Madden 99 Club List: Every 99 Overall Player in Madden History [2022]

We've got the complete Madden 99 Club list in our Wiki, including every player to have received a 99 Overall in in the Madden franchise.

The Madden 99 Club has become a prestigious club in football with players seeking to be rated and exuberantly celebrating when rated 99 Overall in a Madden franchise game. While the 99 Club moniker is only a few years old, the Madden gaming franchise has had a slew of 99 Overall (or higher) players throughout its history.

However, there were two years where a 99 Overall rating wasn’t the highest – Madden NFL 99 and Madden NFL 2000 which had players with a 100 Overall rating.

There were also two years where there were no players rated 99 Overall, Madden NFL 98 and Madden NFL 2001.

Since Madden NFL 2002, there has been at least one player rated 99 Overall in each edition of the Madden gaming franchise.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the 99 Club in Madden. This includes a full list of players rated 99 or 100 throughout the years in our Madden 99 Club Wiki.

Madden 99 Club list

Below you will find every 99 overall player in Madden history.

Madden TitlePlayer NamePositionTeam
Madden NFL 99Ben CoatesTEPatriots
Madden NFL 99Dermontti DawsonCSteelers
Madden NFL 99Randall McDanielOGVikings
Madden NFL 99Larry AllenOGCowboys
Madden NFL 99Mark SchlerethOGBroncos
Madden NFL 99Jonathan OgdenOTRavens
Madden NFL 99Willie RoafOTSaints
Madden NFL 99Bruce SmithDEBills
Madden NFL 99Neil SmithDEBroncos
Madden NFL 99Reggie WhiteDEPackers
Madden NFL 99Tony BrackensDEJaguars
Madden NFL 99Ken Norton Jr.MLB49ers
Madden NFL 99Jason SehornCBGiants
Madden NFL 99Morten AndersenKFalcons
Madden NFL 2000Barry SandersRBLions
Madden NFL 2000Dermontti DawsonCSteelers
Madden NFL 2000Matt TurkPRedskins
Madden NFL 2002Marshall FaulkRBRams
Madden NFL 2002Tony GonzalezTEChiefs
Madden NFL 2002Jonathan OgdenLTRavens
Madden NFL 2002Warren SappDTBuccaneers
Madden NFL 2002Ray LewisMLBRavens
Madden NFL 2003Marshall FaulkRBRams
Madden NFL 2003Larry AllenLGCowboys
Madden NFL 2003Warren SappDTBuccaneers
Madden NFL 2003Michael StrahanLEGiants
Madden NFL 2003Ray LewisMLBRavens
Madden NFL 2004Marvin HarrisonWRColts
Madden NFL 2004Terrell OwensWR49ers
Madden NFL 2004Ray LewisMLBRavens
Madden NFL 2004Derrick BrooksROLBBuccaneers
Madden NFL 2004Brian DawkinsFSEagles
Madden NFL 2004Adam VinatieriKPatriots
Madden NFL 2005Jonathan OgdenLTRavens
Madden NFL 2005Ray LewisMLBRavens
Madden NFL 2005Champ BaileyCBBroncos
Madden NFL 2005Mike VanderjagtKColts
Madden NFL 06Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 06Randy MossWRRaiders
Madden NFL 06Jonathan OgdenLTRavens
Madden NFL 06Ray LewisMLBRavens
Madden NFL 06Adam VinatieriKPatriots
Madden NFL 06David AkersKEagles
Madden NFL 07Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 07Lorenzo NealFBChargers
Madden NFL 07Antonio GatesTEChargers
Madden NFL 07Walter JonesLTSeahawks
Madden NFL 07Ed ReedFSRavens
Madden NFL 07Champ BaileyCBBroncos
Madden NFL 07Shane LechlerPRaiders
Madden NFL 08Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 08LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargers
Madden NFL 08Brian UrlacherMLBBears
Madden NFL 08Ed ReedFSRavens
Madden NFL 08Champ BaileyCBBroncos
Madden NFL 09Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 09Tom BradyQBPatriots
Madden NFL 09LaDainian TomlinsonRBChargers
Madden NFL 09Antonio GatesTEChargers
Madden NFL 09Randy MossWRPatriots
Madden NFL 09Bob SandersSSColts
Madden NFL 10Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 10Larry FitzgeraldWRCardinals
Madden NFL 10Albert HaynesworthDTRedskins
Madden NFL 10Ed ReedFSRavens
Madden NFL 10Troy PolamaluSSSteelers
Madden NFL 10Nnamdi AsomughaCBRaiders
Madden NFL 11Peyton ManningQBColts
Madden NFL 11Drew BreesQBSaints
Madden NFL 11Chris JohnsonRBTitans
Madden NFL 11Jared AllenREVikings
Madden NFL 11Patrick WillisMLB49ers
Madden NFL 11Darrelle RevisCBJets
Madden NFL 12Tom BradyQBPatriots
Madden NFL 12Antonio GatesTEChargers
Madden NFL 12Troy PolamaluSSSteelers
Madden NFL 12Darrelle RevisCBJets
Madden NFL 13Aaron RodgersQBPackers
Madden NFL 13Calvin JohnsonWRLions
Madden NFL 13DeMarcus WareROLBCowboys
Madden NFL 13Darrelle RevisCBJets
Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 14)Adrian PetersonRBVikings
Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 14)Calvin JohnsonWRLions
Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 14)J.J. WattLETexans
Madden NFL 15Calvin JohnsonWRLions
Madden NFL 15J.J. WattLETexans
Madden NFL 15Richard ShermanCBSeahawks
Madden NFL 16Calvin JohnsonWRLions
Madden NFL 16J.J. WattLETexans
Madden NFL 16Richard ShermanCBSeahawks
Madden NFL 17Rob GronkowskiTEPatriots
Madden NFL 17J.J. WattRETexans
Madden NFL 17Luke KuechlyMLBPanthers
Madden NFL 17Von MillerLOLBBroncos
Madden NFL 18Tom BradyQBPatriots
Madden NFL 18Aaron DonaldRERams
Madden NFL 18Von MillerLOLBBroncos
Madden NFL 19Aaron RodgersQBPackers
Madden NFL 19Tom BradyQBPatriots
Madden NFL 19Rob GronkowskiTEPatriots
Madden NFL 19Antonio BrownWRSteelers
Madden NFL 19Aaron DonaldRERams
Madden NFL 19Von MillerLOLBBroncos
Madden NFL 19Luke KuechlyMLBPanthers
Madden NFL 20DeAndre HopkinsWRTexans
Madden NFL 20Aaron DonaldRERams
Madden NFL 20Khalil MackLOLBBears
Madden NFL 20Bobby WagnerMLBSeahawks
Madden NFL 21Patrick MahomesQBChiefs
Madden NFL 21Christian McCaffreyRBPanthers
Madden NFL 21Michael ThomasWRSaints
Madden NFL 21Aaron DonaldRERams
Madden NFL 21Stephon GilmoreCBPatriots
Madden NFL 22Patrick MahomesQBChiefs
Madden NFL 22Travis KelceTEChiefs
Madden NFL 22Davante AdamsWRPackers
Madden NFL 22Aaron DonaldRERams
Madden NFL 22Jalen RamseyCBRams
Madden NFL 23Trent WilliamsOT49ers
Madden NFL 23Davante AdamsWRRaiders
Madden NFL 23Myles GarrettDEBrowns
Madden NFL 23Aaron DonaldDLRams

Who was the first player to receive a 99 Overall rating in Madden?

Madden NFL 99 was the first game to feature 99 Overall rated players. There were 14 players rated 99 Overall in Madden NFL 99 – as well as 6 players with a 100 Overall rating.

The following players were the first to receive a 99 Overall rating in Madden:

Ben Coates (TE, Patriots), Dermontti Dawson (C, Steelers), Randall McDaniel (OG, Vikings), Larry Allen (OG, Cowboys), Mark Schlereth (OG, Broncos), Jonathan Ogden (OT, Ravens), Willie Roaf (OT, Saints), Bruce Smith (DE, Bills), Neil Smith (DE, Broncos), Reggie White (DE, Packers), Tony Brackens (DE, Jaguars), Ken Norton Jr. (MLB, 49ers), Jason Sehorn (CB, Giants), and Morten Andersen (K, Falcons).

The following players received a 100 Overall rating in Madden NFL 99:

Barry Sanders (RB, Lions), Jerry Rice (WR, 49ers), Shannon Sharpe (TE, Broncos), Mark Chmura (TE, Packers), Tony Boselli (OT, Jaguars), and Deion Sanders (CB, Cowboys).

What do you get for being in the 99 Club?

Players receive a 99 Club trophy and chain for being inducted into the Madden 99 club, as pictured in Davante Adams tweet after he was inducted into 99 Club for Madden NFL 23. However, players named to the 99 Club in Madden NFL 20 were also gifted custom cleats.

Have there been 99 Overall offensive linemen in Madden?

Yes, and in fact, Madden NFL 99 had six offensive linemen rated 99 Overall in addition to Tony Boselli, rated 100 Overall. However, Trent Williams being named to the 99 Club in Madden NFL 23, made him the first offensive lineman to be rated 99 Overall since Hall of Famer and Seahawks lifer Walter Jones in Madden NFL 07. Williams is also the first offensive lineman to be in the 99 Club since its official inception.

Has anyone ever been rated 100 Overall (100 Club) in Madden?

A 100 Overall rating has been awarded eight times to seven different players in Madden titles.

Deion Sanders holds the record for the only player to have ever received a 100 Overall rating twice, in Madden NFL 99 and Madden NFL 2000.

Madden NFL 99 had six players with a 100 Overall rating, while Madden NFL 2000 had two players with a 100 Overall rating.

Below are all of the players who have been inducted into the exclusive Madden 100 Club with a 100 Overall rating.

  • Madden NFL 99: Barry Sanders (RB, Lions), Jerry Rice (WR, 49ers), Shannon Sharpe (TE, Broncos), Mark Chmura (TE, Packers), Tony Boselli (OT, Jaguars), Deion Sanders (CB, Cowboys)
  • Madden NFL 2000: Mike Alstott (FB, Buccaneers), Deion Sanders (CB, Cowboys)

Who has been rated 99 Overall the most in Madden?

There are two players who jointly hold the accolade for having been awarded a 99 Overall the most (six times) – Peyton Manning and Aaron Donald.

Hall of Famer Peyton Manning was rated 99 Overall six times in Madden NFL 06, Madden NFL 07, Madden NFL 08, Madden NFL 09, Madden NFL 10 and Madden NFL 11.

Aaron Donald was rated 99 Overall six times in Madden NFL 18, Madden NFL 19, Madden NFL 20, Madden NFL 21, Madden NFL 22 and Madden NFL 23.

Manning and Donald are followed by Ray Lewis (five times), Tom Brady (four times), Jonathan Ogden (four times), and J.J. Watt (four times).

Which position has had the most 99 Overall ratings in Madden?

Like with the M.V.P. award, the quarterback position has had the highest number of 99 Overalls in Madden. The QB position has been rated with a 99 Overall 15 times, led by Manning’s record six times. They’re followed by wide receivers (13 times), cornerbacks (12 times), middle linebackers (11 times), and running backs (eight times).

  • Madden NFL 06: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
  • Madden NFL 07: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
  • Madden NFL 08: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
  • Madden NFL 09: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts), Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  • Madden NFL 10: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
  • Madden NFL 11: Peyton Manning (QB, Colts), Drew Brees (QB, Saints)
  • Madden NFL 12: Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  • Madden NFL 13: Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)
  • Madden NFL 18: Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  • Madden NFL 19: Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers), Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  • Madden NFL 21: Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City)
  • Madden NFL 22: Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City)

Interestingly, every position grouping has had at least one player rated 99 Overall. Depending on how you want to classify inside linebackers, then every position has had at least one 99 Overall player. That includes multiple punters and kickers!

How many individual players have had a 99 Overall rating in Madden?

The 99 Overall rating has been handed out 122 times to 72 individual players across 24 Madden games. If you add in the seven players to have received a 100 Overall rating, that’s 79 individual players rated 99 Overall or higher.

Which team has had the most 99 Overall players in Madden?

The Baltimore Ravens have had the highest number of times players have been rated 99 Overall, thanks to their legendary defenses of nearly two decades that saw the team win two Super Bowl titles. The Ravens have had 3 individual players rated 99 Overall on 12 occasions. They’re followed by the Patriots (11), Colts (nine), Rams (nine), and Broncos (eight).

The Ravens players who have received a 99 Overall rating are:

  • Jonathan Ogden: Madden NFL 99, Madden NFL 2002, Madden NFL 2005 and Madden NFL 06
  • Ray Lewis: Madden NFL 2002, Madden NFL 2003, Madden NFL 2004, Madden NFL 2005 and Madden NFL 06
  • Ed Reed: Madden NFL 07, Madden NFL 08, and Madden NFL 10

The Patriots have had the highest number of individual players rated 99 Overall with six.

Patriots: Ben Coates (TE), Adam Vinatieri (K), Tom Brady (QB), Randy Moss (WR), Rob Gronkowski (TE) and Stephon Gilmore (TE).

The Patriots are followed by Raiders, Broncos, Colts and 46ers who have each had four individual players awarded a 99 Overall rating.

There has only been one team that has not had a single player rated 99 Overall across the Madden franchise: Cincinnati. Considering the history of the franchise over the past two decades (last season notwithstanding for the Bengals), it makes sense as winning seasons have been few.

Which year of Madden has the most 99 Overall players?

Madden NFL 99 contains the most number of 99 Overall rated players with 14 players receiving the coveted rating. Madden NFL 99 also included six players who received a 100 Overall rating.

Madden TitleNo. of 99 Overall Players
Madden NFL 9914
Madden NFL 077
Madden NFL 197
Madden NFL 116
Madden NFL 20046
Madden NFL 096
Madden NFL 106
Madden NFL 066
Madden NFL 215
Madden NFL 20035
Madden NFL 225
Madden NFL 085
Madden NFL 20025
Madden NFL 20054
Madden NFL 234
Madden NFL 124
Madden NFL 174
Madden NFL 204
Madden NFL 134
Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 14)3
Madden NFL 20003
Madden NFL 163
Madden NFL 153
Madden NFL 183

Now you have everything you need to know about the 99 Club in Madden. Remember to stick with Outsider Gaming for Madden NFL 23’s reveal week to find out the remaining members of the 99 Club!

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