I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine Review: A Thrilling Dive into the World of Espionage

Uncover the secrets of espionage in our ‘I Expect You to Die 3’ review – a thrilling journey into the covert world of spies.

Discover espionage like never before in our 'I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine' review – a thrilling dive into the world of spies and secrets!

If you enjoy solving riddles, escaping peril, and imagining yourself as a super stealthy spy, then “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine” is the virtual reality experience for you. This latest entry from Schell Games is another home run, thanks to its seamless integration of challenging puzzles with an engaging spy-themed story. To enter a world of espionage, wit, and intrigue, don your digital fedora and get ready to jump in feet first. Let’s get into it.

Below you will find:

  • From Russia with Gloves: A Telekinetic Twist on Espionage
  • The Spy Who Loved Me: Balancing Challenge and Humor
  • Sequels are Forever: Retaining Charm Amidst Familiarity
  • No Time to Die: Embracing the Pulse of Adventure
  • Cog in the Machine’s Verdict: A Mission Worth Accepting
  • Super Spy Tips for Mastering ‘I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine’
  • Frequently Asked Questions

From Russia with Gloves: A Telekinetic Twist on Espionage

With the third installment from the now legendary gaming studio Schell Games, it’s clear they’ve really hit their stride. You, as Agent Phoenix, are no stranger to exciting adventures, but “Cog in the Machine” plunges you headfirst into an espionage thriller full of perplexing puzzles. With the help of your telekinetic implant, you can effortlessly move items and respond to your environment. The intuitive interface makes navigating this virtual world painless, even for newcomers.

The charm of this game comes from the unique combination of cryptic puzzles and a humorous 1960s espionage parody that references such pop culture icons as James Bond, MacGyver, and Get Smart. Schell Games has created an exciting virtual experience that captures the spirit of espionage with its excellent voice acting and carefully designed challenges. The opening credits alone had us wanting to go back and watch old Bond movies such was the strength of the nostalgia. The game only gets better from there too.

The Spy Who Loved Me: Balancing Challenge and Humor

Dive deep into the thrilling world of espionage with our 'I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine' review

“I Expect You To Die 3” is not your typical puzzle-solving adventure. The game’s hook is that it constantly puts you in perilous situations where dying isn’t just a possibility, but a requirement for advancement. Each level’s puzzles are well-crafted challenges that encourage players to use both their imagination and intellect. The game’s intentional lack of mid-level checkpoints will likely lead to more ‘accidental demise’ than you’d care to confess. But therein lies the beauty of the game. Your deaths are trial and error until you find a fitting solution and escape by the skin of your teeth. Not many puzzle games out there can be classified as exhilarating but IEYTD3 keeps your heart pounding throughout each ‘escape room’ scenario.

Because there are no checkpoints along the way, every success feels more like an accomplishment in the face of adversity. While difficulties may arise, the satisfaction of finally beating a tough section is unparalleled. 

Sequels are Forever: Retaining Charm Amidst Familiarity

How about we break down the mechanics of play? Although “Cog in the Machine” expands upon its precedent, it does not rest on its laurels. Schell Games has created a magical world of espionage that will enthrall and amaze you with its attention to detail. As the game progresses, so do the complexity of the controls and your prowess as a quick-thinking puzzle ninja will be well and truly put to the test.

It’s possible that, for returning players, certain aspects will feel familiar. The game doesn’t shy away from repeating what made it great, which may lead to complaints of “more of the same.” However, the well-planned plot and the exhilaration of succeeding prove that any setting, no matter how well-trodden, can offer fresh excitement.

No Time to Die: Embracing the Pulse of Adventure

Dive deep into the thrilling world of espionage with our 'I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine' review

The bombastic adventures of Agent Phoenix in “Cog in the Machine” are truly fantastic. Envision a world where you go from spy cars hurtling down the motorway to hidden secret mining caves, each of which is a playground of interactive wonders, secrets and tricky challenges. The game occasionally returns to ground that has been covered before, but the entertaining and humorous narrative makes up for this. Alas, it is missing the incredible voice talents of Will Wheaton from the second installment but the overall quality of all voice actors in the game is truly stellar.

Despite some minor repetition around the edges, this game is undeniably delightful and inventive, making it a must-try for fans and newbies alike.

Cog in the Machine’s Verdict: A Mission Worth Accepting


In the end, it’s quite evident that “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine” is the best option for both longtime fans and newcomers to the world of interactive spy thrillers. This game takes place in a universe full of unexpected events and explosive action, and it’s a thrilling journey where humor and difficulty coexist. Add to that, this is a seated game from start to finish, making it very accessible to almost every type of VR player.


For anyone interested in a virtual reality experience that is both humorous and challenging, “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine” is an excellent choice. Schell Games has once again proven its prowess by developing a virtual reality puzzle masterpiece that keeps players amused and captivated. Enter a world where mysterious mysteries, high-octane action, and cool sophistication all coexist. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or a fresh recruit, you’re in for a wild voyage that will put your skills to the test.

If you’re thinking “more of the same,” you’re missing the point! Like a well-made vodka martini, there are occasions when the tried-and-true method is the best way to go. Shaken, not stirred. When it comes to espionage, experiences gained through familiar tactics tend to stand out the most.


Superb acting that pulls you in entirely.

Interface that feels natural and doesn’t detract from the experience.

Captures the spirit of spying brilliantly, immersing players in a world of mystery and intrigue.

puts you through your paces with novel challenges.


Keeps the tried-and-true gameplay mechanics of its forerunners.

Needs a little bit more variety in mission structure.

A Look at the Meta Quest 2 System

  • Available on: Meta Quest (out now), SteamVR (coming soon)
  • Release Date: August 15th, 2023
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

Super Spy Tips for Mastering ‘I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine’

Dive deep into the thrilling world of espionage with our 'I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine' review

Missions in “I Expect You to Die 3” require more than merely mashing buttons. Keep these insider suggestions in mind as you go off on this fascinating espionage adventure, and you can increase your chances of success and overall enjoyment. Let us help you to Die Another Day!

1. Explore Every Nook and Cranny 

Espionage thrives on hidden gems. Do not rush into something without first carefully examining your surroundings; you might be surprised to find that important information is hidden in plain sight.

2. Write It Down

The memory of a true spy is their most valuable tool. Keep a notebook or smartphone handy to record your ideas as they occur to you. Little things can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

3. Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t be too dogmatic in your approach. Unexpected things and answers can often be the most effective. Release your inner MacGyver and look for creative solutions.

4. Dare to Take Risks

The road to success is paved with setbacks. Don’t be scared to try out crazy concepts, as you never know when you can come up with a brilliant answer.

5. Master Your Tools

The telekinetic implant serves as your multitool. Develop your dexterity in handling objects precisely by engaging in lots of practice. It’s the missing piece in solving perplexing problems.

6. Decode Patterns

The key to success is in recognising patterns. When faced with a difficult situation, it might be helpful to look for patterns in the situation and the characters involved.

7. Remain Calm Under Fire

The true spy maintains composure under pressure. Don’t freak out when the unexpected happens. Step back and take a deep breath; the answer may be waiting for you on the other side of the confusion.

8. Revisit Previous Missions

Time is the greatest teacher. If you return to earlier missions with the knowledge you’ve gained, you may be able to complete additional objectives you couldn’t before.

9. Utilize Your Arsenal

What you have in stock is like a toolbox. Consider your options and how they might need to be combined or sequenced before attempting to solve a problem.

10. Embrace Persistence

Keep in mind that a downed spy isn’t necessarily a dud. Every adversity conceals an opportunity for growth. Don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed; failure is a necessary part of success.

11. Collaborate with Friends

In this case, having a partner is ideal. Involve others in the problem-solving process; their unique insights may help you see things in a new light and come up with a better plan.

12. Decode Clues through Senses

Take note of your surrounding conditions. Hints and answers are typically provided by subtle visual and aural cues. The visual flair of the game isn’t simply for show.

13. Channel Your Inner Spy

Get lost in the part. Putting yourself in the shoes of a seasoned spy and visualizing how someone like James Bond might handle a situation will help you come up with novel solutions.

14 – Laugh your way through adversity

Your best weapon is a good sense of humor. The game’s humor serves a dual purpose of lightening the mood and helping you progress through the story.

Always keep in mind that in “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine,” the journey is just as important as the final destination. Your perseverance, intelligence, and dogged pursuit of the truth will determine whether or not you win the game. Put your sleuthing skills to the test and be ready to beat spies at their own game.

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine FAQ

Dive deep into the thrilling world of espionage with our 'I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine' review

What is ‘I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine’?

Schell Games’ “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine” is a VR puzzle game. The newest entry in the series features a lovely 1960s spy concept alongside escape-the-room mechanics.

What’s the gameplay like?

Players will engage in a variety of spy-themed puzzle-solving activities. Your telekinetic implant allows you to move through the missions by moving and manipulating things, interacting with the environment, and avoiding traps.

Is it necessary to play the previous games in the series?

You’ll get more out of ‘Cog in the Machine’ if you’ve played the other games in the series, but it is still fun for people who haven’t played them before. The games stand on their own as far as plot and objectives go.

How long is the game?

There are six primary objectives in the game, and each one has its own set of difficulties. Depending on how quickly you solve puzzles, the game could take a few hours or more to complete. The game’s replay value and optional objectives provide depth.

Can I play without VR?

No, “I Expect You to Die 3” is only available in virtual reality. To enter the immersive espionage world, you’ll need a VR headset that’s compatible with the game.

Are there any accessibility options?

The game does include a number of accessibility options, such as subtitles, audio visualization, and a conversation history. Players who have motion sickness won’t have any problems here either as this is a seated experience.

How challenging are the puzzles?

The problems range in difficulty and encourage a wide range of strategies, including logic, imagination, and trial & error. Some may seem impossible at first, but with time and careful study, you’ll eventually crack them.

Is dying a significant part of the gameplay?

Death, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of education. Many problems can only be solved via trial and error, and death often yields crucial clues. Don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed; failure is merely part of the process.

Can I collaborate with others to solve puzzles?

While “I Expect You to Die 3” is designed for solo play, it can be enjoyable to play with a group of friends or family members in order to come up with strategies for overcoming the game’s challenges. A new viewpoint can be the key to solving a perplexing problem.

How can I achieve bonus objectives?

Bonus objectives in each mission present unique tests. These goals can be as simple as finishing a certain number of chores in the level or as complex as finding every hidden item. Exploration and original thought are essential.

Will I enjoy the game if I’m not familiar with spy movies?

The game may be influenced by spy film conventions, but its humor, riddles, and compelling Virtual Reality gameplay are its own. The espionage element is purely decorative; non-fans of the genre will still find much to enjoy.

Can I replay missions after completing the game?

You can go back and do missions again if you want to go after the bonus objectives, beat your previous time, or just play the spy-themed puzzles again.

Is ‘Cog in the Machine’ available on all VR platforms?

You can play it on Meta Quest or SteamVR. Make sure you check out the PC minimum requirements before purchase to avoid disappointment.

Does the game offer any post-launch content or updates?

On previous installments the developers frequently released updates and new material including bonus levels. Be sure to check the official announcements and community forums.

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