Madden 21: Celebration & Taunt Controls for Ultimate Showboating

Here’s everything that you need to know about how to celebrate, taunt and endzone dive in Madden 21.

Dominating in Madden 21 is one thing, but being able to soak up the success with a celebration puts the icing on the cake.

Building on its animations from last year, Madden 21 allows you to rub it in the face of your friends on the couch or against your foes online across the various game modes.

Now, you’re able to dance and flex after tackles for a loss and first downs, on top of all of the touchdowns celebrations. So, there are many more opportunities to showboat in Madden 21.

Madden 21 celebrations controls

To celebrate in Madden 21 you have to move the right stick in one of four directions on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller when prompted to trigger different types of celebrations.

After scoring a touchdown, keep an eye out on the screen below the player where the celebration prompt will be displayed.

Some of the celebration options you will be able to choose from include:

  • Right stick up for a ‘Swagger’ celebration
  • Right stick right for a ‘Dance’ celebration
  • Right stick down for a ‘Spike’ celebration
  • Right stick left for a ‘Signature’ celebration

These directions are sometimes subject to change, with a “team” option also available on various occasions. This will prompt a cut scene and a group celebration of multiple teammates, where the creativity definitely comes out to play.

On top of these celebrations, there is also a “first down” celebration to mimic an NFL referee. To do this, look for the first down option, typically up on the right stick, as shown below by 49ers running back Tevin Coleman.

Madden 21 taunt controls

The taunt in Madden 21 is triggered by pressing L2/LT, with the X/A button not being required as it was in the Madden 20 controls.

A point to make here is that Madden 21 also doesn’t use L2/LT as a skill modifier for the ball carrier, as it did last year. So, don’t accidentally press what is now a celebration control when engaging defenders, as that ball is likely to be jarred loose.

While you aren’t able to do specific taunts in Madden 21, there are multiple animations to humiliate your opponent.

From high steps to waving at would-be defenders, your opponents will certainly know when you’ve pulled off the perfect play.

Madden 21 endzone dive controls

While diving into the endzone is a ball-carrying tactic to knick those crucial inches in a touchdown run, a dive while in the clear will lead to another type of showboat move for you to use to humiliate the chasing defense.

Hit Square on the PS4 controller or X on the Xbox One controller to trigger the dive across the plain of the goal line. Like taunts, the animations of the dives are randomly generated.

Now that you know how to showboat and celebrate in Madden 21, hop into a game and try it out for yourself!

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