MLB The Show 22 All-Stars of the Franchise Program: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about the newest featured program in MLB The Show 22, the All-Stars of the Franchise program.

The newest featured program dropped in MLB The Show 22, and a timely one at that with the All-Stars of the Franchise program set with the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Like the Future of the Franchise program, there is one boss card for each franchise represented by an All-Star Game selection. The program will last for (now) just under 22 days.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the All-Stars of the Franchise program. This will include an overview of each of the 30 boss cards as well as different awards you can receive throughout the program.

All-Stars of the Franchise program

The experience limit, which also shows the new Ballin’ out of Control pack.

The All-Stars of the Future program adheres to the Future of the Franchise program by having a one million experience point limit. Even better, there is a wide variety of awards to unlock in the program, including a new pack – Ballin’ out of Control. You will unlock a slew of equipment focused on catching and hitting in the very early stages of the program, too.

Don’t forget to hit the Daily Moment every day for an easy 1,500 experience. If you saved the previous two in addition to the moment for the day of the program drop, you will have easily added 4,500 experience. Daily Moments will be the easiest tasks to gain experience.

Next, there are 30 different Featured Program moments, one for each of the 30 boss cards. Each moment will net you 1,500 experience points for a total of 45,000 experience. Those points alone will land you at level 18.

The Featured Program Moments loading page, highlighting Tony Gonsolin of the Dodgers.

Next, you’ll have Legend & Flashback missions to complete. There are 30 missions, and you should unlock all 30 (three per pack) throughout the program. Like with other programs, hitters will need 300 parallel experience and pitchers will need 500 parallel experience.

Usually, it’s recommended to nab the pitchers as it’s easier to hit their parallel experience missions more quickly than hitters. However, this may be a great time to instead prioritize those Legends and Flashbacks you need to complete the accompanying Collections.

You’ll start with the pack for the National League at 10,000 experience (level 5). There are All-Star, Postseason, Prime, 2nd Half, Milestone, Awards, and Breakout cards in the pack. The players range from 90 OVR to 94 OVR, but again, it may be more about their card association more than their overall rating at this point.

The American League pack comes second at 25,000 experience (level 10). There are Prime, 2nd Half, Milestone, Awards, Monthly Awards, All-star, Rookie, Future Stars, Veteran, and Finest cards in this pack. They are also rated 90-94 OVR. There is not yet a Finest category in the Legends & Flashbacks Collections, so you may want to skip that card.

There is also a Conquest map for this program, the Jet Stream map. There are six strongholds to conquer, but you will have to conquer the Mets’ territory on the first turn, which will nab you a Ballin’ is a Habit pack. Simply head straight to the Mets’ stronghold. You’ll probably have to take out one territory (play rather than sim to be safe), but if all goes well, you should have a 12-7 advantage, enabling you to play on Veteran difficulty. From there, simply conquer every territory before conquering the last stronghold to finish off the map and add another 30,000 experience.

The 30 moments and the Conquest map alone will net you 75,000 experience (level 29). That’s enough for the first two of each of the Legends & Flashbacks packs. You’ll probably end up closer to 85,000 or 100,000 experience based on how many Conquest games you play and how well you play in those games.

Is there a Collections task or Showdown in this program

Like with the previous Sizzling Summer program, this program does not start with a Collections mission or Showdown. However, Sizzling Summer ended up with four Collections and one Showdown, so expect similar for All-Stars of the Franchise. One likely Collections will be the July Monthly Awards players, and the Showdown will likely focus on the boss cards.

All-Stars of the Franchise boss cards

You’ll unlock your first boss pack at 100,000 experience.

As previously mentioned, there are 30 boss cards of which you’ll unlock 18 should you reach 400,000 experience (level 69). There are three packs per division, so you’ll unlock 60 percent of the boss cards.

You’ll start with the N.L. West at 100,000 experience. The boss cards are 97 OVR except for lefty reliever Joe Mantiply of the Diamondbacks, who is 95 OVR. The other boss cards are first basemen C.J. Cron of Colorado, starting pitcher Tony Gonsolin of Los Angeles, third baseman Manny Machado of San Diego, and starting pitcher Carlos Rodon of San Francisco.

Next will be the N.L. Central at 120,000 experience. Like the previous pack, only the reliver is rated 95 OVR with closer David Bednar of Pittsburgh. The other four players, all rated 97 OVR, include catcher Willson Contreras of Chicago, starting pitcher Luis Castillo of Cincinnati, starting pitcher and reigning Cy Young winner Corbin Burnes of Milwaukee, and first baseman Paul Goldschmidt of St. Louis.

The N.L. East rounds out the three National League divisions at 140,000 experience. This is the first pack where all five bosses are 97 OVR. They include shortstop Dansby Swanson of Atlanta, starting pitcher and leading Cy Young contender Sandy Alcantara of Miami, closer Edwin Diaz of New York, right fielder Bryce Harper of Philadelphia, and right fielder Juan Soto of Washington (for now).

The A.L. West kicks off the American League side with another five 97 OVR players. They include starting pitcher Justin Verlander of Houston, unanimous 2021 M.V.P. and cover athlete of The Show 22 Shohei Ohtani of Los Angeles, starting pitcher Paul Blackburn of Oakland, rookie phenom center fielder Julio Rodriguez of Seattle, and starting pitcher Martin Perez. This pack contains four pitchers, though Ohtani will hit just fine in your Diamond Dynasty team.

The A.L. Central is next at 180,000 experience. There is only one player rated 95 OVR, reliever Gregory Soto of Detroit. The other four players are 97 OVR and include second baseman Andres Gimenez of Cleveland, shortstop Tim Anderson of Chicago, left fielder Andrew Benintendi of Kansas City, and first baseman Luis Arraez of Minnesota.

Finally, the A.L. East rounds out the divisions at 200,00 experience. There is also one player rated 95 OVR, closer Jorge Lopez of Baltimore. The other four 97 OVR players include J.D. Martinez of Boston, center fielder and 2022 home run leader Aaron Judge of New York, starting pitcher Shane McClanahan of Tampa Bay, and catcher Alejandro Kirk of Toronto.

Again, you’ll complete the All-Stars of the Franchise packs at 400,000 experience for 18 total bosses. These cards also have their own newly added category in the Legends & Flashbacks Collections.

If you proceed past 400,000 experience, you can unlock more Future of the Franchise cards. You can add six more to your collection, one for each division. There are also Big Dog packs (Sets 1-3), Headliners packs (Set 30-31), Always Intense packs (Set 1-2), and a couple of the new Ballin’ out of Control packs.

There will also be a Home Run Derby set released just after the (at the time of writing ongoing) Home Run Derby, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Target whichever boss cards you want. With the ability to select 18, you can field two starting lineups. Work your way through the All-Stars of the Franchise program in MLB The Show 22 and add some more dominance to your Diamond Dynasty team!

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