Madden 21: Best Playbooks for Tight Ends

We’ve got the best offensive schemes to make your tight end a star.

It’s July, which means that it’s the end of Madden. It also means most of the players are dedicated to getting one more Super Bowl before the new game. To beat them, having a good offensive playbook is a must.

If you like to see the big guys going at it, jumping for the ball, and getting in the end zone, this is the guide for you. Here, we’re going through the best playbooks for tight ends in Madden 21.

Las Vegas Raiders Offense

The best offensive playbook in Madden 20 returned to Madden 21 to maintain the title. The Las Vegas Raiders’ playbook has seen quite a bit of spotlight in the competitive scene, thanks to its versatility.

It has been nicknamed the ‘Las Vegas Tour’ because you can audible to pretty much any formation in the game, making it deadly and unpredictable.

It only makes sense that the Raiders would tailor plays towards one of the fastest and most athletic tight ends in the NFL, Darren Waller.

PA Boot Over: The best play to start building an incredible offensive scheme comes out of the Gun Bunch TE formation.

This play was the center of Civil’s and Pwny Montana’s incredible offensive schemes this year. Just by modifying the tight end route to a delay fade or a delay drag, you can create a deadly route combo that the AI can’t defend.

As you roll out of that quick play-action, spaces in the defense will appear, and you can release your tight end to create one of the best plays Madden 21 has to offer.

X Spot: An amazing play out of Gun Trips TE that opens the field for either quick check-downs or big gains.

This tight end corner route beats man coverage almost every time. It also allows you to check-down if they adjust to your scheme, or to streak your tight end for a shot at the end zone.

The beauty of this playbook is, again, its versatility. You can seamlessly audible between these two powerful formations, creating spaces for your tight end to shine.

Pittsburgh Steelers Offense

The Pittsburgh Steelers Offense playbook provides the best five wide plays in Madden 21. This is perfect for making quick, simple reads and tearing apart every defense with a pass-heavy scheme.

The best empty backfield formation is, without a doubt, Gun Empty Trey Stack. By positioning two tight ends on one side of the field, this package becomes a nightmare to defend.

Levels: A play that can easily beat every type of coverage without any adjustments.

Following a simple Levels concept, the default tight end streak gets open to beat Cover 2 and Cover 4. It also gives an option to turn into a deep post beating Man.

This is really helpful, taking into account how difficult it is to beat Man Coverage in Madden 21. If your opponent shifts their defense, the play allows for a short Cover 3 beater by passing to the tight end out route.

Fade Out: A simple play that has one easy read to gain a lot of yards.

This play centers around the deep tight end crosser. If your opponent is playing deep coverage, the tight end gets open at an eight-yard cut for an easy first down. If your opponent plays more of a short pass defense, the tight end gets open between the numbers for a 35-plus yard gain.

This playbook even has a 5-wide solution for a quick red zone touchdown. Having many short concept plays like Stick, Curl Flat, and Jailbreak screen.

New England Patriots Offense

The New England Patriots Offense has always been one of the best in Madden. This year isn’t any different, having many competitive players that rely on this playbook. Despite not having top-tier tight ends in their roster, the Patriots’ playbook presents incredible tight end route combos and plays.

China Double In: A play out of Gun Ace Slot Offset that’s explicitly designed to make your TE shine.

This play is one of the best man coverage beaters in the entire game. Your main read is the primary corner route. The double-in routes from the wide receivers become a decoy so that the tight end gets open next to the sideline.

If that side of the field is covered, the opposite side provides a simple flat-corner combo to either check-down to your running back or attack the sideline with your tight end.

Hitch Corners: A play out of Wing Flex Offset Wk to take advantage of the strong side with an incredible route combo.

The play allows the two tight ends to jump out of the offensive line into a hitch-corner combo. This forces the defenders to quickly choose which route to cover.

The short hitch route can go for a lot of yards because the cornerback will almost always help defend the corner route. You can also adjust the depth of the corner route by smart routing it. That way, if your opponent covers the hitch with their user, you can roll out and pass to the sideline for a big gain.

Use these plays to break down any defense, and most of them can be improved even further by adding the tight end Apprentice ability.

With these new tips, your tight end will immediately become the star of the show.





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