Madden 22 Quarterback Ratings: Best QBs in the Game

These are the top 20 quarterbacks that are set and ready to throw dimes in Madden 22.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes lead the list of the top-rated quarterbacks as the cover athletes of Madden 22. It’s hard to argue their placement as they faced each other in the Super Bowl, with Brady taking the Lombardi home.

The list has had mixed reviews among fans of the gaming franchise: there seems to be some disparity between last season’s stats and their ratings. This is especially the case for Deshaun Watson, who led the league in passing yards without a top tier offensive line or receiver tandem.

Despite this, we are excited to check out each rating of the top QBs in Madden 22.

Madden 22 Best QBs (Quarterbacks)

Below, you can find all the best QBs in Madden 22.

  1. Patrick Mahomes, 99 overall, QB, Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Tom Brady, 97 overall, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Aaron Rodgers, 96 overall, QB, Green Bay Packers
  4. Russell Wilson, 94 overall, QB, Seattle Seahawks
  5. Lamar Jackson, 90 overall, QB, Baltimore Ravens
  6. Deshaun Watson, 90 overall, QB, Houston Texans
  7. Josh Allen, 88 overall, QB, Buffalo Bills
  8. Dak Prescott, 87 overall, QB, Dallas Cowboys
  9. Ryan Tannehill, 87 overall, QB, Tennessee Titans
  10. Matt Ryan, 85 overall, QB, Atlanta Falcons
  11. Baker Mayfield 84 overall, QB, Cleveland Browns
  12. Matthew Stafford, 83 overall, QB, Los Angeles Rams
  13. Kyler Murray, 82 overall, QB, Arizona Cardinals
  14. Derek Carr, 81 overall, QB, Las Vegas Raiders
  15. Justin Herbert, 80 overall, QB, Los Angeles Chargers
  16. Kirk Cousins, 79 overall, QB, Minnesota Vikings
  17. Trevor Lawrence, 78 overall, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars
  18. Ben Roethlisberger, 78 overall, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers
  19. Joe Burrow, 77 overall, QB, Cincinnati Bengals
  20. Jared Goff, 77 overall, QB, Detroit Lions

Patrick Mahomes, 99 OVR

Image Source: EA

Patrick Mahomes is nothing short of fantastic; even his incomplete passes make the highlight reels! With one of the best arms in the NFL, he remains a member of the 99 Club in Madden 22.

Mahomes had a stellar season in 2020, leading the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl. However, he and his battered offensive line couldn’t stand the constant pressure from the Buccaneers, so the stud QB failed to raise the trophy in back-to-back years. Still, Mahomes led all QBs in average yards per game with 316 yards.

Mahomes had a 99 overall rating in Madden 21, and it carries into Madden 22. His top traits are throw on the run (98), throw accuracy short (97), and throw power (97). With abilities like Escape Artist and Gunslinger, he’s certainly the best QB in the game.

Tom Brady, 97 OVR

Image Source: EA

Tom Brady defines aging like a fine wine. The 43-year-old continues to perform at an elite level, even now as he’s going into his 22nd year in the league. After a tremendous victory at Super Bowl LV, he went back into training and now has the entire NFL shaking.

Brady proved doubters wrong by having an amazing season in 2020. He recorded 4,633 passing yards and 40 touchdowns. The legendary Patriots QB changed Tampa Bay’s scheme from a run-heavy offense to a more pass-friendly operation, making him one of the best QBs of the campaign.

Madden doubted his success in Florida, rating him 90 overall in Madden 21, but now grant him a 97 overall rating for Madden 22. His top traits are awareness (99), play-action (99), and throw accuracy short (99). Now, without any signs of slowing down, Brady is aiming for another Super Bowl ring and a 99 overall rating.

Aaron Rodgers, 96 OVR

Image Source: EA

The three-time MVP rises again! Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. He is one of the most efficient and precise QBs, leading the all-time passer rating list with a whopping 104.93, per the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rodgers took the league by storm last season, recording 4,299 passing yards and a colossal 48 TDs. He led the league in passing touchdowns and completion percentage. Even though he is now at odds with the Green Bay Packers administration, the former California Bears shot-caller remains an excellent leader on and off the field.

‘A-Rod’ showed EA that he’s a top-tier QB in 2020, seeing his overall rating get an upgrade from an 89 in Madden 21 to a 96 this year. His best traits are toughness (98), stamina (97), and throw short accuracy (96). Now that Rodgers is back in camp with the Packers, we can’t wait to see him perform on the field and in Madden 22.

Russell Wilson, 94 OVR

Image Source: EA

Russell Wilson continues to be a very dangerous player. After signing a massive contract in April 2019 worth $140 million, Wilson has had two fantastic seasons, throwing over 8,000 combined passing yards.

The Seahawk enjoyed one of his best seasons in 2020, throwing 40 TDs and leading Seattle to a 12-4 record. Wilson has proven to be a high-IQ improviser, capable of recording impressive numbers without a good offensive line. His ability to extend the play and find the open man is nearly unparalleled in the NFL.

Even though the NC State alumni had one of his best seasons last year, Madden lowered his rating from a 97 overall to 94. Seattle’s star man’s leading traits are injury (98), stamina (98), and toughness (98). This is quite shocking when considering his performances on the field. So, we don’t doubt that ‘Russ’ will prove EA wrong and increase his rating as the new season progresses.

Lamar Jackson, 90 OVR

Image Source: EA

Lamar Jackson struggled last season. Despite leading the Baltimore Ravens to an 11-4 record, he showed a decline in production from his MVP-winning sophomore season.

Jackson surprised the NFL world in 2019 with his athleticism, bringing QB runs back and emulating Michael Vick’s dual-threat style. Last season was a different story. Although he continued to outperform all QBs on the ground, the Ravens QB struggled to pass against DB-heavy sets, giving up nine interceptions and recording a mere 2,757 passing yards.

Last year, Jackson was rated at 94 overall as the Madden 21 cover athlete, seeing a four-point decline for Madden 22. The Floridian’s strengths are speed (96), acceleration (96), and toughness (96). He’s still very talented, still only 24-years-old, and with his new WR tandem, we’re sure that he’ll increase his rating soon.

These are the top 20 QBs in Madden 22. Even though EA’s ratings were a bit of a mess in places, we can’t wait to see what the players have to offer in the new game.

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