How to Find the Military Base in GTA 5 – and Steal Their Combat Vehicles!

You will need to be quick and efficient no matter what. Good luck getting out of there unscathed!

How to Find the Military Base in GTA 5? Steal Combat Vehicle

If you’ve ever driven along the Great Ocean Highway south of Paleto Bay and wondered what that large complex you pass is supposed to be, it’s a huge military complex called Fort Zancudo – and you should absolutely break into it!

You’ll need to get in there to steal some stuff to help you in the Merryweather Heist, so take some time to familiarize yourself with this military base GTA 5.

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Where is Fort Zancudo Located?

First, you must know where to find this military base GTA 5. Fort Zancudo is located south of Paleto Bay, next to the Great Ocean Highway. It is on the eastern side of the highway.

Once you get to the base, you can enter a few different ways:

  • Go through the west entrance off Great Ocean Highway – the main entrance.
  • Use Route 68 and enter through the east.
  • Use a fast car to jump the fence off of Great Ocean Highway.
  • Parachute in from a helicopter.

The ‘best’ entrance all depends on what you’re trying to steal.

How to Break into the Military Base GTA 5

Trevor is the best option for stealing anything from Fort Zancudo. He can take a lot of attacks and use his Red Mist ability when being shot at by military officers. However, Franklin is another viable option due to his Slown Down ability that can help dodge tanks and other vehicles.

Make sure you equip Heavy Armor or Super Heavy Armor before you go in. If you use the fast car method, make sure it isn’t a motorcycle or convertible since those attract too much attention.

What To Steal

Once you’re in, you can steal the Rhino Tank, the P-996 LAZER fighter jet, the Buzzard Attack Chopper, or the Titan. Stealing the Titan is the trickiest since it is parked right in front of the main hangars, right out in plain sight.

You can take a direct approach or an ‘aggro’ approach for any of these items. If you are going in as Trevor, then you can do the direct approach a little more easily since you can activate his Invincible mode to dodge enemy fire.

If you decide to go in as Franklin, I recommend taking the ‘aggro’ approach. This will take some more strategic planning on your part, of course. But, if you prefer to be a bit stealthy, this can be quite riveting.

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Breaking into Fort Zancudo is difficult but fun – and necessary. You can take a few different approaches, so do whatever feels most comfortable to you. You will need to be quick and efficient no matter what. Good luck getting out of there unscathed!

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