Maneater: Shark Levels List and How to Evolve Guide

Wondering what level your shark will evolve into an adult, elder, or mega shark? Here’s what you need to know.

In Maneater, there are several barred gates and evolutions that can’t be broken or unlocked until you grow in age, size, and evolve into the next level.

Shark growth is tied to your level – so you have to eat loads of things to level-up – but it can also be tied to story progression.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maneater Evolution Levels

There are five shark levels that span from the beginning of the game: Pup, Teen, Adult, Elder, Mega. To reach each evolution, you need to hit a certain level:

Growth EvolutionEvolution Level
Pup to TeenLevel 4
Teen to AdultLevel 10
Adult to ElderLevel 20
Elder to MegaLevel 30

The Evolution Level is one aspect that can contribute to your shark levelling-up to reach the next stage of growth.

Sometimes you’ll find that you’ve reached the right level, but can’t evolve. This is because growth can be tied to story progression.

Many players have encountered what is being called the ‘Fight Scaly Pete bug’ in Sapphire Bay, which often hinders players from reaching the Maneater evolution level of Elder, having surpassed level 20 as an Adult.

To trigger the Scaly Pete Fight, you need to go through the following:

  • Get up to or past 50 per cent progression in Sapphire Bay (see log for info)
  • Complete the missions of the area
  • Defeat the Apex Hammerhead Shark in the area
  • Climb to a higher Infamy Level

With everything except stuff like landmarks and collectables sorted, Infamy Level can end up being the decisive factor.

Getting to Infamy Level 7 and defeating Lieutenant Shannon Sims invariably does the trick, but some have unlocked the mission marker on the map just by reaching level six.

How to level-up quicker in Maneater

To level-up in Maneater and reach the next evolution stage of growth sooner, you just need to go around eating everything.

Taking on higher-level and more dangerous creatures helps to speed-up the process, but the best prey is hunters.

This can help to coincide with your need for a higher Infamy Level, as destroying boats and eating hunters greatly speeds up your progression towards the next evolution level.

While you’re swimming around, eating up everything that you can to level-up, you may as well capitalise on the nutrient stacking.

So, be sure to equip the Tiger Body, if you have it, as well as any Digestion organ evolutions that you can make space for.

Outside of eating, you can also complete other tasks from the log to progress in Maneater.

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