Marvel’s Avengers: Captain America Best Build Skill Upgrades and How to Use

Need to know which of Steve Rodgers’ skills you should upgrade? Check out this Captain America build guide.

As you may have expected from his presence on the game’s cover and in the loading screens, Steve Rodgers rejoins the Avengers during the main campaign.

Being the recipient of Super-Soldier serum, Captain America is faster and stronger than your run-of-the-mill human, and also boasts tremendous leadership skills to rally his allies.

While Cap’s basic controls are very much the same as those for the other superheroes, he has unique skills and abilities for you to use in combat and while making your way around the various maps in Marvel’s Avengers.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to use Steve Rogers, his strengths and weaknesses, skills that can be upgraded, and the best Captain America build upgrades in the game.

Using Captain America’s basic moves

While you have to wait a little while to get back Captain America’s signature weapon, his Vibranium Shield, you’ll find Cap’s basic moves to be strong and rather speedy.

His light attacks (Square/X) pack a decent punch, with the moves being thrown while unarmed or while the Vibranium Shield is strapped to his forearm.

To utilise the shield in your melee attacks, you’ll need to go for the heavy attacks (Triangle/Y). As starting moves, the heavy attacks revolve around you battering your foes with the shield, which includes using a charge and an aerial slam, known as the ‘Shield Dive.’

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a Captain America build is his ranged attack, the Shield Throw. It’s a powerful move in its base form, particularly for a ranged attack, but it does take time to get used to the targeting system.

Finally, Captain America can also use his Vibranium Shield to block and parry enemy attacks. While his dodge is reasonably speedy, timing the block (R2/RT) staggers nearby enemies and doesn’t drain the superhero’s intrinsic energy bar.

Captain America’s strengths and weaknesses

In terms of combat, Cap is one of the most well-rounded of the starting Marvel’s Avengers selection of superheroes.

His melee attacks are fast enough that his above-average evasion speed can clear incoming moves mid-combo, with his counter shots being rather powerful.

To maximise the use of Steve Rogers in the game, though, you need to get into the rhythm of throwing around his Vibranium Shield.

For combat, it’s a bit underwhelming at its base level, but with a few upgrades, it has room-clearing potential and mixes in well with melee attacks while the shield is in flight.

Cap also boasts another mighty shield-throwing move, with his assault heroic ability ‘Steamroller’ doing a great deal of damage to several foes in one fell swoop.

Perhaps his only weakness is his general movement. His jump isn’t the best – but the tuck does help a bit – he’s not the fastest, and while Captain America’s dodge isn’t slow, other superheroes are far better equipped to players who prefer to evade and counter in melee combat.

To use Captain America to his strengths, you’ll want to get accustomed to parrying (R2/RT) and throwing the shield (L2+R2/LT+RT) at foes. Overall, though, Steve Rogers is quite the user-friendly character to play as in Marvel’s Avengers.

Best Captain America Primary Skills upgrades

You can upgrade Captain America’s light attack five more times, unlock six upgrades for the heavy attack, enhance the ranged attack with another six upgrades, and bolster his intrinsic ability with eight upgrades from within the Primary section of the Skills menu.

All of the Primary Skills of Captain America can be unlocked as you level-up the superhero and gain skill points, but to make the most of his best skills faster, pick your preferred method of using Cap and then stick to upgrading that line first.

Adhering to what is generally the most effective way of using the Super-Soldier, these are the best Captain America build’s Primary Skills upgrades.

Primary SkillUpgradeRequirementDescriptionInfo
Light AttackFeinting UppercutNonePress Square/X quickly after dodging to execute a directed, powerful strike on the target.Damage: medium Impact: medium Stun: low Reaction: stagger
Ranged AttackRicochet ThrowShield ThrowHold R2/RT while aiming to charge the Shield Throw. Aim at up to three enemies to mark them and then release for the shield to bounce between the marked foes.Guard: breaks block Damage: high Impact: medium Stun: high Reaction: ground strike
Ranged AttackBoomerangRicochet ThrowIncreases the maximum number of Ricochet Throw targets to four.N/A
Ranged AttackTruth SeekerBoomerangIncreases the maximum number of Ricochet Throw targets to five.N/A
Ranged AttackResolute ThrowNonePress R2/RT when catching the shield to throw it again with extra force.Damage: high Impact: medium Stun: medium Reaction: stumble, trip
Ranged AttackPatriot’s ThrowResolute ThrowPress R2/RT after catching the shield a second time to perform the Ranged Combo Finisher.Guard: breaks block Damage: high Impact: medium Stun: medium Reaction: ground slide
Ranged AttackShield KickRicochet ThrowPress R2/RT before you grab the returning shield to kick it back and hit multiple enemies.Guard: breaks block Damage: high Impact: high Stun: medium Reaction: flyback
Intrinsic AbilityCounterstrikeShield ParryPress Square/X after a parry to perform a powerful counter-attack.Guard: breaks block Damage: medium Impact: high Stun: high Reaction: ground slide

Best Captain America Specialty Skills upgrades

Within the Skills menu, under the Specialty tab, you can upgrade all of Captain America’s heroic abilities, which includes six potential support heroic upgrades, five possible assault heroic upgrades, and five ultimate heroic ability upgrades.

In each heroic ability section, you’ll have two upgrades from which you can select one of three options, allowing you to home-in on your preferred Captain America build. To unlock them, though, you’ll need to reach Hero Level 10 as Steve Rogers.

In the table below, you’ll find the top Specialty Skills for the best Captain America build, with the upgrades selected enhancing what is generally the most potent way to play as Steve Rogers in Marvel’s Avengers.

Specialty SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
Support Heroic AbilityPoint ManRally Cry Specialisation IActivating Rally Cry significantly reduces all incoming damage and taunts all nearby enemies, drawing them away from teammates.
Assault Heroic AbilityCrowd ControlSteamrollerSteamroller can target up to six enemies.
Assault Heroic AbilityTrick ShotCrowd ControlSteamroller can target up to eight enemies.
Assault Heroic AbilityTide BreakerSteamroller Specialisation IPress R2/RT as the shield returns from a Steamroller attack to kick the shield back out to deal more damage.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityStrong ArmBrooklyn Brawler Specialisation IWhile Brooklyn Brawler is active, Ranged Attack damage and impact are increased by 25%.

Best Captain America Mastery Skills upgrades

To access the Mastery Skills upgrades for the best Captain America build, you’ll first need to play as Steve Rogers until he reaches Hero Level 15.

With a Level 15 Captain America, you’ll be able to unlock three upgrades from the combat, ranged attack, efficiency, and intrinsic ability skill sections. Each upgrade unlocks a choice of three, with you able to pick just one of the three for your Captain America build.

In the table below, you’ll find the best Cap build upgrades from the Mastery Skills menu.

Mastery SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
CombatRanged Damage MasteryCombat SpecialisationIncreases all Ranged Attack damage by 15%.
Ranged AttackPerfect CatchThrow MasteryPress R2/RT when catching the shield to boost the damage by 15% and critical attack chance by 35% of the next throw.
Ranged AttackEnhanced ThrowShield Throwing MasteryIncreases the speed and damage of all shield throws by 15%.
EfficiencyPerfect Block EnergyBlock Energy MasteryGrants a burst of 20 points of intrinsic Shield Block energy when performing a parry.
Intrinsic AbilityDefence Attack Efficiency IHeavy Defensive Attack MasteryReduces the cost of Intrinsic Attacks by 15%.

Whenever you earn a skill point for Steve Rogers, consider unlocking one of the best Captain America build upgrades to make the most of the Super-Soldier’s powers in Marvel’s Avengers.

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