Locations of All Spaceship Parts GTA 5

Want to know locations of all spaceship parts in GTA 5? Scroll down to find out.

Where to Find All Spaceship Parts in Grand Theft Auto V

These tiny, luminous objects, known as spaceship parts, can be found strewn over Grand Theft Auto 5‘s open environment. They can often be discovered in concealed locations, such as the interiors of buildings, cracks in the ground, or even beneath cars.

Below, you will read:

  • How to begin the Far Out mission to trigger spaceship parts
  • The types of spaceship parts in GTA 5
  • The locations of all spaceship parts GTA

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How to start collecting spaceship parts in GTA 5:

Carry out the primary story objective “Fame or Shame.” Further, get in charge of Franklin. Lastly, head to the green question mark in Sandy Shores’ eastern region. Find Omega and get close to him to kick off the “Far Out” mission.

Spaceship components have a small yet significant impact on GTA 5’s gameplay and narrative.

Types of spaceship parts

GTA 5’s open world is studded with 50 different spaceship components. They’re organized into ten groups of five for each of the game’s ten different locations.

The spaceship components range in size and complexity from tiny metal things to massive assemblies. A few examples of spaceship components are:

  • Components of the engine are the spaceship’s primary means of propulsion and are often huge and complex.
  • Parts of the spaceship’s cockpit include the control panel and the seats.
  • Hull components, which include the fuselage and the wings, are the largest sections of the spaceship’s exterior.
  • Sensors, antennae, and other spaceship mechanics would fall under the category of “other miscellaneous parts.”

There are many different kinds of spaceship parts, and they each have their own distinct purpose and set of qualities. Some engine components may be of a different size or shape, while some cockpit components may feature new or different displays and controls.

Obtaining spaceship parts

Here’s a list of the 50 locations of all spaceship parts GTA 5:

  • Spaceship part 1: Los Santos Gas Company
  • Spaceship part 2: Los Santos International Airport
  • Spaceship part 3: Merryweather Base (Elysian Island)
  • Spaceship part 4: Rancho Towers
  • Spaceship part 5: El Burro Heights Beach
  • Spaceship part 6: Rancho / Dutch London Street
  • Spaceship part 7: El Burro Heights Oil Field Station
  • Spaceship part 8: Central Los Santos Medical Center
  • Spaceship part 9: Strawberry (Nearby Vanilla Unicorn)
  • Spaceship part 10: Vespucci (Palomino Avenue)
  • Spaceship part 11: Murrieta Heights Dam
  • Spaceship part 12: Vinewood Lake Tower
  • Spaceship part 13: Tongva Hills Cave
  • Spaceship part 14: Simmet Alley
  • Spaceship part 15: Penris Building Rooftop (Downtown)
  • Spaceship part 16: Subway Construction Site
  • Spaceship part 17: Richards Majestic Movie Set
  • Spaceship part 18: Burton
  • Spaceship part 19: Tataviam Mountains
  • Spaceship part 20: Tataviam Mountains
  • Spaceship part 21: Tataviam Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Alcove
  • Spaceship part 22: Vinewood Lake, South Dam
  • Spaceship part 23: Vinewood Lake, Lake Tower
  • Spaceship part 24: Vinewood Hills, Galileo Observatory
  • Spaceship part 25: Parsons Rehabilitation Center
  • Spaceship part 26: Tongva Hills, Central
  • Spaceship part 27: Banham Canyon, House
  • Spaceship part 28: Marlowe Vineyard
  • Spaceship part 29: Tongva Valley Waterfall
  • Spaceship part 30: Great Chaparral, Farmhouse
  • Spaceship part 31: Great Chaparral, Mount Haan
  • Spaceship part 32: Great Chaparral, Bolingbroke:
  • Spaceship part 33: San Chianski Mountain Range, Cave
  • Spaceship part 34: San Chianski Mountain Range, Boathouse
  • Spaceship part 35: Sandy Shores, Alien Playground
  • Spaceship part 36: Sandy Shores, Tremor’s Rock
  • Spaceship part 37: Sandy Shores, Satellite Dish
  • Spaceship part 38: Sandy Shores, Alamo Sea
  • Spaceship part 39: Sandy Shores, Yacht
  • Spaceship part 40: Zancudo River East
  • Spaceship part 41: Zancudo River South, Bridge
  • Spaceship part 42: Mount Josiah
  • Spaceship part 43: Ranton Canyon, Cassidy Creek
  • Spaceship part 44: Ranton Canyon, Bridge Buttresses
  • Spaceship part 45: Paleto Bay, Peninsula
  • Spaceship part 46: Paleto Bay, Forest Pipe
  • Spaceship part 47: Paleto Bay, Fire Training Building
  • Spaceship part 48: Paleto Bay, Barn
  • Spaceship part 49: Mount Chiliad, Marijuana Farm
  • Spaceship part 50: Grapeseed, Cow Field

Bottom line

No matter how many times you play GTA 5, it is always interesting to head to unique missions and adventures. Collecting spaceship parts is one of them. If you have just got into GTA 5 or even if you are already an advanced Los Santosian, don’t leave the game without finishing your spaceship!

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