NBA 2K22: Best Power Forward (PF) Builds and Tips

We’ve got ALL the best power forward (PF) builds in 2K22.

The revamped NBA 2K22 gameplay has enabled users to experiment with the remodeled shooting and post-play, with an emphasis on the power forward position being highlighted more, with pick-and-roll defenses being harder to get past now.

So, to help you step up your game at PF, here are the best power forward builds in NBA 2K22.

Choosing the best builds (PF) in NBA 2K22

The power forward is more flexible than ever in NBA 2K22. Power forwards need to have the ability to stretch the floor from the three-point arc and have the strength to out-muscle opponents for rebounds.

You have a diverse array of player builds to go for as a PF, so here, we’ve narrowed down the selection to the five best builds for a power forward in NBA 2K22, selecting from a few different play styles to suit more gamers.

1. Stretch Four

  • Top Attributes: 99 Close Shot, 99 Free-Throw, 99 Stamina
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 98 Driving Dunk, 97 Pass Accuracy, 94 Vertical
  • Height, Weight, and Wingspan: 6’7’‘, 210lbs, 6’11’‘
  • Takeover Badge: Limitless Range

The Stretch Four build originated from the 2000s where the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers found ways to attack the defense with big men by shooting from the mid-range. These days, stretch fours are experts from the three-point line and boast respectable defensive skills to keep them on the floor.

Many of the European forwards in the NBA today have this build thanks to their ample physical frame being coupled with a finesse touch in their jump shots. Their shooting ratings are maxed out, which include the mid-range, three-point, and free-throw shooting. They barely have ball-handling ratings, though, so that’s something to consider when choosing this PF build.

Similar NBA players of this build are Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol. These two modernized the game for power forwards, with many Europeans, such as Kristaps Porziņģisand Davis Bertans, following suit.

2. Inside Center

  • Top Attributes: 99 Close Shot, 99 Offensive Rebound, 99 Defensive Rebound
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 99 Standing Dunk, 99 Interior Defense, 97 Block
  • Height, Weight, and Wingspan: 6’9’‘, 275lbs, 7’5’‘
  • Takeover Badge: Glass Cleaners

Inside Centers are physical freaks from the four-position on NBA 2K22. Many of their attributes are red; however, their physical stats offset their weaknesses. MyPlayers with this build are bona fide rebound machines and are hard to push around in the paint. This build is available for both the four and five-position, so there are plenty of options for gamers.

This build ensures that your team has a guaranteed defensive force in the paint. Their increased blocking, offensive rebounding, and defensive rebounding ratings in the high 90s guarantee that not one offense would want to attempt shots in the paint. Teams with these players have the luxury to shrink the court and force opponents to take longer shots from deep, with a defensive vacuum in the paint.

John Collins and Jonathan Isaac are the modern NBA comparisons for this build. Both are physical specimens with a shot-blocking threat that ensure that their team’s frontcourt defense is sorted out.

3. Two-Way Facilitator

  • Top Attributes: 99 Close Shot, 98 Stamina, 96 Standing Dunk
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 92 Offensive Rebound, 96 Defensive Rebound, 94 Block
  • Height, Weight, and Wingspan: 6’8’‘, 226lbs, 7’6’‘
  • Takeover Badge: Spot-Up Precision

The Two-Way Facilitator is a very rare type of build, especially with PFs who are not known to handle the ball well. Teams with this type of player have an extra playmaker, aside from their guards, while having a respectable defensive presence in the paint.

Opposing teams will need to respect players of this build as they have the ability to pinpoint passes to teammates and burn them from deep. Players of this build have strong playmaking, shooting, and defensive numbers in the high 90s, which is why this is a great build to start with in NBA 2K22.

Prime examples of this build include Anthony Davis and Domantas Sabonis, as both can handle the ball at times but do most of their damage from outside of the paint.

4. Glass-Cleaning Finisher

  • Top Attributes: 99 Close Shot, 99 Offensive Rebound, 98 Defensive Rebound
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 98 Stamina, 97 Free-Throw, 97 Post-Control
  • Height, Weight, and Wingspan: 6’8’‘, 273lbs, Maximum Wingspan
  • Takeover Badge: Spot-Up Precision

Glass-Cleaning Finishers have a dominant player build despite their lack of physical traits on NBA 2K22. They are intelligent players who can gobble up rebounds while having the flexibility to finish between the trees in the paint. Power forwards of this build have excellent finishing and defensive ratings in-game.

MyPlayers that utilize the Glass Cleaning Finisher build often require other teammates who have playmaking traits or can space the floor. This build has finishing and defensive ratings in the high 80s, so picking your location on the court will be crucial in taking advantage of your Spot-Up Precision badge.

In the modern NBA, Zion Williamson and Julius Randle demonstrate this build very well, with the two being very dominant players who are double-double threats every night.

5. Versatile Paint Beast

  • Top Attributes: 99 Close Shot, 99 Offensive Rebound, 99 Defensive Rebound
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 99 Standing Dunk, 99 Block, 97 Stamina
  • Height, Weight, and Wingspan: 6’9’‘, 239lbs, 7’7’‘
  • Takeover Badge: Paint Intimidation

A Versatile Paint Beast build in NBA 2K22 enables gamers to dominate the paint on both sides of the ball. This is a variation of the previous Glass-Cleaning Finisher, which maxes out your attribute points for rebounding, finishing, and defending for post players.

This is one of the most powerful builds in the game if you opt to make your mark in the shaded area alone. Many players in real-life live around the paint for their careers, while sacrificing shooting and playmaking. Also worth noting is that this is the PF build that has the most 90-plus ratings in NBA 2K22.

Modern-day Versatile Paint Beasts are epitomized by Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is a physical phenomenon and on track to have a Hall of Fame career.

Choosing the best power forward build in NBA 2K22 is important to figuring out how you will play the four-position. It’s helpful to experiment with the different PF builds listed above so that you can see which ones you’re your preferred playing style.

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