Madden 22: Best Playbooks for Dime Defenses

If you fancy playing a Dime defense in Madden 22, you’d best have these playbooks and plays on hand.

With the increase in passing in the NFL, all teams have been forced to implement packages to combat this change. Some teams like using the Dime package to maximize the number of defensive backs on the field, which, in theory, maximizes their pass defense capabilities.

This piece looks at the best Dime playbooks in Madden 22, with each of the top picks coming with corresponding plays from each playbook.

Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best plays:

  • Cover 2 Sink (Dime, 1-4-6)
  • Cover 1 QB Contain (Dime, 2-3-6)
  • Cover 2 Hard Flat (Dime, 2-3-6 Will)

A team with a stout defense year in and year out, Baltimore has a strong secondary with a Dime playbook that takes advantage of this unit.

Cover 2 Hard Flat runs a contain blitz with the two down linemen and Will linebacker, keeping the Mike as quarterback spy. The flat, middle, and deep passes are covered, including the sideline, minimizing the pass-catching areas. The lack of rush coupled with the spy makes this good for 3rd-and-long, particularly against a running QB.

Cover 2 Sink runs a similar zone to the above play, but instead of a spy, both Mikes are in zone over the middle, along with a cornerback. The blind side CB blitzes, adding a fourth rusher. This play trades the spy for a rusher and still maximizes the coverage potential.

Cover 1 QB Contain runs a contain blitz with the Will and Sam LBs while keeping the Mike in a spy. The free safety is in the Cover 1 up top, while the remaining DBs are in man coverage. The contain and spy should force the QB to throw the pass, and Baltimore’s unit is suited to play man defense.

Green Bay Packers (NFC North)

Best plays:

  • Tampa 2 (Dime, 1-4-6)
  • Cover 1 LB Blitz (Dime (2-3-6)
  • Cover 2 Drop (Dime, Sugar Weak)

While the defense has been suspect for most of Aaron Rodgers’ time in Green Bay, this year’s team has the pieces for, at worst, an average defense – their secondary should be a strong point.

Cover 2 Drop employs a five-man line with three defensive linemen and two LBs. Both LBs drop into zones over the middle, supporting corners in zone on either side. The flat and deep zones are also covered, so this could be a good 3rd-and-long play.

Tampa 2, out of the 1-4-6, covers most of the field in zones while sending the Mike LB on a blitz to add a fourth rusher. As the sideline zones are not too deep, you might be susceptible to the medium-deep sideline pass. Still, it would have to be a perfect throw, and there are enough defenders in the area that a big play should be mitigated.

Cover 1 LB Blitz is a standard Cover 1 man defense with the FS over top in the zone. The Mike LB rushes through the gap between the defensive tackles to add a fifth rusher. With it being man, watch for the quick routes and the deep pass if a wide receiver can get behind your defense.

Miami Dolphins (AFC East)

Best plays:

  • Overload 3 Seam (Dime, 1-4-6)
  • Tampa 2 Spy (Dime, 2-3-6 Sam)
  • Strg Corner 2 Fire (Dime, 2-3-6 Sam)

Miami is a team that might come in unheralded on defense, but might surprise people by the end of the season.

Tampa 2 Spy makes ideal use of spacing to cover as much of the field in zone coverage as possible. The contain blitz coupled with the QB spy with the Will LB should help keep the QB in the pocket. If the QB remains in the pocket, your spy also functions as a pseudo-zone defender. As this play maximizes your pass defense – use it in obvious passing situations.

Overload 3 Seam sends a DB and the Mike on an overload blitz from the blind side, along with the three other defenders on the line. The remaining Mike drifts into a medium zone over the middle, while the other DBs go into medium and deep zones. The flat and short pass will be open, but you should be able to keep receivers in front of you to prevent even moderate gains.

Strg Corner 2 Fire sends two corners from the same side to bring a total of five rushers. The sideline, middle, and deep passes are covered, but not the flat and short pass. Be wary of the QB seeing the blitz and lobbing a pass to the flat, but that should still be a short gain at worst.

New England Patriots (AFC East)

Best plays:

  • Str Eagle Slant 3 (Dime, 1-4-6)
  • Cover 6 Show 2 (Dime, 2-3-6)
  • Pinch Blitz 3 (Dime, Sugar Weak)

A Bill Belichick-led team is usually going to have a decent defense. The secondary this year should prove to be better than decent.

Str Eagle Slant 3 sends a Mike and DB on an overload blitz from the blind side. The Will and Sam join the lone nose tackle to rush from the line, while the remaining Mike drifts into a medium zone over the middle. The deep pass is covered well, as is the sideline pass, but the flat and short pass over the middle could turn into big plays should your defenders drift too far and the pressure not arrive.

Cover 6 Show 2 sends a standard four while marking the field in unique zones. Only the flat on one side is covered, but the sideline is more open on this same side. The opposite side does not cover the flat but does cover the sideline better. This is a play that’s better suited for when the offense is on the right hash since the left side of the defense has better coverage.

Pinch Blitz 3 lines up three DL and two LB at the line of scrimmage, but the Mike drifts into a medium zone. A DB from the left side blitzes instead, and the other DBs cover the sideline and deep pass well.

Seattle Seahawks (NFC West)

Best plays:

  • Cover 1 Contain (Dime, Normal)
  • Cover 3 Cloud (Dime, Rush)
  • Fox Fire Zone Press (Dime, Rush)

Seattle has spent the better part of Pete Carroll’s tenure with an elite secondary, and even though there isn’t a Legion of Boom anymore, Seattle still has a formidable unit.

Fox Fire Zone Press sends the Mike on an overload blitz on the right side, along with a CD, while the left defensive end drifts into the middle zone. The remaining DBs cover the sideline and deep pass in good zones, and should snuff out any short passes quickly.

Cover 1 Contain is a man defense with the FS in zone over top. The four Dl blitz, with the ends running a contain blitz. The lone LB maintains a QB spy over the middle. The Seattle secondary is adept at running man defenses, and the contain combined with the spy should allow your defense enough time to attack the QB or prevent a play.

Cover 3 Cloud sends a standard four-man rush while keeping the remaining seven players in zones. The right CB mans the flat, but the left CB drifts into a deep zone to support the safeties. The other defenders man medium zones over the middle. The sideline pass to the right is open, so be aware of that possibility.

The best way to counter pass-happy offenses is to curtail their passing opportunities. Utilizing one of the best Dime playbooks in Madden 22 could help you to have a dominant passing defense.

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