Maneater: Organ Evolutions List and Guide

How to find, equip, use, and upgrade all of the organ evolutions in Maneater.

Already equipped with the tools of the perfect ocean-bound predator, as well as being diadromous, in Maneater, you can evolve your bull shark’s organs further to make it an even deadlier denizen of the deep.

The organ evolutions selection in the game is the largest of all evolutions, comprising of up to 11 organs to put into three slots.

Here, we’re going to explain what organs are, how you can upgrade the organs, and give you a detailed list of all of the organ evolutions in Maneater.

What are Organ Evolutions?

All organ evolutions grant your bull shark a set of passive bonuses. The only one that doesn’t offer continuous passive perks is Adrenal Gland, which gives you speed boosts when you’re low on health.

Organ evolutions don’t fit into a set, and you can mix and match between the 11 organs to give your shark three specialised organs.

Even if you only have a selection of Tier 1 organs, the ones that you equip can have a significant impact on your abilities – particularly when it comes to the gameplay-altering ones like Amphibious and Subliminal Evasion.

Feel free to mix-up your organ selection in between missions as sometimes you’ll want to maximise your nutrients harvesting with the likes of Protein Digestion, and other times you’ll need the extra health of Hearty.

How to Upgrade Organ Evolutions

All 11 organ evolutions can be upgraded to Tier 5, with each one requiring a different type and total amount of nutrients.

To get the organ upgrade process underway, or to just swap organs around, you’ll need to go to a Grotto – either via swimming there or fast travelling through the map (found by pressing the up button on the d-pad of a console controller).

To view your organ evolutions, once you’re in the Grotto, press the left button on either the Xbox One or PS4 controller, and then navigate to one of the three organ placement sections. Then, just select the organ that you wish to upgrade.

Once you press the button to upgrade an organ evolution, and have the required nutrients, you’ll be met with another screen that shows how the organ will improve.

Simply press the upgrade option to pay the nutrients and improve the organ evolution or select the cancel option.

How to Use Organ Evolutions

Organ evolutions aren’t visible, and they offer passive benefits. So, once you select the organs that you want to use, you don’t need to do anything else.

However, as some improve aspects like your survivability outside of water (Amphibious) or the power of your tailwhip (Brutal Muscles), you may want to adjust your gameplay to maximise the organ evolution’s usefulness.

Maneater Organ Evolutions List

In Maneater, there are 11 different organ evolutions, each of which comes with different parameters and passive effects. They can all be upgraded to Tier 5.

In the list below, you can find all of the Maneater organ evolutions. For further details on each organ, click the links in the table.

In Maneater, the nutrients are Protein (Red), Fat (Yellow), Mineral (Blue), Mutagen (Green).

Icon Organ Evolution How to Unlock Total Cost to Upgrade to Tier 5
  Advanced Sonar Enter the First Grotto (Fawtick Bayou) 32,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  Hearty Defeat Bobbie Bojangles (Infamy Rank 2) 36,000 Minerals, 525 Mutagen
  Mineral Digestion Defeat Pookie Paul (Infamy Rank 3) 36,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
  Adrenal Gland Defeat Candyman Curtis (Infamy Rank 4) 18,000 Protein, 240 Mutagen
  Amphibious Defeat the Apex Alligator (Fawtick Bayou) 18,000 Fat, 240 Mutagen
  Fat Digestion Defeat Scaly Pete (Sapphire Bay Boss Battle) 36,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  Mutagen Digestion Defeat Lieutenant Shannon Sims (Infamy Rank 7) 36,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
  Subliminal Evasion Defeat the Apex Sperm Whale (The Gulf) 18,000 Fat, 240 Mutagen
  Protein Digestion Find all Fawtick Bayou Landmarks 36,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  Brutal Muscles Defeat Captain Robert Brunlett (Infamy Rank 10) 36,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  Reinforced Cartilage Find all Landmarks of The Gulf 36,000 Mineral, 240 Mutagen

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