Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles

You'll see in dark areas without fail, but you won't be much confident in the judgment of your sense of distance and equilibrium as you'd be required to take slow careful steps.

Night Vision Goggles in Modern Warfare 2 Complete Guide

The fundamental technology of night vision goggles (NVGs) enhances the human ability to operate in dark and low-light conditions. However, NVG-aided vision is restricted to certain missions in Modern Warfare 2. This article focuses on NVGs and explores the impact of their use in the game.

Vision is the supreme cognitive sense and requires sufficient lighting to be effective. Yet there is often a need to operate in poor lighting situations. Many military missions and tasks are performed in inadequate light conditions and the dark because it affords better disguise and surprise. In addition, countless civilian operations and occupations take place in poor lighting conditions: search and rescue, law enforcement (police, border control, surveillance, etc.), hunting, wildlife observation, and many more. In most of those situations, people aim to perform in poor light conditions as well as they would in the daytime. However, although humans have developed extraordinary day vision, they have poor night vision all the same. There is a real need, therefore, for technologies to enhance vision in low-light circumstances.

Nighttime, although lacking substantive visible light, actually has several natural sources of illumination, including residual sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. In the absence of such natural lighting, when operating under a thick cloud cover, for example, light that is reflected off objects or cultural light from urban areas that are reflected from the cloud base can still provide some illumination. Some of the ambient light available at nighttime tends to be at the border of or beyond the visible range of the human eye; night vision–enhancing technology can however receive the available illumination and use it to enhance humans’ ability to see at night or during periods of reduced lighting.

In Modern Warfare 2, the idea of the night vision goggles is to help you have a clear view or almost clear view in dark or low-light conditions. That way you’d be able to prevent any surprise attack from enemy fighters.

It can be used in two modes, stealth mode and long-range mode. The stealth mode is in truth short range and the goggles don’t give off any light, whereas in long-range mode the goggles give off a little light and you can see farther. In addition, there are two view option colors, green and white, both of which give a remarkable view at night.

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Despite all the benefits it provides players, it has its flaws. Here’s the important one. You’ll see in dark areas without fail, but you won’t be much confident in the judgment of your sense of distance and equilibrium as you’d be required to take slow careful steps. You’ll always have to look left or right or back to see how far you’ve walked and watch your feet a lot to be sure of your balance.

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