Madden 23: Best QB Abilities

Learn how to use the best QB Abilities to improve your offense in Madden 23.

Quarterback is the bread and butter of an NFL offense and maximizing their talent is of the utmost importance. As in prior years, Madden 23 gives you access to quarterback abilities to enhance your passing game. Certain players already come with abilities equipped, but Franchise Mode only allows you to assign two per player. This means that it’s pivotal to pick the abilities that best suit the quarterback’s skillset. 

5. Conductor

Tom Brady Conductor Ability

Pre-snap adjustments are essential to counter a defense’s scheme based on the formation they line up in. The play clock can be very unforgiving and the defense will also adjust pre-snap if they catch on to your quick adjustments. You need to spot the opportunity, make the change, and beat the clock.  

The Conductor ability speeds up hot routes and blocking adjustments. If you need to make multiple changes at the line, this will give you a huge advantage. Anyone who has played Madden has felt the pain of making last-minute adjustments only to incur a delay of game penalty due to the quarterback taking too long with play-calling animations. 

4. Agile Extender

Russell Wilson Agile Extender Ability

The NFL has shifted offenses to rely heavily on the passing game. This has caused teams to invest heavily into pass-rushing defensive players and apply as much pressure on the quarterback as possible. Double teams and zone blocking aren’t always enough to give your QB enough time to get the ball out.

Agile Extender gives quarterbacks a higher chance to evade the first sack by a blitzing defensive back. If the pocket breaks down, an elusive quarterback can dodge a defender or two and find an open receiver. This can also lead to opportunities for the QB to scramble for yards and extend the drive. 

3. Gutsy Scrambler

Dak Prescott Gutsy Scrambler Ability

Ideally, a quarterback wants to plant their feet on the turf before throwing the ball. Pass accuracy decreases dramatically when throwing on the run. Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers don’t appear bothered in these situations but they are all-time exceptions to this rule. The days of standing in the pocket like a statue, however, are in the past. Tom Brady may be the last successful non-mobile QB we will ever see. 

The Gutsy Scrambler ability makes a quarterback immune to defensive pressure while on the run. Keep in mind that if your QB has a slow release or is below average in mobility you can still be sacked. The best QBs to assign this ability to will be the players that are mobile and/or have quick releases. 

2. Red Zone Deadeye

Patrick Mahomes Red Zone Deadeye Ability

The football field drastically shrinks in the red zone and accuracy is key here. Defenses will usually load up the box the closer you get to the goal line in an attempt to bait you into a bad pass. Field goals are better than zero points but the best teams typically convert red zone opportunities into touchdowns at the highest rate. 

The Red Zone Deadeye ability gives your quarterback perfect pass accuracy while throwing in the red zone. This does not mean that you can just throw bad passes, but you won’t throw errant passes unless under pressure. Running plays from the shotgun formation will give you the greatest advantage as you will be farther back from the line of scrimmage. 

1. Gunslinger

Aaron Rodgers Gunslinger Ability

The average time for a quarterback to throw the ball is 2.5 to 4 seconds. Even with a tremendous offensive line, getting the ball out quickly can be the difference between a completed pass and a sack. If a quarterback cannot get the ball out quickly, the passing window can close in a split second. 

The Gunslinger Ability grants a quarterback faster passing speed. This is accomplished by speeding up the passing animation and increasing the throw’s velocity. Most QBs have longer animations on deep passes so this ability will allow the receiver more time to gain a step on a defender. Bullet passes are mostly thrown into the tights window so the extra zip from Gunslinger will prove very beneficial in those situations. 

These are the top-five QB Abilities in Madden 23 to improve your quarterback. You can mix and match abilities to enhance a player’s natural talent or to improve areas where they may fall short. Take your personal playstyle into consideration as well when assigning abilities. 

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