NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a Playmaking Shot Creator

The best guards are as capable making a pass as they are scoring, and these are the best badges to maximize your skills as a Playmaking Shot Creator.

NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a Playmaking Shot Creator explained

There are two things that can give you easy boosts in both your Teammate Grade and individual stats: scoring and playmaking. 

As tempting as it is to put a wing player on the floor, it makes sense to use a solid guard in this era of position-less basketball. While we’re not advocating for an out-and-out shooter, it does make sense to use a guard as your base position. 

Builds can vary significantly for these types of players; Chris Paul is a playmaker who has the ability to create his own shots, while LeBron James has a similar skill set but is substantially bigger.

Regardless of what size your player is, your Playmaking Shot Creator will benefit from selecting the best combination of badges. 

You need to keep in mind that in this role, you are both scoring and making plays for your teammates. That said, we are going to focus on scoring and playmaking badges rather than defense and inside presence. 

These are the best 2K22 badges for a Playmaking Shot Creator.

1. Space Creator 

Creation is one of the main attributes of this type of player, so it only makes sense to have the Space Creator badge. This gives you a split second to decide whether to pass the ball or shoot once you create space between you and your defender. Put this up to a Hall of Fame level. 

2. Deadeye 

Should you decide that you want to shoot the ball, you’ll need the Deadeye badge to give you a hand. While it might be tempting to put this on Hall of Fame, we’re going to need other badges more so we’ll settle for Gold instead. 

3. Difficult Shots 

Creating your own shots means that you’ll be shooting a lot off the dribble, and the Difficult Shots badge animations are what you need to pull it off. It’s worth getting this badge up to a Hall of Fame level.

4. Blinders 

If you’re looking to carry a greater load on offense, expect defenders to be chasing you once you blow past them. The Blinders badge will make it seem like they were never there, so it’s best to make this a Gold badge. 

5. Sniper 

It’s time to work on that aim because the Sniper badge is what’s going to give you your consistency. This badge gives your shot a boost when you aim it well, so make sure that you go for Gold on this as well. 

6. Chef 

Pairing the Chef badge with the Difficult Shots badge is the best thing that you can do to help when shooting off the dribble. It boosts shots from rainbow country so put it up to Gold and enjoy the effects immediately. 

7. Circus Threes 

You want to have either the Hot Zone Hunter or the Circus Threes badge, but the latter might help you out a little bit more. Hot zones can make you a touch predictable, but circus jump shots will boost your stepback game, and increase your efficiency on them with at least a Gold Circus Threes badge.

8. Green Machine 

If you’re heating up on offense already, it makes sense to keep shooting, and the Green Machine badge will help you to shoot better after consecutive excellent releases. If you like the sound of this badge, then make sure you have it on at least a Gold level. 

9. Rhythm Shooter 

What’s the point in having the Space Creator badge if you don’t pair it with the Rhythm Shooter badge, right? This will help you to shoot better after breaking down your defender, so make sure you’ve got it on Gold.

10. Volume Shooter 

It may sound like you aren’t a playmaker if you have a Volume Shooter badge, but that’s far from the truth. This badge boosts shot percentages as shot attempts accrue throughout the game, so a Gold badge will be hugely beneficial here. 

11. Clutch Shooter 

You’re a playmaker. You know how to operate on the floor but what if you run out of options? You’ve got to carry a bit more on offense and a Gold Clutch Shooter badge is good enough to help you with that. 

12. Mismatch Expert 

We aren’t talking about layups and dunks here so it isn’t the Giant Slayer badge you need, but rather the Mismatch Expert. You’ll get a good boost with this badge at a Gold level.  

13. Fade Ace 

Having the Fade Ace badge isn’t entirely necessary, but you never know when you’ll need it. If you do get it, make sure you commit to by making it a Gold one. 

14. Floor General 

Given that we’re talking about playmaking here, it makes sense that the Floor General would warrant a mention. Give your teammates an offensive attribute boost with your presence and max this one out to Hall of Fame. 

15. Bullet Passer 

The Bullet Passer badge will make your player more aware, and more likely to pass the ball as soon as an option presents itself. It’s best to have this badge on at least Gold.

16. Needle Threader 

Turnovers can heavily affect your teammate grade so you need to make sure that you avoid errors as much as possible. A Gold Needle Threader badge will ensure that those tough passes can get by the defense.

17. Dimer 

Speaking of teammate grade, it can be very frustrating when you pass the ball and your teammate either can’t convert it into points or worse, can’t even even catch it. The Dimer badge boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after you make a pass, so you might want to make this one a Gold badge. 

18. Bail Out 

It’s a Playmaking Shot Creator’s responsibility to make quick decisions. Having a Bail Out badge can boost your passes from mid-air, and having it on Gold will help you to better execute those sudden passes. 

19. Quick First Step 

Of course, this position isn’t only about passing. You’ll need everything that can help let you blow past your defender to create your own shots, and having a Quick First Step badge on Gold will buy you more time to make decisions. 

20. Ankle Breaker 

If you can’t easily create space or don’t have a great first step, then let the Ankle Breaker badge freeze or drop your defender. These are highlight plays, so make this badge a Gold one. 

21. Triple Threat Juke 

The Triple Threat Juke badge speeds up triple threat moves when trying to blow by the defender. Having at least a Gold badge will make such a threat more visible in-game. 

What to expect when using badges for a Playmaking Shot Creator 

While there are 21 badges that you can use should you assume the role of Playmaking Shot Creator, some of them can be omitted if you want to become more of a slasher or choose to create more than score. 

While LeBron James is the ultimate example of a Playmaking Shot Creator, it wouldn’t be fair using him as the blueprint since he can play virtually every role in the game. While it’s easier said than done, replicating the playstyle of someone like Luka Doncic will do the trick. Just be sure that you balance your badge game wisely. 

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