Madden 22 WR Ratings: Best Wide Receivers in the Game

Here’re the top ten highest-rated wideouts set to make a huge impact in Madden 22.

Madden 22 is upon us! As per usual, ratings are slowly being unveiled, teasing the game’s release. The wide receivers, one of the most critical positions on the field, have taken the spotlight, revealing the first member of the prestigious 99 Club.

Davante Adams takes the gold after recording stellar numbers in the 2020 /21 season. He takes first place in Madden 22, with many other top-class stars close behind.

So, without further ado, we present the top ten WRs in Madden 22.

Madden 22: Top 10 rated wide receivers (WR)

Below, you can find Madden 22’s best-rated receivers:

  1. Davante Adams, 99 Overall, WR, Green Bay Packers
  2. DeAndre Hopkins, 98 Overall, WR, Arizona Cardinals
  3. Tyreek Hill, 98 Overall, WR, Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Stefon Diggs, 97 Overall, WR, Buffalo Bills
  5. Julio Jones, 95 Overall, WR, Tennessee Titans
  6. Michael Thomas, 94 Overall, WR, New Orleans Saints
  7. Keenan Allen, 93 Overall, WR, Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Amari Cooper, 92 Overall, WR, Dallas Cowboys
  9. Mike Evans, 91 Overall, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. Allen Robinson, 90 Overall, WR, Chicago Bears

Davante Adams, 99 OVR

Image Source: EA

Davante Adams is the first member of the 99 Club to be revealed for Madden 22. The EA rating team clearly took notice of his performances on the field, elevating his overall rating from a 94 to a 99. This is quite an improvement from his Madden 21 rating, taking into account that he didn’t even breach the top ten players, and he barely claimed a spot among the top ten WRs.

Adams has been one of the NFL’s best receivers in recent years. Taking the league by storm in 2014, he’s recorded 62 touchdowns and quickly claimed the WR1 spot in the Packers’ depth chart. Last season, he led all wide receivers in yards after the catch and receiving touchdowns.

The 99 overall rating is a well-deserved award for one of the best route runners in the league.

DeAndre Hopkins, 98 OVR

Image Source: EA

DeAndre Hopkins has, without a doubt, the best hands in the NFL. His rating remains the same from Madden 21 at 98 OVR, but his special catch and catch in traffic ratings have been amped up to 99. These upgrades are hard to argue after he caught a Hail Mary on triple coverage to win the game against the Bills last season.

“Nuk” is an elite receiver with over 10,000 yards amassed since breaking into the NFL in 2013. After a long struggle with the Texans’ administration, Hopkins decided to take his talent to the desert and join the Cardinals. In his first season with his second team, the 6’1’’ receiver pulled in six touchdowns and 1,407 yards.

Hopkins’ display in the field is unparalleled, and a 98 overall rating might just be a bit too low for the WR. We hope that, with another stellar season to come, he finally gets a 99 overall rating.

Tyreek Hill, 98 OVR

Image Source: EA

Madden is a game in which speed kills, and Tyreek Hill definitely snaps the ankles of CBs with his quickness. Growing from last year’s 96 overall rating, “Cheetah” is now a 98-rated receiver.

Hill enjoyed a phenomenal season in 2020, becoming a key piece of the Chiefs’ offense, leading them to the Super Bowl. He recorded 1,276 receiving yards and 15 TDs in the regular season, adding another 355 yards in the playoffs.

It was evident in his showing last season that Hill has improved his route running and catching, making him one of the deadliest deep threats in the NFL. Tyreek Hill has earned this rating, and gamers are excited to see his display of speed in Madden 22.

Stefon Diggs, 97 OVR

Image Source: EA

Stefon Diggs has made it into the top five for Madden 22, so Buffalo fans rejoice. The developers took notice of the fantastic improvement that Diggs has made with his new team and increased his overall rating from a 92 in Madden 21 to a 97 in Madden 22.

After the Maryland product performed the “Minneapolis Miracle” and continued to produce great numbers, the Bills decided to make a big trade and get the now-27-year-old. This trade paid off handsomely for Buffalo; Diggs found an immediate connection with quarterback Josh Allen and led the league in receptions, receiving yards, and yards after the catch in 2020.

Diggs had an incredible year, taking the league by surprise with his route running and hands. His 97 overall rating has sparked a small debate online, though, as some people question if it’s too high.

Julio Jones, 95 OVR

Image Source: EA

The veteran out of Alabama has taken his talents to Music City. The Tennessee Titans saw the opportunity to get Julio Jones after he parted ways with the Atlanta Falcons, acquiring the talented WR in the free agency. Jones suffered a long-term injury in 2020, missing seven games, which has impacted his rating in Madden 22, coming from a 97 overall rating in Madden 21 down to a 95 this year.

While he was on the field, the stud wide receiver recorded 771 yards and three touchdowns. This nine-game campaign marked the first time since 2013 that Jones didn’t exceed 1,000 yards. If it weren’t for his injury, he likely would have reeled in around 1,300 yards, based on various projections. 

The now-Titans star is a top-tier wide receiver and will most likely make it into the Hall of Fame. His decline was due to injury, but the now-32-year-old has bounced back from health issues before. We expect him to keep performing at the top of his game and his Madden rating to increase accordingly.

These are the top receivers to look out for in Madden 22. They had an incredible impact on the field, and now we get the chance to experience that in the virtual world. 

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