Madden 23: Best WR Abilities

These are the five best wide receiver abilities that will enhance your passing game in Madden 23.

Madden 23: Best WR Abilities explained

Receivers are not created equal. You have speed demons like Tyreek Hill, dynamic possession receivers such as Travis Kelce, and precision route runners like Amari Cooper.

In Madden 23 wide receiver abilities allow you to maximize the unique style of your favorite receivers to gain an edge against the defense and exploit favorable matchups. A receiver with the correct complementary abilities will help to take your offense to the next level.

So, here are the best WR abilities in Madden 23 for you to utilize.

5. Route Technician

Madden 23 ability Route Technician

Standing as one of the best WR abilities in Madden 23, Route Technician allows receivers to make quicker cuts, which will give your WR a higher percentage chance to rip through zone coverages with double moves or slants.

A great receiver creates effective separation from defensive backs. A great defense can stifle your game plan by sitting in zone coverages. Pass windows will close up, and a quick secondary will recover on your receiver’s first move, giving you less time to go through your reads.

With Route Technician, the defense will be forced to play more man coverage, which will open up opportunities for deeper passes. This is a great ability to use with outside receivers when the cornerback is not pressing before the snap.

4. Deep Out Elite

Madden 23 ability Deep Out Elite

Deep Out Elite is a great ability to have with fast receivers who can consistently gain a step or two of separation. There is nothing worse than throwing a deep pass that touches your receiver’s hands and is either knocked out by the defender in traffic or dropped under pressure. 

This WR ability increases the chances of a successful catch over 20 yards. Capitalize on this ability with play-action as the defense is likely to bite on the run fake, enabling you to exploit matchups on the outside. Good routes to try are fly patterns, deep posts, and deep corner passes.

3. Short Out Elite

Madden 23 ability Short Out Elite

Keep aggressive defenses at bay by giving receiving tight ends, running backs, and slot receivers the Short Out Elite ability. As a short play breaks within ten yards, this WR ability can work very well for you against third-and-short. It also can be very beneficial in your two-minute offense to help save timeouts.

The chances of the defense blitzing are high in short-yardage situations, and if you have a decent offensive line, they will give you just enough time to hit a receiver as they are reaching out of bounds. It’s a great ability to give to a possession receiver and convert a few third-and-shorts each game. Make sure to keep Short Out Elite in your arsenal.

2. Red Zone Threat

Madden 23 ability Red Zone Threat

At 20 years or less, speed and size wins, making Red Zone Threat a mighty ability. To utilize this, elevate over your defender in the back of the end zone or race a defensive back to the pylon on a WR screen. There is less field, which means that there will be a lot of traffic and less room for error in throw accuracy.

Nothing is more deflating than going 60 yards downfield and settling for a field goal for the last 20. So, create matchup nightmares for defenses by using this ability with the right type of receiver. The defense will be exactly in the position that you want them in for the entirety of the game.

1. Grab-N-Go

Madden 23 ability Grab-N-Go

If your run game is non-existent and the defense isn’t allowing any big plays downfield, you need to figure out a way to keep them on their toes. Having a speedy receiver or running back with Grab-N-Go can help to open your playbook late in the game.

Screen passes in the backfield, as well as passes underneath to slot receivers, will result in missed tackles by cornerbacks and linebackers – who will find themselves stuck on an island. This ability allows the player to make quick direction changes and momentum shifts without losing speed. So, utilize Grab-N-Go to turn short passes into long gains with athletic receivers.

Top tips for using Madden 23 WR abilities

Madden 23 provides many abilities that will make it easy for you to maximize the strengths of your receiver. You can tailor your wide receiver to enhance their natural abilities, along with complementing your style of play. It’s a game of inches, so the smallest advantage can be the difference in a win or loss. Try to also keep in mind the limitations or strengths of your QB.

You can also use the WR abilities to create more cohesion with your quarterback’s skill set. For instance, if you have a QB that doesn’t have the strongest arm, Grab-N-Go and Short-Out Elite will help to offset that limitation by increasing the chances of successful passes under ten yards.

Fiddle around with the abundance of abilities at your fingertips and find the best combination that will take your offense to an elite level in Madden 23.

Check out our guide for the best WR build in Madden 23 and more below.

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