Madden 23: Best Offensive Playbooks to Use for MUT and Franchise Mode

Here are the best Madden 23 offensive playbooks to use in Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode.

In football, executing your plays better than your opponent is generally what leads to victories. Playbooks are indispensably complicated parts of each team, laying out the philosophy of the offenses and defenses they represent. In Madden 23, each team has their own unique offensive playbook that, while carrying many similarities, also carry a few differences between each team.

Below, you will find Outsider Gaming’s choices for best offensive playbooks in Madden 23. It’s important to note that if you decide to use these playbooks in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), then it’s assumed you’ll acquire the team-specific players or similar players to maximize the playbook.

There are two notes. First, real-life play and opinions based off of them are not always accurately represented in video games. Second, the teams will be listed in alphabetical order.

1. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best Offensive Players: Mark Andrews (TE, 93 OVR), Ronnie Stanley (LT, 90 OVR), Lamar Jackson (QB, 87 OVR)
Best Plays: Power Read (Shotgun Y Off Trio Wk), F Lead Read Option (Pistol Strong), Escape (Shotgun Normal Y Off Close)

Like with many teams, the offense revolves around the quarterback, in this case Lamar Jackson (87 OVR). Jackson is an all-world quarterback and Baltimore would more likely have a top draft pick than Super Bowl hopes without him. He can throw and run, representing a quarterback who can beat you at all levels in multiple ways.

Helping him on the offense is tight end Mark Andrews (93 OVR), halfback J.K. Dobbins (81 OVR), and Rashod Bateman (77 OVR). The line is led by Ronnie Stanley (90 OVR) and Kevin Zeitler (85 OVR), helping keep defenders away from Jackson and opening up seams in the defense.

There are many option plays for Jackson in the Baltimore playbook, maybe none better than Power Read out of the Shotgun Y Off Trio Wk. If the defense crashes, the pitch is right there and if they stay, well, you have Jackson and his 96 Speed in the open field! F Lead Read Option out of the Pistol gives you another option play with bigger blockers. Escape is a great passing play to show off Jackson’s arm talent, present multiple routes that attack the open areas of most zone defenses.

Note: Justin Tucker (90 OVR) could have been listed as best offensive player, but is listed as a special teamer.

2. Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North)

Best Offensive Players: Joe Mixon (HB, 93 OVR), Joe Burrow (QB, 90 OVR), Ja’Marr Chase (WR, 87 OVR)
Best Plays: Flood Drive (Shotgun Tight Y Off), PA Sprint HB Flat (Singleback Wing Pair), Shovel Option (Shotgun Split Slot Open)

This team has a three-headed monster on offense: quarterback Joe Burrow (90 OVR), halfback Joe Mixon (93 OVR), and wideout Ja’Marr Chase (87 OVR). The playbook is geared toward making plays with these three players, but they’re not alone.

La’el Collins (87 OVR) leads the line at right tackle, joined by Jonah Williams (78 OVR) on the left side. Tyler Boyd (84 OVR) and Tee Higgins (83 OVR) join Chase as the number two and three wideouts, and Hayden Hurst (76 OVR) takes TE1.

Flood Drive can help show off Burrow’s 87 Throw Power and his average of 93 accuracy across short, medium, and deep. PA Sprint HB Flat can get Mixon (93 OVR) into the open field with his 91 Speed and 91 Agility. Shovel Option can get either Burrow or Mixon into space, using their speed to gain quick yards. Chase is a threat on any passing route with his 94 Speed and 87 Catching.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)

Best Offensive Players: Travis Kelce (TE, 98 OVR), Patrick Mahomes (95 OVR), Joe Thuney (LG, 88 OVR)
Best Plays: Stick N Nod (Shotgun Empty HB Wide), Speed Option (Pistol Wing Flex Close), PA Boot (Singleback Bunch)

For the foreseeable future, as long as Patrick Mahomes (95 OVR) is your quarterback, you’re going to have a top offense. Also for the foreseeable future, if Andy Reid is your coach, your team will have a fun playbook. Both apply to Kansas City, who look to add another Super Bowl title in the Reid-Mahomes era (KC also took Outsider Gaming’s nod for best overall offensive playbook).

Travis Kelce (98 OVR), arguably the best tight end of his generation, will look to once again become option number one for Mahomes now that Tyreek Hill is in Miami. Other receivers for Mahomes include the newly-acquired JuJu Smith-Schuster (80 OVR) and Mecole Hardman (79 OVR). HB1 is Clyde Edwards-Helaire (79 OVR0, and he’ll look to run through gaps created by a line led by Joe Thuney (88 OVR) and Orlando Brown (80 OVR).

Stick N Nod from the Shotgun Empty HB Wide gives Mahomes several options, including Edwards-Helaire lined up as a wideout, and a pump route to Kelce, hopefully getting him open behind the defense for Mahomes’ strong arm (97 Throw Power). Speed Option puts Mahomes (84 Speed) and most likely Edwards-Helaire (86 Speed) in a position to find open field. PA Boot gets Mahomes out of the pocket and moving, allowing him options to both throw on the run or tuck-and-run himself for easy yardage.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West)

Best Offensive Players: Davante Adams (WR, 99 OVR), Darren Waller (TE, 91 OVR), Josh Jacobs (HB, 87 OVR)
Best Plays: HB Stretch Alert Smoke (Singleback Ace Pair), Mesh Spot (Shotgun Bunch), PA Deep Outs (Shotgun Doubles Y-Flex)

Las Vegas has had a good offense, but took the step to be among the best offenses by adding the only wideout in Madden 23’s 99 Club, Davante Adams. He provides quarterback Derek Carr (83 OVR) an elite target to pair alongside wideout Hunter Renfrow (85 OVR) and tight end Darren Waller (91 OVR). Halfback Josh Jacobs (87 OVR) is a threat both as a runner and receiver out of the backfield. The line is led by Kolton MIller (84 OVR) and Alex Leatherwood (71 OVR).

HB Stretch Alert Smoke is a run-pass option (RPO) that enables a quick pass to a wideout or a handoff to Jacobs on a stretch play, using his 87 Speed to create some space between defenders. Mesh Spot gives easy drag routes over the middle and some outside routes for Carr (91 Throw Power) to get easy yardage. PA Deep Outs will hopefully fake the defense and open up the out routes deep in the defenses zone.

On any passing play, always look first to Adams, then Waller, then Renfrow. Those three are your best options for easy or big yardage.

5. Miami Dolphins (AFC East)

Best Offensive Players: Tyreek Hill (WR, 97 OVR), Terron Armstead (LT, 93 OVR), Mike Gesicki (86 OVR)
Best Plays: Dolphins Y Corner (Shotgun Y Trips Wk), Wheel Switch (Pistol Tight Slots), HB Slip Screen (Shotgun Doubles Y-Flex)

Like with the Raiders, Miami makes the list thanks to the addition of one key player, another wideout, Hill (97 OVR). He gives quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (75 OVR) arguably his first top-tier receiving threat of his young career. He’ll be able to use his 86 Throw Power to throw short and deep routes to Hill with his 99 Speed. Jaylen Waddle (84 OVR) mans WR2 with Mike Gesicki (86 OVR) the starting tight end. Chase Edmonds (79 OVR0, Raheem Mostert (78 OVR), and Sony Michel (77 OVR) present a highly competent trio of halfbacks, and the line is led by Terron Armstead (93 OVR) and Robert Hunt (74 OVR).

Dolphins Y Corner gives Tagovailoa short, medium, and deep routs to play with, sending Hill deep. Wheel Switch gives Tagovailoa routes that attack each level of the defense, but the halfback out of the backfield may be the most dangerous. HB Slip Screen is a perfect play against any blitz, particularly if Mostert and his 95 Speed makes the reception with blockers and field ahead of him.

Now you know which teams employ the best offensive playbooks in Madden 23. Which playbook will you target for your team?

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