throw. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Defensive Pass Interference: Modifies base chance per pass play for defensive pass interference. Normal Setting is based on NFL data.
  • Ineligible Receiver Downfield: Determines if ineligible receiver downfield will be called or ignored when it occurs.
  • Offensive Pass Interference: Determines if offensive pass interference will be called or ignored when it occurs.
  • Kick Catch Interference: Determines if kick catch interferences and fair catch interference will be called or ignored when either occurs.
  • Intentional Grounding: Determines if intentional grounding will be called or ignored when it occurs.
  • Roughing the Kicker: Determines if roughing the kicker will be called or ignored when contact occurs that knocks the kicker or punter to the ground after a kick.
  • Running into the Kicker: Determines if running into the kicker will be called or ignored when contact occurs that does not knock the kicker or punter to the ground after a kick.
  • Illegal Contact: Determines if illegal contact will be called or ignored.
  • QB Accuracy: Adjusts how accurate quarterbacks are.
  • Pass Blocking: Adjusts how effective pass blocking is.
  • WR Catching: Adjusts how effective you are at catching.
  • Run Blocking: Adjusts how effective run blocking is.
  • Fumbles: Adjusts the ability for you to hold onto the ball. Lowering this value will cause more fumbles.
  • Reaction Time: Adjusts reaction time in pass coverage.
  • Interceptions: Adjusts the number of interceptions.
  • Pass Coverage: Adjusts how effective pass coverage is.
  • Tackling: Adjusts how effective tackling is.
  • FG Power: Adjusts the length of field goals.
  • FG Accuracy: Adjusts the accuracy of field goals.
  • Punt Power: Adjusts the length of punts.
  • Punt Accuracy: Adjusts the accuracy of punts.
  • Kickoff Power: Adjusts the length of kickoffs.

If you’d like a Madden gameplay experience more akin to that of the real NFL, try out the sliders and settings shown on this page. Hope you enjoyed our take on the Madden gameplay sliders.

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