Maneater: Fin Evolutions List and Guide

How to find, equip, use, and upgrade all of the fin evolutions in Maneater.

Used for stability in the natural world, in Maneater, the bull shark’s fins have been transformed into weapons.

As with most evolutions, changing to a different fin evolution will grant different passive effects, but some Maneater fins also offer perks when you evade.

Here, we’re going to break down how fin evolutions work, what to do to upgrade them, and the other details that you need to know about all of the fin evolutions of Maneater.

What are Fin Evolutions?

Fin evolutions can grant your shark passive perks as well as an ability when you perform an evading manoeuvre.

In Maneater, you can select from your basic bull shark fin and then three fin evolutions. The three fin evolutions contribute to completing the Bio-Electric Set, Bone Set, and Shadow Set.

Even at Tier 1, changing the fin evolution that you have equipped can greatly alter the way that you attack your foes.

With the Shadow Fins, you release a poison cloud which debuffs and damages creatures over time. The Bone Fins, on the other hand, can inflict damage when you evade in range of a foe.

How to Upgrade Fin Evolutions

To upgrade any of your fin evolutions, you’ll need to return to a Grotto. You can do this by being defeated in battle or by fast travelling to the small cave icons via the map (press up on the d-pad if playing on a console).

When you arrive in a Grotto, press left on the d-pad to access the Evolutions screen. It is here that you can scroll between all of your evolutions.

Select the fin evolutions section. By hovering over each fin evolutions option, you can see how much the next upgrade costs in a specific count of nutrients.

If you have the nutrients required – see the top right of the screen for your current count – press the indicated button to upgrade.

As you can see above, pressing upgrade takes you to another screen.

Here, you’ll be able to see the improvements that come with the upgrade and can then confirm or cancel.

How to Use Fin Evolutions

Depending on which fin evolution you have equipped, your bull shark will benefit from different effects and have different abilities available.

The Bone Fins and Bio-Electric Fins grant you perks when you press evade (Layout 1: R1 or RB), including dealing damage and expelling a burst of lightning.

So, whenever you evade with these fin evolutions in place, you’ll trigger the ability granted.

There are also passive benefits that come with fin evolutions, such as the improved defence of Bone Fins or the poison cloud of the Shadow Fins, which offer ongoing benefits.

Maneater Fin Evolutions List

In Maneater, there are three fin evolutions. All of them can be upgraded to Tier 5, and each offers a different mix of passive and evade bonuses.

In the list below, you can find all of the Maneater fin evolutions. For further details on each fin evolution, click the links in the table.

In Maneater, the nutrients are Protein (Red), Fat (Yellow), Mineral (Blue), Mutagen (Green).

Icon Fin Evolution How to Unlock Total Cost to Upgrade to Tier 5
  Bone Fins Defeat the Apex Mako (Golden Shores) 44,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  Bio-Electric Fins Defeat Ensign Tyler Dixon (Infamy Rank 5) 44,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
  Shadow Fins Find all Golden Shores Landmarks 44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen

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