Monster Hunter Rise Fishing Guide: Complete Fish List, Rare Fish Locations, and How to Fish

Need to know where the rare Speartuna, Great Gastronome, Platinumfish, and Supreme Brocadefish can be fished? Find out the locations of all fish and how to fish in MH Rise right here.

Between Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, fishing has changed drastically. Gone are the days of unlocking the fishing rod, acquiring bait, and learning how to fish, with the mechanics being much more straightforward in MH Rise.

Now, you have much more control over the fish that you target, and your land rate is supremely higher. Once you know how to fish in MH Rise, all that you need is the locations of all of the fish.

Here, we’re going through a quick tutorial of how to fish, identifying all of the key fishing spots, and then presenting a full list of all of the Monster Hunter Rise fish and their locations.

How to fish in Monster Hunter Rise

To fish in Monster Hunter Rise, all that you need to do is:

  1. Find a fishing location;
  2. Press A to start fishing;
  3. Use the left and right analogue to move your cast target and the camera;
  4. Press A to cast your line;
  5. Press A as soon as the lure is held underwater, or press A to reel-in and cast again;
  6. Wait for the fish to be landed automatically.

As you can see, fishing is very easy in MH Rise once you have the knack of when to press A to hook the fish having seen the lure get pulled underwater.

You can also quite easily target the fish that you want to catch. By using the left analogue to move the cast target, and the right analogue to manipulate the camera, you can get a good look at all of the fish in the pool.

If you cast the line directly in front of a fish, it’ll almost certainly bite, making it easier to catch a rare fish in Monster Hunter Rise if you spot them in the pool.

Monster Hunter Rise fishing spots

Each of the five areas of MH Rise has at least one fishing pool. See the images below for the exact spot of each key fishing location in the game (shown by the red cursor on the mini maps) and some extra info on getting to the trickier spots.

  • Flooded Forest, Zone 3
  • Flooded Forest, Zone 5
  • Frost Islands, Zone 3
  • Frost Islands, Zone 6 (scale the broken passage leading north towards Zone 9, heading west to the slope that overlooks the open water)
  • Frost Islands, Zone 11 (found in the caverns of the northern section of the area)
  • Lava Cavern, Zone 1 (as you leave the camp, stick to the west side of the path before entering Zone 1)
  • Sandy Plains, Zone 2 (found towards the lower levels of the canyon seen as you leave the camp)
  • Sandy Plains, Zone 8 (best approached by working your way down from the higher levels, with this fishing location being on a different level to Zone 8)
  • Shrine Ruins, Zone 6 (of the two fishing locations here, the spot on the eastern side tends to have better fish)
  • Shrine Ruins, Zone 13

Most of these fishing locations will feature a batch of the more common fish, such as the Whetfish, Great Whetfish, Scatterfish, Sushifish, and Combustuna.

If you’re looking for Monster Hunter Rise rare fish locations, you’ll want to go to the Flooded Forest (Zone 5) for the Platinumfish, Frost Islands (Zone 3) for the Speartuna, Lava Caverns (Zone 1) for the Supreme Brocadefish, and Sandy Plains (in-line with Zone 8) for the Great Gastronome Tuna in high-rank quests or tours.

Complete MHR fish list and locations

Here are all of the fish in Monster Hunter Rise and where to find them. If you catch all 19, you’ll get yourself the Deft-hand Rod award.

The fish locations are listed as the area name with the zone of the fishing location, such as Shrine Ruins Zone 6 being listed as ‘SR6.’ For a specific look at where to find these fish locations, consult the section above.

FishLocationsMinimum Quest Rank
Big CombustunaFI6, SR6Low Rank
BrocadefishFI11, LC1Low Rank
CombustunaFI6, FI11, SR6Low Rank
CrimsonfishFF5, SR6Low Rank
FlamefinFF3, FF5, LC1, SP2Low Rank
Gastronome TunaFF3, SR13Low Rank
GoldenfishFF5, SR6, SP2Low Rank
GoldenfryF16, SR6Low Rank
Great FlamefinFF5, LC1, SP2Low Rank
Great Gastronome TunaSP8High Rank
Great WhetfishFI3, FI6, FI11, FF3, FF5, LC1, SR6, SR13Low Rank
King BrocadefishFI11, LC1Low Rank
PlatinumfishFF5High Rank
PopfishFI6, FF3, LC1, SP2Low Rank
ScatterfishFI6, FI11, FF3, FF5, LC1, SP2, SR6Low Rank
SpeartunaFI3High Rank
Supreme BrocadefishLC1High Rank
SushifishFI6, FI11, FF3, FF5, LC1, SP2, SR6Low Rank
WhetfishFI6, FI11, SR6Low Rank

The fish locations above indicate where we have discovered the fish, but some of the more widespread fish are likely located in some other fishing spots, too.

Fishing is the easy part in MH Rise, with the challenge coming in with the fact that you have to unlock the high-rank quests to gain access to the rarest and most useful fish in the game.

MH Rise Fishing FAQ

Here are some quick-fire answers to some of the more common questions about Monster Hunter Rise fish.

Where is the Speartuna location in MH Rise?

The Speartuna is found in Zone 3 of the Frost Islands during high-rank quests and tours.

Where is the Platinumfish location in MH Rise?

The Platinumfish is located in Zone 5 of the Flooded Forest, only appearing in the fishing spot during high-rank quests to the region.

Where is the Supreme Brocadefish location in MH Rise?

You can find the Supreme Brocadefish location in the Lava Cavern on high-rank quests. Just as you leave the camp, stick to the west side of the track, following it to a patch of water before you enter Zone 1.

Where is the Great Gastronome Tuna location in MH Rise?

If you embark on a high-rank quest or tour to the Sandy Plains, you’ll be able to fish for the Great Gastronome Tuna in the fishing location of Zone 8.

Do I need bait to go fishing in MH Rise?

No. Bait isn’t required to go fishing in Monster Hunter Rise: all that you need to do is find a fishing location and cast your rod into the pond.

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