NBA 2K22 Badges: Menace Explained

Being a good defensive player makes you a menace by default. Having its 2K22 badge just makes it official.

NBA 2K22 Badges: Menace full explanation

The term “Menace” is pretty much self-explanatory when it comes to playing defense. You are expected to hound your matchup, whether on or off of the ball.

Being a menace is something that can be tricky at times. You know that you want to defend, but your player is just not cooperating. So, it’s a good thing that this badge animation makes your defending job easier.

What is a Menace badge, and what does it do? 

NBA 2K22 Badges menace explanation

A Menace is a player known for harassing their matchup while on defense. That means that the Menace badge in 2K22 is one that will help you to stay in front of your opponent on and off of the ball. Some call it the “body check” in basketball jargon.

Badge Type: Defensive Badge

How to use the Menace badge

For PlayStation or Xbox: Hold down the L2/LT (Intense D) button and then move your left joystick in the direction of the basket. You can combine it with the R2/RT (Sprint) button in certain situations.

For PC: Hold down the Intense D (Left Shift) button, then move in the direction of the basket. You can combine it with the Sprint (Number Pad Enter) button in certain situations.

How to unlock the Menace badge

  • Bronze: 64 Perimeter Defense
  • Silver: 77 Perimeter Defense
  • Gold: 86 Perimeter Defense
  • Hall of Fame: 95 Perimeter Defense

Best builds to use for the Menace badge

Best badges to use with the Menace badge

  • Clamps
  • Pick Dodger
  • Ankle Braces
  • Intimidator
  • Off-Ball Pest
  • Tireless Defender

Best Takeover to use with the Menace Badge

NBA 2K22 Badges menace best takeover

Lockdown Defender: It’s pretty much a giveaway already that if you have the Menace badge and other complimentary badges, you’re going to select the Lockdown Defender Takeover to tighten up your defensive game even more. It might help you big time in certain defensive scenarios as well.

Tips for using the Menace badge

  1. For bigs: You won’t see much of the Menace badge as a big, but it comes up big in certain situations, especially in a pick-and pop-switch. Make sure that you have decent perimeter defensive badges if you intend to favor this badge.
  2. For wing players: Have other perimeter defense badges with you to make sure that you lock down on your opponent and lock up on all possible driving lanes.
  3. For guards: The 2K meta is programmed for a lot of pick-and-rolls. As much as you need all of the perimeter defensive badges that you can have, it’s best to favor the Pick Dodger badge, too, as all good defenses are rendered useless when met with a screen.

What to expect once you have the Menace badge

You should know that you won’t survive alone with the Menace badge. However, it’s the first step towards your defensive badge build if you’re a perimeter player.

What you need to do here is to commit. If you choose the Menace badge first, focus more on the other perimeter defensive badges when possible before you pick some post-D badges.

Choosing to be a Menace will surely make you a dog on the defensive end.


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