Mario Strikers Battle League: Full List of Characters

Here’s all the playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the newest in both the Strikers franchise and the Mario sports line. As in the other games, you can choose from a list of popular characters from the Mario universe. Each character has a distribution of five attributes in Mario Strikers: Battle League, and each has their own Hyper Strike (experiment to find out!).

Below, you will find the full list of playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League. The order will reflect the order of characters in the game guide for Battle League. The order is slightly different from the gear screen and the character select screen.

One caveat is that as they are not playable, the permanent goalie Boom Boom will not be listed below.

All the characters in Mario Strikers Battle League

Each character will have their in-game base attribute ratings listed. Those attributes are Strength, Speed, Shooting, Passing, and Technique. Strength affects your ability to make and defend against tackles. Speed affects how quickly you move around the pitch. Shooting affects your shot power and accuracy. Passing affects your ability to make accurate and strong passes. Technique affects your dribbling, ability to put curve on shots, and the accuracy meters for Hyper Strikes.

Note that ratings are out of a 25-point max.

1. Mario

Strength: 11
Speed: 12
Shooting: 14
Passing: 10
Technique: 16

Like in most of the Mario sports games, the titular character – and his counterpart below – comes in with the most well-rounded build. To put it another way, Mario and Luigi are the only characters of the ten to not have an attribute in single digits; every other character has at least one attribute that fits the category. Though well-rounded, Mario has the second highest Technique (16) rating in the game, giving him a better ability to put curves on shots and have the all important larger accuracy areas for Hyper Strikes.

With Mario’s already high Technique and his Shooting at 14, it may be best to equip gear that increases his Strength (11) or Passing (10) instead. The former will help fend off tackles while the latter will help him land more accurate passes since his high Technique means he may be dribbling the most on your team.

The game guide states, “Marios high technique and shooting attributes make him a great choice for those seeking a balanced, capable character.”

2. Luigi

Strength: 11
Speed: 11
Shooting: 10
Passing: 14
Technique: 17

Like Mario, Luigi is a well-rounded player. Where he differs with Mario is he favors Passing (14) with one more point in Technique (17) at the cost of one less point in Speed (11). Whereas Mario can be a great one-man dribbling and shooting machine, Luigi is more like a traditional midfielder who can dribble with the best and more importantly, makes the best passes on the team. His Strength (11) means he’ll need to be evasive and his Shooting (10) indicates he probably shouldn’t be taking too many shots, but he will be an ideal player to setup scoring opportunities.

Because of how Luigi’s ratings are distributed, it may be best to target gear that ups his Speed and Strength so that he can make best use of his dribbling and passing by evading tacklers or being able to fend off those with low Strength. It’s frustrating to have a good run only for it to be quashed just before an opportunity because of slow yet strong character landing a tackle.

The game guide states, “Luigi is a well-rounded team player who excels at setting up shots with his high passing attribute.

3. Bowser

Strength: 17
Speed: 9
Shooting: 17
Passing: 11
Technique: 9

The infamous baddie of the Mario universe, Bowser is his usual self in these games: slow, but insanely strong. Bowser’s Speed and Technique are both 9, so he’s tied for slowest in the game and for having the lowest technique in the game. He is average at Passing at 11. He makes up for his lack of being able to curve his shots by having the highest Shooting rating in the game at 17 (tied with others). Along with his Strength (17), Bowser is all about two things, one for each offense and defense: scoring goals and making tackles.

Because of his high ratings in Strength and Shooting, it may be best to target gear that specifically ups Bowser’s Technique. This will help make best use of of his high Shooting ability and his Hyper Strike shots.

The game guide states, “Bowser’s powerful offense dominates the field with incredible shots and brutal tackles.

4. Peach

Strength: 9
Speed: 17
Shooting: 9
Passing: 13
Technique: 15

The seemingly perpetual damsel in distress, Princess Peach, if analogizing to a RPG, is your traditional rogue build that favors Speed (17) and Technique (15). Her Speed rating is tied for the highest in the game. She also has good Passing at 13. However, where she does lack is Strength and Shooting, both 9, meaning she is very susceptible to tackles while not carrying much oomph with her shots.

It may be best to target gear that raises Peach’s Shooting rating to augment her high Technique. With her Speed and Technique, she could potentially be a one-woman show dribbling around the pitch and avoiding defenders as she sets for an opportunity.

The game guide states, “Quick and capable, Peach’s high movement and technique attributes help her confuse and evade opponents.

5. Rosalina

Strength: 14
Speed: 9
Shooting: 17
Passing: 10
Technique: 13

The other princess in the game, Princess Rosalina may be the most well-rounded character in the game albeit with a rating in the single digits. Like Bowser, Rosalina is tied for best Shooter (17) and has good Strength (14), but also has good Technique (13) to augment her Shooting. This makes her Hyper Strikes one of the more surefire goals in the game. She does lack in Passing (10) and Speed (9), so it’s best to use a character with high Passing to set her up for scoring opportunities.

With Rosalina, it may be best to equip gear that ups her Speed so that she can be in better position to receive passes and turn them into immediate shots or set for a Hyper Strike.

The game guide states, “A powerhouse on offense, Rosalina’s mighty shooting ability will put any goalie to the test.

6. Toad

Strength: 9
Speed: 17
Shooting: 11
Passing: 15
Technique: 11

The erstwhile compatriot of Mario and Luigi, the diminutive Toad carries ratings that matches his build. He is tied for the fastest character in the game with a Speed of 17 and lags just behind Yoshi and Donkey Kong with a 15 in Passing. His Shooting and Technique are average at 11 each, but his Strength is 9, tied for lowest. Toad can be your dribbler who uses his Speed to prepare shots for teammates with his high Passing, but his Technique means you shouldn’t let him push the ball too far with a dash so it’s intercepted.

Because of Toad’s high Speed and Passing ratings, it may be best to up his Technique. This will make his dribbling more crisp and proficient. You’ll just have to avoid oncoming defenders with their tackles and charged tackles with that low Strength attribute.

On another note, because of the variety of Toad species, Toad is one of two characters who can actually be selected multiple times to form a team. This means your entire team could potentially be all Toads.

The game guide states, “Toad’s high speed and passing attributes are perfect for any team looking to quickly set up a potent offense. In Quick Battle and Cup Battles, you can have more than one Toad on a team.

7. Yoshi

Strength: 10
Speed: 10
Shooting: 17
Passing: 17
Technique: 9

The loyal buddy of Mario, Yoshi is a rare combo in Battle League: he can shoot and pass. Usually, most players favor one over the other. However, Yoshi not only likes both, but he’s tied for or has the highest rating in both Shooting and Passing at 17. Basically, Yoshi with the ball is an absolute force. However, the tradeoff for having two attributes at 17 is that the three others do not exceed 10. His Strength and Speed are 10 while Technique is 9. Like Bowser, Yoshi packs a powerful shot with little ability to curve the shot.

With Yoshi, target equipment that raises his Technique skill. Because of his 17 in Shooting, having a larger Hyper Strike bar is crucial. Further, the higher Technique will make his traditional shots even more formidable because of the ability to add more curve to the shot.

Like Toad, you can have multiple Yoshi per team because of the wide variety of Yoshi.

The game guide states, “Yoshi is always ready to help out his team with excellent passing and strong shooting. In Quick Battle and Cup Battles, you can have more than one Yoshi on a team.”

8. Donkey Kong

Strength: 16
Speed: 9
Shooting: 13
Passing: 16
Technique: 9

An early villain, Donkey Kong comes in as what could be best described as the defensive midfielder on the pitch because he excels at making passes while being a stout defender. Specifically, Donkey Kong has a 16 in both Strength and Passing. His Strength makes him an immovable object who can tackle with the best. His Passing makes him second only to Yoshi. To top it off, his Shooting of 13 means he can also pack a punch with his shots. However, his Speed and Technique are both 9, making Donkey Kong more suited to be the last line of defense than up front as a striker.

With Donkey Kong, it may be best to target equipment that raises his Speed so that he can one, track down opponents and lay them out with tackles; two, get in better position, possibly catching the defense off-guard, for a shot; and three, allow him to maneuver better to make accurate passes.

The game guide states, “With his crushing tackles and skillful passing, Donkey Kong is a defensive barrier few can surmount.

9. Wario

Strength: 17
Speed: 9
Shooting: 15
Passing: 13
Technique: 9

The comically evil Wario comes into Battle League as tied for the strongest character in the game. His Strength is 17 to go along with a 15 in Shooting and 13 in Passing. However, that high Strength comes at a cost as his Speed and Technique are both only 9. Wario makes for a good defender who can take long, powerful shots which will allow him to stay back on defense to prevent the opponent from getting behind him as his low Speed makes catching up with them should they pass him nearly impossible.

For Wario, upping his Speed may be the best option to make use of his Strength on Defense. This will create a higher chance that Wario can track down opponents and then wallop them with a tackle.

The game guide states, “Boasting high strength and fierce shooting power, Wario eagerly tackles his way to the front lines to take his shots.

10. Waluigi

Strength: 15
Speed: 16
Shooting: 9
Passing: 9
Technique: 14

The final character in the game, Waluigi is a speedy defender with high technical skill. His Speed is 16, Strength 15, and Technique 14. On offense, he can speedily dribble around the pitch, easily evading defenders. On defense, he can catch up to the speediest dribblers and lay them out with a strong tackle. However, Waluigi lacks in the two main offensive areas of the beautiful game: Shooting and Passing, both 9.

With his high Speed and Technique, it may be best to equip items that improves Waluigi’s Shooting attribute. This way, the Technique and Shooting can pair for an extremely effective Hyper Strike.

The game guide states, “A nimble defender, Waluigi uses his high speed and technique to rush over and knock opponents down with a punishing tackle.

Now you know about all of the ten characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League, including their strengths and weaknesses. Who will be your preferred character? Which others will be your preferred team?

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