Madden 23 Running Tips: How to Hurdle, Jurdle, Juke, Spin, Truck, Sprint, Slide, Dead Leg and Tips (How to Jump)

Learn how to jump over defenders and improve your evasion skills with hurdle, jurdle, juke, spin, truck, slide and sprints controls in Madden 23.

Madden 23 Running Tips: How to Hurdle, Jurdle, Juke, Spin, Truck, Sprint, Slide, Dead Leg and Tips (How to Jump)

Player movement and control have never been so important in a Madden game. It can make a heavy impact, improving a five-yard slant into a big gain or even a touchdown.

The ability to make a defender miss is now essential in Madden 23, with the hurdle and jurdle mechanics being excellent ways to do exactly that.

So, here is the ultimate guide to performing hurdles, jurdles, spins, trucks, dead leg and sprints in Madden 23. 

How to hurdle (jump)

To perform a jump (hurdle) in Madden, press the Y button on Xbox, Triangle button on PlayStation, or R on PC, which will see the ball carrier leap forwards.

A hurdle is a move that sees the ball carrier jump over a defender in order to avoid a tackle. This is a great move in Madden 23 because it barely takes any stamina or momentum from the runner.

How to jurdle

To perform a jurdle in Madden, press the hurdle button (Y/Triangle/R) while also inputting a direction to guide where the jurdle takes the ball carrier.

A jurdle is a similar move to a hurdle. It combines the lateral mobility of the juke with the vertical advantage of the hurdle. This can be used to leap over a defender or change direction entirely.

How to juke

To perform a juke in Madden, flick the Right Stick Left or Right (PlayStation & Xbox), or press A or W on PC depending on the direction you want to go. You can perform a precision (short and long) juke while not holding the sprint button (R2/RT/Right Click).

How to spin

To spin in Madden, press the B button on Xbox, Circle button on PlayStation, or F on PC. To give your opponent the slip, you can combo juke, hurdle and spin moves.

How to dead leg

To perform a dead leg, flick the Right Stick Down (PlayStation & Xbox), or S on PC.

How to truck

To truck in Madden, flick the Right Stick Up (PlayStation & Xbox), or press W on PC to break off tackles. Some players like George Kittle have faster trucking animations. Look for high weight and speed stats for a faster trucking animation.

How to sprint

To sprint in Madden, hold R2 on PlayStation, hold RT on Xbox, or Right Click on the Mouse or hold Left Shift.

How to slide

To perform a slide, tap the X button on Xbox, Square button on PlayStation, or Q on PC.

Who has the best jump?

  1. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Arizona Cardinals (99)
  2. Byron Jones, CB, Miami Dolphins (98)
  3. Donte Jackson, CB, Carolina Panthers (98)
  4. D.K. Metcalf, WR, Seattle Seahawks (97)
  5. Damarri Mathis, CB, Denver Broncos (97)
  6. Marcus Williams, FS, New Orleans Saints (97)
  7. Michael Griffin II, SS, Tennessee Titans (97)
  8. Bobby Price, CB, Detroit Lions (96)
  9. Chris Conley, WR, Houston Texans (96)
  10. Devante Adams, WR, Las Vegas Raiders, (96)

Running tips for Madden 23

Madden 23 running tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help your hurdle over defenders in Madden 23 to extend your carry closer to the end zone:

1. Time the defender’s tackle

In order to perform a successful hurdle, the tackling defender should be engaged in a tackling animation. You should time your hurdle as soon as the defender’s animation is triggered, which can be seen by their posture changing from their usual running motion.

2. Save your hurdle for the last man

The hurdle is a powerful move because it doesn’t require a lot of stamina, and it doesn’t reset the ball carrier’s momentum. That being said, a second defender nearby is more likely to make a tackle after a successful hurdle. So, attempt to evade or deter the first defenders and reserve the hurdle for the last one.

3. Don’t overuse the hurdle

Hurdles are not meant to be successful every time. It is a powerful move, but a failed hurdle leaves you at your most vulnerable with a high chance of a fumble. So, timing is everything for not just a successful hurdle, but also to complete the play in possession.

4. Be mindful of your stamina

A successful hurdle depends not only on the player’s jumping and juke ratings, but also on their stamina. If the ball carrier is tired, there’s a reduced chance that they’ll be able to perform a hurdle.

5. A jurdle is faster than a juke

If you find yourself in a pickle and you need to quickly shift directions on the field, use the jurdle. A jurdle is faster and has a greater change of direction than a spin move or a normal juke.

Have your opponents snapping their ankles and eating the turf as you hurdle and jurdle your way down the field with these tips for Madden 23.

What is a ball carrier move?

A ball carrier move is a move your player will perform while in possession of the ball. Ball carrier moves include jukes, jurdles, hurdles, spin moves, stiff arm, truck, celebrations, changing ball hands and even covering the ball. It’s vital to learn ball carrier moves if you want win games.

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