Madden 22: Best Playbooks for Tight Ends

This list examines the best playbooks for tight ends in Franchise Mode and MUT.

Long past are the days in which tight ends mainly blocked with minimal impact on the passing game. There were singular ends of their era like Tony Gonzalez, but the past decade has seen a boom at the position.

This article will list the five best playbooks for tight ends in Madden 22. A combination of tight end, quarterback, and play design factored into the list, and all ensure that the tight end (who might be the best receiver on some teams) is highlighted.

1. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best plays:

  • PA Raven Boot (Strong I, Wing)
  • PA Scissors (I Form, Twin TE)
  • TE Attack (Singleback, Wing Pair)

With dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson leading the way, Mark Andrews should prove to be a big receiving threat for Baltimore. The playbook is filled with sets that are ideal for receiving TEs.

PA Raven Boot out of the Strong I, Wing formation should have the defense bite on the fake one way while the TE and other receivers run in the opposite direction – the same as the QB Boot.

PA Scissors with two TEs sees them cross each other. TE Attack puts the TE over the middle, but since TEs are usually covered by linebackers or safeties, your TE should have a height advantage for you to lob a pass.

The threat of Jackson running will also open up opportunities for your TE, who could become your failsafe by utilizing this playbook.

2. Detroit Lions (NFC North)

Best plays:

  • TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair)
  • Post Shot (I Form, Twin TE)
  • PA TE Corner (I Form, Tight)

Matthew Stafford is out, and Jared Goff is in at QB, who should rely on T.J. Hockenson as much as possible. The playbook reflects Hockenson’s place as the number-one receiving option in Detroit.

TE Drive places the TE as the main option, running an in-route about ten yards up the field. With the drag route beneath, the TE should be open as the defense hopefully tracked left.

PA TE Corner could be a good red zone option as your TE could go over the top of the defenders. Post Shot makes use of two TEs over the middle, giving you two options for a short and medium gain.

3. Kansas City (AFC West)

Best plays:

  • Mesh (Shotgun, Bunch TE)
  • PA Boot Y Sail (Pistol, Wing Flex Close)
  • TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair)

Any team with Patrick Mahomes at QB and Andy Reid as the offensive play-caller is going to have a creative and dynamic playbook, regardless of the offensive position. Travis Kelce has been the beneficiary on top of his natural talent.

PA Boot Y Sail sends your TE on a corner route that, if they bite on the play-action, could prove costly for the defense.

Mesh is a Shotgun set with three TEs on the field, giving you ample options. They may have speedier cornerbacks on them as opposed to the LBs or safeties, but the size differential should work to your advantage if you avoid low and bullet passes.

With the TE as the main option, TE Drive is an ideal 3rd and medium play. From the Singleback formation, it sees the TE take an in-route some ten yards down the field, with the defense, ideally, being drawn to leftwards drag routes underneath the TE’s run.

Overall the Kansas City Chiefs may offer the best playbook for TEs in Madden 22.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West)

Best plays:

  • Dragon Spacing (Singleback, Wing Tight U)
  • PA Power O (I Form, Twin TE)
  • PA TE Corner (I Form, Close Flex)

Derek Carr seems committed to becoming an elite QB, and it will help that he has Darren Waller at TE.

Dragon Spacing is a unique play that could be a go-to on 2nd and 3 or shorter as it makes use of quick curl routes from your TEs. This is a great play to highlight a TE like Waller.

PA Power O is much like the PA Boot Y Sail play with Kansas City in that the TE hits a corner route after a play-action. With the other TE heading the opposite way with an in-route, it may open up that side of the field for your TE to make a big play.

PA TE Corner functions similarly, but the other routes are slightly different from that of PA Power O, giving you a new way to move around the defense while keeping an eye on your top TE’s route.

5. San Francisco 49ers (NFC West)

Best plays:

  • Cross Drag (Singleback, Bunch TE)
  • Mesh (Singleback, Wing Tight)
  • PA TE Screen (I Form, Pro)

Regardless of if Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance is under center, George Kittle should thrive as the best or second-best TE in the NFL.

Where Kittle and any TE in this playbook will shine is with the PA TE Screen. Usually, screens are set for the halfback, but with a talent like Kittle – who can move and evade defenders in the open field – getting the ball in his hands as quickly as possible is a good decision. He can use the blockers, evade, and truck his way to a big gain if executed well.

Cross Drag has, as the name suggests, drag routes that cross each other with the TEs. Mesh also incorporates drag routes over the middle.

Kittle over the middle, against any linebacker or safety, is probably a battle that you will take every time. He should win those often. So, when using this top playbook for TEs, these may become your favorite plays.

With so many great TEs in the game, playbooks around the league are better reflecting that talent and incorporating them more into the game plan.

Which playbook will you choose to set your TE for a Hall of Fame career? Let us know in the comments section below.

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