Maneater: Body Evolutions List and Guide

How to find, equip, use, and upgrade all of the body evolutions in Maneater.

Along with the range of weaponry evolutions at your disposal, you can also upgrade and evolve the body of your bull shark in Maneater.

Most of the body evolutions in the game grant you access to a special ability as well as further benefits when performing a lunge.

Here, we’re going to break down what body evolutions are, how to upgrade them, and the details that you need to know about all of the body evolutions in Maneater.

What are Body Evolutions?

With the exception of the bonus Tiger Body evolution, using a different body evolution will give you access to a unique, manually-activated special ability and lunge perks.

There are four body evolutions in Maneater – as well as the initial basic bull shark body that you get at the start. Three of these are a piece of either the Bone Set, Shadow Set, or Bio-Electric Set.

Just at Tier 1, selecting a different body evolution will make a significant impact on how you go about battling your enemies.

As an example, the Shadow Body at Tier 1 places poison counters on creatures when you lunge, whereas the Bone Body ups your ability to destroy boats.

How to Upgrade Body Evolutions

As is the case with all evolutions in Maneater, to switch or upgrade your body evolutions, you’ll need to return to a Grotto.

You can find a Grotto in each area of the map, with its discovery being your first task when a new area unlocks.

To get to your Grotto, you can either find it indicated on the map (press up on the d-pad when playing on the PS4 or Xbox One) appearing as a small cave icon, and then fast travel.

Or, you could just get killed to respawn at your nearest Grotto.

When you arrive at your Grotto, press left on the d-pad (on console controllers) to open the Evolutions screen. Then, move over to the body evolutions section.

Hover over your preferred body evolution to see the upgrade cost in nutrients. You can see your nutrient counts at the top right of the screen.

Then, by pressing the button indicated, you can upgrade the body evolution. When you do this, another screen will come up before you confirm the upgrade (see above).

This next screen shows you the increases that come with completing the upgrade, which you can confirm or cancel.

How to Use Body Evolutions

Aside from the Tiger Body, equipping a new body evolution will give you a different special ability to use as well as various effects that occur when you lunge (L2 or LT).

On the individual body evolution’s screen, you can see the special ability, what it does when activated, and the new lunge effects.

To activate the special ability of the body evolution that you’ve selected, press the activate evolution button (Layout 1: Triangle or Y).

Maneater Body Evolutions List

In Maneater, there are four body evolutions. Most of them give you a different special ability, lunge effects, and parameter boosts. They can all be upgraded to Tier 5.

In the list below, you can find all of the Maneater body evolutions. For further details on each body evolution, click the links in the table.

In Maneater, the nutrients are Protein (Red), Fat (Yellow), Mineral (Blue), Mutagen (Green).

Icon Body Evolution How to Unlock Total Cost to Upgrade to Tier 5
  Bone Body> Defeat the Apex Hammerhead Shark (Sapphire Bay) 44,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  Bio-Electric Body Defeat Butcher Boy Brady (Infamy Rank 6) 44,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
  Shadow Body Find all Sapphire Bay Landmarks 44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  Tiger Body Day One Maneater Bonus 22,000 Mineral, 22,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen

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