Maneater: Reinforced Cartilage (Organ Evolution)

Find all of the details for the Reinforced Cartilage organ evolution in the shark RPG Maneater.

Reinforced Cartilage

The Reinforced Cartilage organ increases your resistance to damage in Maneater. The evolution can be applied to one of your shark’s three organ slots.

To unlock the Reinforced Cartilage organ evolution, you need to hit all of the landmark signposts in The Gulf.

Reinforced Cartilage Official Description

“This evolution increases your resistance to damage.”

How to Unlock Reinforced Cartilage

To unlock the Reinforced Cartilage organ evolution, you’ll need to open The Gulf by progressing through the story, and then find all of its landmarks.

In The Gulf, there are nine landmarks to be found. Using your sonar (Layout 1: O or B) when you’re close to a landmark location – especially if you have an upgraded Advanced Sonar organ – will help a lot in The Gulf.

When you find the landmark, simply attack the signpost to mark the it as discovered.

Here’s where to find all of the landmark locations in The Gulf to unlock Reinforced Cartilage:

Reinforced Cartilage Parameter Boosts

A Tier 5 Reinforced Cartilage boosts your shark with a passive effect and gives you this parameter increase:

  • +15 Defence

Ratings parameters are comprised of 20 sections, with five points needed to fill a section. A +5 parameter increase will fill the equivalent of one section.

Reinforced Cartilage Effects and Abilities

The Reinforced Cartilage organ increases your bull shark’s damage resistance, as shown below:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Passive: +5% Damage ResistancePassive: +7.5% Damage ResistancePassive: +10% Damage ResistancePassive: +12.5% Damage ResistancePassive: +15% Damage Resistance
Cost to Upgrade: 6,000 MineralCost to Upgrade: 8,000 MineralCost to Upgrade: 10,000 Mineral and 175 MutagenCost to Upgrade: 12,000 Mineral and 350 MutagenTier 5 is the highest upgrade level

Further Reinforced Cartilage Details

  • Required Age: Pup
  • Icon:
  • Appearance: The Reinforced Cartilage organ evolution doesn’t change your shark’s appearance.
  • Total Upgrade Materials: 36,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  • Set Bonuses: The Reinforced Cartilage organ isn’t part of a set.

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