Madden 22: Best QB Abilities

Learn how to use the best QB Abilities to improve your offense and become a Super Bowl champ in Madden 22.

Madden 22 is here and quarterbacks are receiving all of the attention. This year’s game is centered on the pass, and QB Abilities have never been more important. They separate good quarterbacks with incredible stats from superstar players that can perform incredible plays.

QB Abilities influence passing and protection alike but in different ways, and they are meant to reflect the play style of different NFL athletes. For example, Tom Brady is the best pocket quarterback that the league has ever seen: Madden 22 emulates that by giving him abilities like Set Feet Lead, which gives passers increased power on throws where their feet are set.

So, here are the top-five best QB Abilities in Madden 22.

5. Escape Artist

Escape Artist is a great ability that allows the passer to break outside of the pocket with blazing speed. Rollouts are a must in all passing offenses in Madden 22, now that crossers, corners, and slants are becoming more popular. This ability buys time and allows routes to develop while keeping the QB safe.

4. Hot Route Master

Hot Route Master is an incredible ability that turns Madden into a chess match. With the addition of four extra routes to each receiver, the player now has many more options for modifying a play and attacking certain areas. This ability allows the user to combine great protecting formations with amazing route combos.

3. Dashing Deadeye

Dashing Deadeye is one of the most-used and, in all fairness, overpowered abilities in Madden 22. This ability allows the player to get perfect accuracy while running outside of the pocket on passes under 40 yards. On a west coast offensive system, this ability is a game changer, allowing the player to roll out of the pocket and hit receivers on deep crossers consistently.

2. Roaming Deadeye

Roaming Deadeye is an almighty ability that can be easily exploited. Just like Dashing Deadeye, it allows QBs to get 100 percent accurate passes while outside of the pocket. The only difference is that their feet now must be set and they must not be under pressure.

The exploit is simple: by letting go of the scramble button (R2/RT/Left Shift), Madden 22 allows this ability to activate – even if the player is still in motion. This way, Roaming Deadeye works just like Dashing Deadeye but with the advantage that it can deliver accurate throws regardless of where the receiver is on the field.

1. Gunslinger

Gunslinger is more than an upgrade; it’s a necessity. In Madden 22, every millisecond counts, and a quarterback’s release speed can make the difference between a pass becoming a touchdown or a turnover. Gunslinger allows passers to have faster passing animations and quicker bullet passes. With these types of passes being the norm and pass animations being fairly slow, this QB Ability is essential.

These are the top-five QB Abilities to improve your passing game. By mixing and matching these abilities, you’ll find incredible combinations to accommodate your playing style and become a true leader in Madden 22.

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