Madden 22: Best (and Worst) Teams to Rebuild

Here are the best and worst teams in Madden 22’s Franchise Mode for you to rebuild a little bit or a lot.

Rebuilding a franchise is the dream that all NFL fans would like to be a part of; everyone would like to see their favorite team go from rags to riches and achieve gold, building a super team in the process.

In Franchise Mode, all football fans can fulfill their dreams of rebuilding a team and taking them to the top. To get you started, here are the best and worst teams to rebuild in Madden 22.

Best teams to rebuild in Madden 22

If you’re after an easy rebuild, seeking to tweak relatively few spots on the depth chart to create one of the top teams in Madden 22, these are the best teams to rebuild for you.

5. Buffalo Bills (OVR 81)

OVR: 81, OFF: 81, DEF: 83
Best Sleeper Players: Micah Hyde (OVR 88), Jordan Poyer (OVR 87), Cole Beasley (OVR 86)
Cap space: $34.4 million

After a stellar season, the Buffalo Bills find themselves in the last steps of a quick rebuild. With the addition of Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley, the offense led by Josh Allen flourished, leading them to an AFC East title.

The Bills would be easy to rebuild in Franchise Mode just by solidifying the O-Line and improving the current tight ends, running back, and the front-seven positions. With lots of cap space and plenty of depth, the Bills are a great team to rebuild.

4. Green Bay Packers (OVR 85)

OVR: 85, OFF: 87, DEF: 83
Best Sleeper Players: David Bakhtiari (OVR 96), Aaron Jones (OVR 91), Kenny Clark (OVR 89)
Cap space: $31.9 million

The Green Bay Packers were an outstanding team last season. With talent to spare in almost every position, the Packers were one game away from going to the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers became the season MVP, and in Madden 22, Davante Adams became a new member of the 99 Club.

Rebuilding this team is a simple task. With plenty of depth and space before hitting the cap ceiling, your priority will be to upgrade at LB, FS, SS, TE, and WR.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (OVR 83)

OVR: 83, OFF: 85, DEF: 81
Best Sleeper Players: Tyrann Mathieu (OVR 95), Chris Jones (OVR 92), Tyreek Hill (OVR 98)
Cap space: $19.5 million

The Kansas City Chiefs are one the most improved teams in recent years. After Alex Smith left and Patrick Mahomes took over, the Chiefs seem to be soaring. Rebuilding this team looks like a challenge because of the cap space, but the Chiefs have a wide depth chart that’ll enable you to perform almost any trade. The positions to strengthen in this rebuild are the offensive line, CB, and LB.

2. Cleveland Browns (OVR 85)

OVR: 85, OFF: 89, DEF: 81
Best Sleeper Players: Odell Beckham Jr. (OVR 89), Denzel Ward (OVR 89), Joel Bitonio (OVR 88)
Cap space: $19.9 million

The Cleveland Browns are finally Super Bowl contenders. After a decade of poor performances, the Browns went through a slow rebuild, and now, with stars like Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, and Baker Mayfield, they’ve become one of the best teams in the NFL.

A rebuild for the Browns pretty much has to focus on the defense. Besides having Garrett and Ward, the Browns lack depth and need a top secondary and front seven. With plenty of talent for trades, this team can be a quick menace in Franchise Mode.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OVR 84)

OVR: 85, OFF: 85, DEF: 84
Best Sleeper Players: Lavonte David (OVR 93), Mitchell Schwartz (OVR 91), Mike Evans (OVR 91)
Cap space: $28.9 million

The reigning champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are back to take another number-one spot. Tampa Bay saw immediate success after assembling a super team for the 2020 offseason, leading them to an NFC Championship and the Lombardi Trophy.

A rebuild for this team is incredibly simple, with a lot of talent, depth, and a sizable amount of cap space. By improving on the running back tandem, O-Line, and safeties, this team can easily achieve a 90 overall or higher rating.

Worst teams to rebuild in Madden 22

If you’re looking for a challenge, these are the worst and most difficult teams to rebuild into potential Super Bowl contenders.

5. Miami Dolphins (OVR 78)

OVR: 78, OFF: 76, DEF: 81
Best Sleeper Players: Xavien Howard (OVR 91), DeVante Parker (OVR 84), Mike Gesicki (OVR 86)

Cap space: $37.4 million

The Miami Dolphins are a rebuilding team with a great defense. Since Brian Flores became the head coach, the Dolphins have seen immense improvement. Last season, their defensive unit surprised the league by becoming one of the best in the NFL.

Despite all of the praises, this team lacks talent and depth in Madden 22. The O-Line is subpar, and there isn’t a lot of tradable talent. The running back and quarterback situation aren’t any better, either. There is a lot to rebuild here, starting with the entire O-Line, RB, QB, D-Line, OLB, FS, and SS.

4. Atlanta Falcons (OVR 74)

OVR: 74, OFF: 73, DEF: 76
Best Sleeper Players: Calvin Ridley (OVR 88), Matt Ryan (OVR 85), Grady Jarrett (88)

Cap space: $56.3 million

The Atlanta Falcons is a team in decline. After losing Julio Jones and with veteran Matt Ryan close to retirement, it’s clear that the Falcons are in need of a rebuild. The running back situation got worse after Todd Gurley left, and there aren’t any true star receivers besides Calvin Ridley.

There is a little bit of tradable talent and a decent amount of cap space to rebuild this team. It’ll not be an easy job, taking into account the number of positions that need strengthening, and the quality of the players that need to be traded in order for the Falcons to soar once again. 

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (OVR 78)

OVR: 78, OFF: 79, DEF: 77
Best Sleeper Players: James Robinson (OVR 86), Myles Jack (OVR 86), Marvin Jones (83)
Cap space: $41.3 million

The Jaguars are right in the middle of a rebuild after tanking for future star QB Trevor Lawrence. The rookie is expected to make a quick impact on offense, pairing him with Clemson teammate Travis Etienne and veteran receiver Marvin Jones.

Despite this, there is still a lot to be done to rebuild this team. “Sacksonville” quickly disbanded after the 2017 season, and the entire secondary needs an injection of talent. The same goes for both the O-Line and D-Line, where there aren’t any superstars as it stands. The receiver tandem could be heavily improved on as well, allowing a developing QB like Lawrence to get quick XP.

2. Detroit Lions (OVR 74)

OVR: 74, OFF: 76, DEF: 73
Best Sleeper Players: Frank Ragnow (OVR 88), T.J. Hockenson (OVR 85), Trey Flowers (OVR 81)

Cap space: $68.2 million

The Detroit Lions are a franchise that’s been trying to rebuild successfully since Calvin Johnson left. Recently, the depth chart has taken even more big hits, losing Matt Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, and Darius Slay.

For a successful rebuild, the Lions need to acquire new players in every position. The only upside that this franchise has is its fantastic cap space, making it capable of snagging big players in the free agency to fill the depth chart and trade.

1. Houston Texans (OVR 76)

OVR: 76, OFF: 77, DEF: 76
Best Sleeper Players: Deshaun Watson (OVR 90), Laremy Tunsil (OVR 89), Justin Reid (OVR 83)

Cap space: $36.8 million

The Houston Texans are in deep trouble. After a number of head-scratching trades, the Texans gave up several draft picks and sent away stars like DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt. Now, almost all of the star players have left, and there’s a lack of talent and depth.

An all-but total top-down rebuild is in order for the Texans, but the only players with high trade value are Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil. Rebuilding this team will be incredibly difficult, especially as there isn’t much cap space and the improvements needed are vast.

So, if you want a quick and easy rebuild in Madden 22, take on the Bucs or Browns. If you’d rather a long-term, challenging rebuild project, start tearing up the roster at the Texans or Lions.

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