NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a Slasher

Here are ALL the best badges for a Slasher in 2K22.

Flashy offense often comes from slashers – from those who fearlessly drive to the hoop and score points off acrobatic finishes.

Michael Jordan was a heavy slasher early in his career before deciding to shoot the ball more. Others, like Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter, forced themselves to become slashers just to give themselves the ability to posterize opponents.

Players don’t get much hang time in the 2K game, but at least you can still effectively drive to the basket with the best badges for a slasher.

What are the best badges for a Slasher in 2K22?

When you think of the modern-day slasher, you imagine players who were superb ball handlers first and who subsequently learned how to absorb contact for an acrobatic finish.

Some of them relied heavily on quickness, like prime John Wall or Russell Westbrook, and in past 2K generations, you could enjoy controlling these players with the turbo button.

How about the best badges for a slasher in 2K22?

1. Handles For Days

As a slasher, often you’re a ball-handler first, and trying to get past your defender can be pretty draining for your stamina. As a result, you’ll need a Hall of Fame level badge for Handles for Days.

2. Ankle Breaker

No matter how much you dribble, it’s hard to get past your defender without the Ankle Breaker badge. This badge works hand-in-hand with Handles for Days so it’s best you get it to Hall of Fame as well.

3. Tight Handles

The 2K meta isn’t very friendly with dribbling – even Tacko Fall can steal the ball away from Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving if you dribble too much. That makes securing your handle even more important, and you can do it with a Hall of Fame Tight Handles badge.

4. Quick Chain

Speaking of making the dribble more secure – being able to quickly chain dribble moves together will help you get past your defender with even more ease. Make sure that you have a Hall of Fame badge for this one too.

5. Quick First Step

Slashers need to be able to explode with speed from the first step out of triple-threat and size-up positions. This badge helps a lot when slashing to the basket, even if it’s only at a Gold level.

6. Hyperdrive

Another dribble booster is the Hyperdrive badge, which will help significantly with your dribble animations while on the move. Make sure that you reach Gold level for this as well.

7. Fearless Finisher

Being a Fearless Finisher is just as important as your dribble animations. This will help you to ensure that you convert through contact, so make sure you put this one on Hall of Fame level to finish like LeBron James.

8. Acrobat

It can be difficult to score a layup in this current 2K meta, even if your defender is standing in front of you doing nothing. A good way to get around it is with the Acrobat badge and you’ll need at least a Gold one to survive.

9. Mismatch Expert

Speaking of defense on NBA 2K22, it’s best to make sure that you won’t struggle to score over a player who isn’t even trying to defend you. Shoot over taller opponents with at least a Silver Mismatch Expert badge. Max it out to Gold when you have points to spare.

10. Giant Slayer

The Giant Slayer badge is for the guards who love to drive to the basket. When paired with the Acrobat and Fearless Finisher badge, this one will make you close to unstoppable when driving to the rim, so it’s best to have a Gold level here as well.

11. Tear Dropper

Sometimes, it’s easier to convert a floater than an actual layup in today’s meta. The Tear Dropper badge will make it even easier, and if you get this badge up to at least a Gold level, you’ll find your floaters going in far more often than not.

12. Pro Touch

If you want to make your offense even more difficult to defend on the drive, you’ll want to have that Pro Touch to make sure that your timing will still be good enough. A Gold one is what most of today’s slashers have and so should you.

13. Unstrippable

As mentioned, even Tacko Fall is capable of making a steal in NBA 2K22, and if you hold onto the ball for too long you’ll almost certainly be stripped eventually. That is, of course, unless you help yourself to a Gold level Unstrippable badge, which will make it far more difficult for opponents to break up your dribble.

14. Unpluckable

The same problem can arise when a smaller defender ends up in the shaded area after a switch. These opponents are smart enough to attempt a steal on your layup, rather than a block. You can ensure that your layup or dunk is secure with a Gold level Unpluckable badge.

What to expect when using badges for a Slasher in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, you won’t be able to simply force the ball to the rim like Tracy McGrady used in his prime. You’ll need to play it smart, blow past your defender and make sure that you squeeze that layup around the help defender in the post.

It’s not going to be as easy as a ride as it would be if you were a playmaker or a defensive center, but the delayed gratification is well and truly worth the wait.

Make sure that you focus more on your athletic attributes initially, in order to speed up and maximize the abilities that these slasher badges bring.

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