Maneater: Shadow Evolution Set List and Guide

Learn how to unlock and complete the Shadow Set in Maneater.

Maneater: Shadow Evolution Set List and Guide

Shadow Set

There are three bull shark evolution sets in Maneater, with the Shadow Set consisting of five Shadow evolutions.

The strengths of the Shadow Set are in its vampiric and poison cloud abilities, with the set bonus bolstering your bull shark’s maximum speed.

Complete Shadow Set evolution list

To unlock all of the pieces of the Shadow Set, you’ll need to find all of the landmarks in designated areas of the Maneater map.

For clearly marked maps showing where to find the landmarks in each location, click the evolution’s link in the table.

IconEvolutionHow to Unlock Shadow SetTier 5 Upgrade Cost
 Shadow TeethFind 10 Landmarks in Dead Horse Lake44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow HeadFind 8 Landmarks in Caviar Key44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow BodyFind 8 Landmarks in Sapphire Bay44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow FinsFind 8 Landmarks in Golden Shores44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow TailFind 10 Landmarks in Prosperity Sands44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen

To upgrade the full Shadow Set to Tier 5, it’ll cost you 220,000 Protein and 2,625 Mutagen.

Shadow Set bonuses

By putting two or more Shadow evolutions on your bull shark, you’ll increase your maximum speed by the following amounts:

  • Two Shadow Evolutions: +1% Max Speed Bonus
  • Three Shadow Evolutions: +3% Max Speed Bonus
  • Four Shadow Evolutions: +6% Max Speed Bonus
  • Five Shadow Evolutions: +10% Max Speed Bonus

Along with the maximum speed bonus that you get from the Shadow Set, you’ll also gain additional effects and abilities from each Shadow evolution equipped to your shark, including:

  • Shadow Teeth: This vampiric evolution restores your health on each bite;
  • Shadow Head: Increased lunge speed and thrash damage;
  • Shadow Body: Grants access to the Shadow Form ability, which slows time and releases a poison cloud;
  • Shadow Fins: Release a poison cloud which inflicts negative status effects and poison damage;
  • Shadow Tail: Increases speed and fires a poison projectile when you tailwhip.

Shadow evolution effects and abilities improve every time you upgrade them to the next tier.

How to use the Shadow Shark

Maneater using shadow shark

The above image shows the ratings parameters of a Mega bull shark that has all five evolutions within the Shadow Set equipped and upgraded to Tier 5.

Enhanced health restoration, speed, and inflicting poison damage are the main assets of the Shadow Shark.

The tailwhip ability, combined with the enhanced getaway speed, enables you to debuff foes from range before speeding in for the kill.

The Shadow Shark boasts tremendous amounts of health and speed, but its damage and defence ratings are a bit lacking.

To enhance the defence bar of your shark in full Shadow Set, consider equipping any of the Digestion organ evolutions. To up its damage rating, apply Brutal Muscles for a small boost.

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