Maneater: Fat Digestion (Organ Evolution)

Find all of the details for the Fat Digestion evolution in the Maneater video game.

Fat Digestion

The Fat Digestion organ increases the value of eating fat-rich prey in Maneater. The evolution can be selected to fill one of your shark’s three organ slots.

To unlock the Fat Digestion organ evolution, you need to defeat the Sapphire Bay boss.

Fat Digestion Official Description

“This evolution increases how many Fats you gain and Health you heal by feeding.”

How to Unlock Fat Digestion

Unlocking the Fat Digestion organ comes as you progress in the story.

In Sapphire Bay, once you’ve progressed enough in the area, you’ll be called upon to fight Scaly Pete.

Many players have encountered the ‘Fight Scaly Pete bug’ at this point, as you’re told to fight the antagonist, but there isn’t a mission marker to indicate where to do so.

The trick to this, and to evolving into an Elder Shark, is completing as many objectives in Sapphire Bay as you can as well as getting to Infamy Level 7 and overcoming Lt Shannon Sims.

When the mission marker comes up on your map, go and face Scaly Pete.

Defeat Scaly Pete in Sapphire Bay to unlock Fat Digestion.

Fat Digestion Parameter Boosts

A Tier 5 Fat Digestion evolution boosts your shark with two passive effects and gives you the following ratings increase:

  • +7 Defence

Giving your bull shark an organ evolution with a +5 ratings boost will fill the equivalent of one segment of its parameter bar. Each full parameter bar consists of 20 segments.

Fat Digestion Effects and Abilities

The Fat Digestion organ increases the effectiveness of eating creatures for gaining the nutrient Fat and Health restoration with these two passive effects:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Passive: +10% Fat, +10% Health on Feeding Passive: +15% Fat, +15% Health on Feeding Passive: +20% Fat, +20% Health on Feeding Passive: +25% Fat, +25% Health on Feeding Passive: +30% Fat, +30% Health on Feeding
Cost to Upgrade: 6,000 Protein Cost to Upgrade: 8,000 Protein Cost to Upgrade: 10,000 Protein and 175 Mutagen Cost to Upgrade: 12,000 Protein and 350 Mutagen Tier 5 is the highest upgrade level

Further Fat Digestion Details

  • Required Age: Pup
  • Icon:
  • Appearance: The Fat Digestion organ evolution doesn’t change your shark’s appearance.
  • Total Upgrade Materials: 36,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  • Set Bonuses: The Fat Digestion organ isn’t part of a set.

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