Madden 23: How to Dive, Celebrate, Showboat, and Taunt in Madden

Learn how to dive, celebrate and taunt in Madden 23.

Madden 23: How to Dive, Celebrate, Showboat, and Taunt in Madden

Dominating in Madden is one thing, but being able to soak up the success with a celebration puts the icing on the cake.

Showboating may be fading from the NFL, but they are alive and well in Madden 23. These have quickly become a key aspect of the game, accentuating big plays.

Madden 23 even incorporates this mechanic into the Ultimate Team challenges, showing that taunting and celebrating is a fan-favorite ability that’s here to stay.

How to dive

Diving can help you gain the competitive advantage over your opponent. You can dive in the following ways:

  • Dive Tackle: Press Square on PlayStation, X button on Xbox
  • Ball Carrier Dive: Hold Square on PlayStation, X button on Xbox
  • Diving Catch: Press Triangle on PlayStation, Y button on Xbox
  • Ball Carrier Slide: Tap Square on PlayStation, X button on Xbox as the quarterback

How to dive into endzone in Madden 23

Madden 23 how to dive

To dive into the endzone in Madden, press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) when approaching the endzone. This will allow the player to perform a special dive. Keep in mind that these animations are not likely to improve the ball carrier’s speed. It’s a taunting move, allowing your player to arrive in the endzone with style.

How to celebrate

Madden 23 hwo to celebrate

To celebrate in Madden, you have to move the right stick when prompted. You can perform the following celebrations:

  1. Swagger: Flick Right Stick Up
  2. Dance: Flick Right Stick Right
  3. Spike: Flick Right Stick Down
  4. Signature: Flick Right Stick Left

These directions are sometimes subject to change, with a “team” option or a “solidarity” option also available on various occasions. These will prompt either a group celebration or a kneel down in support of Black Lives Matter.

Madden 23 support of Black Lives Matter

Celebrations happen after big plays like a sack, a first down, or a touchdown. Keep an eye out on the screen below the player where the celebration prompt will be displayed. The player will choose their signature celebration by default, or you can change it with by flicking the right stick.

On top of these, there is also a “first down” celebration to mimic an NFL referee. To do this, look for the first down option, typically up on the right stick..

Madden 23 first down celebration mimic NFL referee

How to do the Griddy

To perform the Griddy celebration in Madden, hold R2, flick Right Stick Up, flick Right Stick Up.

How to taunt and showboat

Madden 23 how to taunt and showboat

To perform a taunt and showboat, press L2/LT. It’s best to begin showboating as you get closer to the endzone. If you get hit while showboating, you will fumble.

A point to make here is that in Madden 23 L2/LT also acts as the 360 Cut Control button, so keep that in mind as you’re playing. As long as you’re running straight, you should be fine to celebrate.

While you aren’t able to do specific taunts, there are multiple animations to humiliate your opponent. From high steps to waving at would-be defenders, your opponents will certainly know when you’ve pulled off the perfect play.

What is Celebration Loco?

Celebration Loco is a taunt that can be performed by pressing L2+R2+X (hold) on PlayStation or LT+RT+A on the Xbox while playing as the ball carrier who is running down the field. This will trigger one of many random celebrations from “high steps” to “silencing the crowd.”

The Celebration Loco move slows down the player and leaves them vulnerable to a tackle and even a fumble, so only use them when you know that you can’t be used.

Tip: Taunting can be a good way to save stamina or to improve the speed of a really slow player, like an offensive lineman.

How to get the Primetime achievement

Madden 23 rewards players that like to taunt and celebrate with the Primetime achievement. In order to unlock the Primetime achievement, you must taunt for 50 yards in a single game.

A good way to achieve this is to pair a second controller and select Field Goal Block on defense. With this setup, it should be easy to deliver a quick pass and celebrate all of the way to the endzone.

Can you turn off celebrations?

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to turn off celebrations for you or your opponents in Madden 23.

Can you edit celebrations in Madden 23?

You cannot edit celebrations in Madden 23. You can select different celebrations other than the default signature animations, such as by flicking the right analog, but other than that, you can’t directly edit these.

So, that’s how you can celebrate and taunt. With these new skills, you can showboat and enrage your friends and other online players with ease.

Now that you know how to showboat and celebrate in Madden 23, hop into a game and try it out for yourself!

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