Just Die Already: Complete Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Here is your complete controls guide with tips for Just Die Already on PC, now free in the Epic Games Stores.

Epic Games released a new free game this week called Just Die Already from the creators of Goat Simulator. The plot of the game is you’re elderly and was just kicked out of a retirement home, having to survive the streets on your own.  

Just Die Already has four selectable characters. The goal of the game is to complete challenges to earn free retirement. This is plenty of gore and violence in the game because everything in the game is trying to kill you – and you will die despite your best efforts.   

Below are the complete controls for Just Die Already on PC. You can also use the Xbox controller to play. There are also some tips that will follow the controls to get your started the right way.  

Just Die Already PC controls

  • Move Forward:
  • Move Backwards:
  • Move Left:
  • Move Right:
  • Jump: Space 
  • Interact With Left Hand: Left Mouse CLick 
  • Interact With Right Hand: Right Mouse Click 
  • Menu: Esc 
  • Pickup and Drop Object Left Hand:
  • Pickup and Drop Object Right Hand:
  • Ragdoll:
  • Reset Camera: Middle Mouse Button 
  • Respawn: X  
  • Taunt:
  • Open Bucket List:
  • Open Minigame Vote Screen:
  • Show Minigame Scoreboard: Tab 
  • Bucket List Flip Page Left:
  • Bucket List Flip Page Right:
  • Bucket List Claim Everything:

Just Die Already Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controls

  • Move Forward:
  • Move Backwards:
  • Move Left:
  • Move Right:
  • Jump: A 
  • Interact With Left Hand: LT 
  • Interact With Right Hand: RT 
  • Menu: Menu Button 
  • Pickup and Drop Object Left Hand: LB 
  • Pickup and Drop Object Right Hand: RB 
  • Ragdoll:
  • Reset Camera:
  • Respawn:
  • Taunt:
  • Open Bucket List: D-Pad Up 
  • Open Minigame Vote Screen: D-Pad Down 
  • Show Minigame Scoreboard: D-Pad left 
  • Bucket List Flip Page Left: LB 
  • Bucket List Flip Page Right: RB 
  • Bucket List Claim Everything:

Just Die Already tips for beginners

The tips below are geared toward beginners of Just Die Already.

1. How To Sever Your Limbs

Not only are the left leg and right arm (seemingly) severed, but there was a decapitation!

Inflicting damage to yourself is what you will spend the most time doing in Just Die Already. There are many Bucket List items that require you to cut off specific limbs. Jump into overhead spikes or ceiling fans for decapitation. Cut off a leg by stepping on a mine with the leg you want to sever.  

Some areas of the map are body part locked which means that you can only enter the area without those body parts. As you complete these bucket list items, you will unlock items and weapons to buy with tickets that you are also awarded. Experiment with the environment to learn what hazards are the best to target specific parts of your body.

2. Avoid Getting Bullied By Nonplayable Characters (NPCs)

There is a full community of people walking around and performing tasks and jobs. Most of them are peaceful, but there are some characters that get enraged if you come in close proximity. You can run, but they will most likely badly injure or kill you. If you want to avoid them attacking, you need a Zen Master Hat which you can get from a female monk near the gong in the front yard.  

If you cannot avoid some of the aggressive NPCs, make sure you have a projectile weapon so that you can kill them from a distance. It takes two or three shots to eliminate an NPC most of the time, although headshots are dependent on the strength of the NPC. Also, be careful in water as there are alligators and a very aggressive shark that can automatically kill you. Unfortunately, you can’t kill the shark and alligator so you have to avoid them or escape.  

3. Getting JDA Tickets

The main objective of the games to collect 50 JDA tickets so that you can move into the Retirement Home in Florida. Completing bucket list items rewards you JDA tickets, but there are some that are hidden in different places on the map. As you progress in the game and unlock items, you will be able to collect some of the JDA tickets that you will see as you explore the map.  

There are two wooden crates in Downtown Center City and one in Uptown Center City that you can’t reach until you unlock the Butt Propeller by jumping off of the tallest skyscraper into a grate below. The Pelvis Puzzle Room and Zen Garden will respawn JDA ticket after the game restarts, but it’s random so make sure to check these two areas after every restart.  

4. Interact with everything

There are a lot of wacky challenges in the game and it is not always clear where and how to complete them. Pick up everything that gives you a prompt and go into every building you see. There is so much to explore and discover in this game and it’s not always intuitive. Have fun and don’t be scared to experiment with the environment.  

If you feel stuck, always refer to your Bucket List so that you can at least have a good idea of where to start. The act of exploring the map in itself will lead to you accidentally completing some challenges and also provide you with more knowledge of how to use hazards and objects that will help you reach places that seemed impossible to reach.

There you have it, your complete controls and tips for Just Die Already. Find those JDA Tickets, avoid NPCs, and sever your limbs to your heart’s content!

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