NBA 2K22: Best Shooting Badges to Boost Your Game

These are the best 2K22 shooting badges to help make your player a perimeter and long-range threat.

Shooting is the name of the game in today’s NBA. The evolution of the game comes with the evolution of your player build.

Gone are the days where you are going to create the best highflier who can also slash and dunk over the entire arena. The more you optimize your player to be a shooter, the more efficient they will be over the course of a 48-minute grind.

It all boils down to energy conservation, and to achieve that and boost your NBA 2K22 game, you need the best shooting badges available.

What are the best shooting badges in 2K22?

There’s a plethora of new badges in NBA 2K22 that are available for you to use. While the original badges still make this list, there’s also a ton of new ones which will be interesting to add to your MyPlayer or use for your favorite NBA player.

The theory of building the best badges around a shooter remains the same as last year. It needs to defy defensive animations as well as have its own animations that increase the chances of draining the shot.

1. Deadeye

One of the original badges that is considered a must-have when it comes to shooting badges is the Deadeye. This one goes through defensive animations when on a higher level.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the best Deadeyes in the game, so a Gold Deadeye badge should be enough to shoot like them.

2. Sniper

The Sniper badge is one of the newer badges. It’s sort of a shortcut for those whose jump shot timing doesn’t always hit the excellent range.

That said, you’ll need to maximize the Sniper badge to a Hall of Fame level just like the easymoneysniper here.

3. Catch and Shoot

Catch and Shoot is the badge that would have made more NBA MVPs in the early 2000s, had the game become more based around perimeter play back then. It’s also what gives Duncan Robinson a chance to become a two-time MVP as one of the best catch and shoot players today.

Your player will need at least a Gold Catch and Shoot badge to increase the chances of conversion on those quick releases.

4. Circus Threes

Struggling with shot timing when back-pedalling on that dribble? Well, this new badge is what’s going to help increase your chance of conversion!

Damian Lillard is the best example of a circus three-point shooter. His badge is at a Hall of Fame level but you can make do with at least a Gold one, just like Trae Young.

5. Blinders

This is another new badge that you might need if you want to create shots for yourself. The past 2K meta made it hard to shoot off the dribble on the pick and roll, but things have just become easier for your favorite shot-creators in 2K22.

Khris Middleton is someone who thrives from shooting off the dribble, and if your player is someone who gets excited to shoot with even the smallest gap on their defender, then a Gold Blinders badge will be a great addition to your bag of tricks.

6. Corner Specialist

Being a Corner Specialist in real life is really the hardest part of being a shooter. The angle from side on is just so strange, and makes it much harder to judge the depth of your shot.

Ray Allen has thrived on that part of the floor though, and if we’re talking today’s NBA, Klay Thompson is one of the best from that area. You can be the third splash brother with at least a Gold Corner Specialist badge.

7. Green Machine

We’ll save the last for the experts here. This badge is for those who are already good at shooting and can always nail an excellent release every time.

When Jamal Murray catches fire, he is unstoppable and it manifests through that Gold Green Machine badge he has. Make sure that you have at least the same badge as him and you’ll definitely go blue arrow mode in-game!

What to expect when using shooting badges in NBA 2K22

Having the best shooting badges won’t guarantee immediate success, and you’ll still need to aim for the best shot timing possible for your player.

These badges are simply support animations to simulate the actual skills of NBA players. You should, however, focus more on practicing hitting an excellent release over getting all these badges to a Hall of Fame level.

Now that you have the best badges for shooting in NBA 2K22, it’s time to practice draining those shots!

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